SASAM Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Lin SuCi was silent.

He grasped Yan Boshen’s sleeve tightly, feeling a disconnect from reality.

Vessel… This method of dual cultivation that had always existed as a representation of evil in cultivation novels, he never imagined that one day he would unexpectedly be linked with it.

To be her vessel, if it was replaced with a verb, it meant that she wanted to…???

The girl in front of him was beautiful, but was looking at Lin SuCi, drooling, her desire to strip him evident on her face. As their eyes met, the girl revealed a lusty smile, staring straight at him as she licked her lips.

All the hair on Lin SuCi’s body stood up, and his fingers clutching at Yan Boshen whitened.

For him to live till now, meeting a lady who offered him such an invitation for the first time, it was completely different from his once sweet fantasies, and his dreams were all destroyed by this hair-raising situation.

Lin SuCi averted his eyes, looking and blinking innocently at Yan Boshen, “What is a vessel?”

Right, he was only a kitten of a few months old, it was normal for him not to understand what that word meant. If he had any trouble, he just had to leave it to his official keeper.

Yan Boshen’s brows wrinkled slightly, and his eyes were filled with iciness and cold as he looked at the girl. The smiling girls also felt it, shifting about and gradually fell silent.

When the girls were finally quiet, Yan Boshen then shifted his gaze to Lin SuCi.

This little kitten had a confused but curious look on his face that was typical of his age. His big eyes sparkled, looking at him with curiosity.

When Yan Boshen’s eyes met Lin SuCi’s, he was nearly blinded by the shine in those eyes. Turning his head around, he refused to answer the naked curiosity in his eyes.

“Little boy, you’re still underaged, right?” The other girls had already shut their mouths, except for the one holding the jade pendant, who was still trying her luck. She cast a flirtatious glance at Lin SuCi, putting the jade ornament to her lips and smiled, “Don’t be afraid. I only want to give you a benefit because I saw how adorable you are. My cultivation is much higher than yours, doing this once, you can even reach a higher level of cultivation! Such a good thing, why do you still hesitate?”

Lin SuCi continued being naive and innocent. “Jiejie1, I’m still young. Everything I do I’ll seek permission from… my older brother.”

The “older brother” glanced at him coolly.

That girl’s eyes brightened, and stared at Yan Boshen.

The girl’s cultivation looked pure, not like the evil type that would steal another’s cultivation. Her eyes were vigilant, but could not conceal the reluctance in them.

Too lazy to even give her a glance, Yan Boshen grabbed Lin SuCi’s wrist, turning and walking away.

Lin SuCi’s ears perked up. He followed behind Yan Boshen with large steps, and never looked back.

If he knew that because of the jade ornament, he would end up provoking such a strange girl, he might as well have gone home and just took the spiritual pills.

“Hey hold on! Why are you leaving…”

Despite the obvious refusal, that girl was still a little unwilling to give up. She chased after them and shouted, “We can still negotiate, I’ll give you money. How about 1000 spiritual gems for your little brother?”

The corner of Lin SuCi’s mouth twitched.

Wanting him to be a vessel, and even paying for his precious first time? Was she treating him as a whore? Lin SuCi ground his teeth, making an unhappy sound.

If not for the fact that the other person was a girl, he really wanted to roll his sleeves up and give her a good beating.

Although he suppressed his anger, Lin SuCi still revealed an unhappiness that was caused by disgust.

Yan Boshen’s feet stopped.

Lin SuCi bumped into Yan Boshen’s arm.

“You’re not happy?”

Yan Boshen spoke through telepathy.

At the same time, the girls behind them could not resist, and started whispering and laughing again.

“A little underaged demon cub, such tender skin and meat, he will definitely be delicious…”

“Exactly, a young little kitten who still hasn’t learnt about the world is the best to play with…”

“I’m really looking forward to it… Heeheehee…”

Lin SuCi pursed his mouth, using the telepathy skill he had finally managed to learn with much difficulty and replied, “I’m extremely unhappy.”

He was really angry. It was a pity that his upbringing had made him more or less treat females with a gentlemanly attitude, and he really was unable to just roll up his sleeves and fight them.

“If you’re not happy, just try to come up with something that will make you happy.” Yan Boshen spoke indifferently.

Lin SuCi blinked.

Right, why did he have to hold himself back for others? Anyway, he did not have anyone that would scold him for his upbringing, it was fine for him to act recklessly!

Lin SuCi thought it through. He looked down and rummaged through his pouch.

Yan Boshen had just took out a pile of spiritual gems, intending to buy something for the little kitten to cheer him up. Lifting his head, he saw Lin SuCi holding on to a paper charm with bright eyes and cheering softly, “I found it!”

Yan Boshen’s eyes fell on the charm. When he saw the characters on it, his face twisted a little.

Lin SuCi could not be bothered about this. He patted the charm, adding another layer of invisible characters on it, and pinched it within his palm. Then he turned and smiled brightly at the girl who continued following them. “Jiejie, my older brother says I should test the item first. Can you let me see the jade ornament if it’s worth it?”

“Sure.” That girl saw that her target was getting closer, and was very generous, directly tossing the jade ornament at Lin SuCi.

“No matter how good this thing is, you’re at least a thousand times better.”

Holding onto the jade ornament, the corner of Lin SuCi’s lips curved up. With a sincere look on his face, he praised the girl, “Jiejie, I’m not even a thousandth of you.”

He then passed the jade ornament back to the girl with a crestfallen look. “Jiejie, I’m sorry. I made a mistake, this isn’t the jade ornament I wanted.”

“Then… what about that thing?” The girl pressed on.

Lin SuCi retreated back next to Yan Boshen, spreading his palms open. “Naturally, it won’t happen too.”

