SASAM Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

In addition to the spiritual gems, Zhongli Haiming brought a lot of fashionably designed cloth as well. Ruan Linggu spent a few days to prepare a new set of clothes each for her two juniors.

“Little Junior seems to have grown bigger. Your clothes are all smaller now.” Ruan Linggu smiled at Lin SuCi when she handed them their new clothes.

Lin SuCi took the clothes. It was a round-necked style, completely the same as Zhongli Haiming’s, the only difference being the colors. In his hand was a lively looking yellow color, paired with a blue waist belt. Zhongli Haiming’s was the opposite.

“Because little kittens grow fast.” Lin SuCi went into the room to change, tying his belt as he spoke.

The bright color of the new clothes was different from Yan Boshen’s old clothes that he had been wearing. Having grown used to the dark colors, the sudden change to the bright color added a lot of vividness to the youth, becoming even more eye-catching.

Lin SuCi stood shoulder to shoulder with Zhongli Haiming. He looked at him, then stroked his chin, “I really seem to be growing a little too fast.”

Next to him, Zhongli Haiming was still straightening his sleeves. He glanced at him when he heard him, but did not answer.

When Zhongli Haiming had just returned, Lin SuCi was shorter than him. Now, standing side by side, they were about the same height.

Their figures were similar, and they both looked like bright and delicate youths. Standing next to each other, just glancing at them, it was easy to mistake them as twins.

It was just that one was very serious looking, rarely smiling, while the other had curved eyes and a smiling mouth, revealing a set of straight white teeth.

Qing Fou was chattering non-stop as he gave Yan Boshen some instructions. His main point was to watch over the kitten properly.

Yan Boshen looked over coolly. Lin SuCi did not notice his attention. He was still stroking his chin with a wicked grin, as though he was about to play a prank, teasing his little senior next to him.

Zhongli Haiming had already broke down and became unsteady, about to turn hostile and start fighting with him.

Yan Boshen pulled his eyes away. He was silent for a while, then with a twist of his hand, a hoop of spiritual energy floated above his palm.

Lin SuCi was called over. When the hoop was placed over his wrist, he raised his hand curiously and admired it. “What is this?”

Yan Boshen spoke lightly, “It’s a ring to prevent you from getting lost.”

This kitten was too energetic. No one knew what would happen when he went out. As a prevention, Yan Boshen prepared a ring with his spiritual energy. Like this he could always know the movements of this kitten.

Lin SuCi raised his brow, clicking his tongue. “You’re treating me as a child.”

Was this sort of thing not used on children who still could not take care of themselves? He was already so old…

“You are a child,” Yan Boshen’s tone was still light. “A kitty, aren’t you?”

Hey, that’s right! Lin SuCi remembered, he really was still a little kitten, and so he immediately accepted having the loop around his wrist. He even waved his wrist in front of Zhongli Haiming, grinning at him, “Little Senior, do you want one too?”

Zhongli Haiming silently took two steps away from Lin SuCi, pursing his lips scornfully. “I’m not like you, a little baby.”

Lin SuCi was not bothered by that. As he showed the loop off to his seniors, Yan Boshen too was done with his preparations.

It was no longer early. As some time was needed for them to reach Chongyun Sect, Yan Boshen grabbed the kitten who was scampering all over the room by the collar, and nodded towards Qing Fou.

When they stepped onto the sword, Lin SuCi self-awarely huddled into Yan Boshen’s arms. At the same time, he lifted his head in surprise, raising his hand and touching Yan Boshen’s chin. “Boshen Boshen, I seem to have reached the height of your chin already!”

Originally, he was only around the height