Having laid a trap for the other, Lin SuCi carefully tugged at Yan Boshen’s sleeve, signalling that it was time to run away.

Yan Boshen looked in resignation at his little kitten continuing to act innocent and adorable despite doing something mean. He kept his spiritual gems, and gave up using a normal way of thinking to judge Lin SuCi.

Having been refused, the girl still wanted to continue asking, but was stopped by the girl next to her.

“Senior Hong, forget it. This little kid has someone looking after him, it won’t be easy to get to him. In my opinion, we should just go play with that new dogsbody, that Bai something Kong. He’s an orphan, we can play with him any way we like.”

Lin SuCi, with his hand clutching his senior and wanting to run away, stopped when he heard their words.

The new dogsbody, that Bai something Kong?

If this was a fill-in-the-blank question, Lin SuCi silently filled in the word.

Bai Qingkong…

Yan Boshen only took two steps with the child next to him, then realized that Lin SuCi had froze still

A moment later, Lin SuCi looked up and turned his head, glancing at the three girls dressed in red with a strange look.

“Boshen…” Lin SuCi spoke with him through telepathy, then hesitated. “What sects are nearby? I keep feeling that they’re not good people.”

Yan Boshen only glanced at him and replied quietly. “They’re from South Shuge, and cannot be said to belong to any official sect, but nor are they evil and wicked people. That’s the gist of it.”

Lin SuCi shut his eyes.

It really was South Shuge. The first cultivation sect the young protagonist Bai Qingkong stepped in, and which gave him a deep and intense hatred.

And the one who just teased him, was she Cui Hong? The one in <Soaring Sword> who was determined to peep at the pure body of the protagonist, and acted as the villain who had oppressed the protagonist in his early days?

A female devil who was keen on getting her claws into underaged youths, playing with their bodies and mind.

No wonder, even with Yan Boshen next to him, she still dared to desire him. It was entirely because he was young, and she wanted to ravage him.

The corner of Lin SuCi’s mouth twitched, grabbing Yan Boshen he quickly slipped away.

“It’s nothing. I just feel that South Shuge is really a strange sect…”

They had purchased everything they needed, and also bumped into this sort of thing. At this moment, Lin SuCi was no longer in the mood to continue browsing, and waited for Yan Boshen to summon his sword, obediently standing behind him. He clutched onto his clothes, lifting his small face and asking innocently and earnestly, “You haven’t told me what exactly is a vessel.”

Yan Boshen only glanced at him before turning his head around, ignoring his question.

“Boshen Boshen, tell me exactly what did she want to do. Up till now, I’m still in the dark.”

Lin SuCi persevered and swung at Yan Boshen’s sleeve.

Lin SuCi knew very clearly how this official keeper of his had always been like. It was impossible to make him explain what a vessel was. However, thinking about how Yan Boshen’s face might reveal a trace of embarrassment as he pressed on with his questions, Lin SuCi was very happy, and did not give up.

Yan Boshen tightened his lips, his eyes staring straight at the horizon ahead. Under his feet, they flew over the mountains and rivers, leaving everything behind. The only thing that could not be left behind was the naughty chatterbox.

“Boshen Boshen, why aren’t you saying anything? You’re my senior, you have the responsibility to teach me…” Lin SuCi was still chattering away, as though he had not realise his official keeper in front had his eyes closed, trying to be patient, and his veins in his forehead were throbbing.

“Boshen Boshen…”

Yan Boshen reached behind him and pulled the little kitty forward into his arms. A hand was around the youth’s slender waist, and his fingers of the other hand pinching his chin.

Lin SuCi’s vision blurred, and discovered himself trapped in Yan Boshen’s embrace, his body restrained and unable to move.

Yan Boshen lowered his head.

A trace of astonishment flashed across the face of the youth in his arms. The youth then tilted his head, looking confused yet curious.


There was not a slightest bit of worry for his own safety.

Yan Boshen looked down, stating, “A vessel; it’s to tie you up, tear your clothes off bit by bit, use this part of your body… and transfer all your spiritual energy to someone else.”

“They will hold you down and prevent you from moving, letting you struggle helplessly. They’ll seal your mouth, and block all your pleading moans. They will force themselves on you, take turns to play with you, and finally make you lose all your energy, and you’ll die.”

Yan Boshen heard his own voice explaining the picture of what Lin SuCi might encounter. It was cold and emotionless.

The youth in his arms shivered slightly. Lin SuCi, with his head bowed and ears drooping, was silent, as though he had been frightened. He was hugging him around his waist, and even his breathing was flustered.

Yan Boshen paused, regretting a little that he had spoke so cruelly. After all, Lin SuCi was still a little kitten, and had never been exposed to such things before. He must be afraid.


Reflecting on his actions, Yan Boshen was about to change the topic only to see Lin SuCi, in his arms, sniff and raise his chin.

The blushing Lin SuCi had a shine in his eyes, looking like he was shy, but also excited. When their eyes met, he revealed an unexpected embarrassment, then unable to control himself, he pushed himself deeper into Yan Boshen’s embrace, his head trembling lightly against his chest.

As expected, he was frightened…

Yan Boshen patted Lin SuCi on the shoulder.

“How exciting,” Lin SuCi buried his face into Yan Boshen’s chest, his cheeks heating up. He murmured delightedly, “Boshen, what you said is so interesting! Quick, change the main lead, then go into more details.”

Lin SuCi looked up with puppy-like eyes. “How are the clothes torn off? How would they ravage the person? How do they play with them? Let’s take our time and talk about it. There’s no rush, don’t miss out any details.”

Yan Boshen, “…”

What was he thinking just now, pitying this cat?

Without any emotion on his face, Yan Boshen thought that he must have been crazy just now.

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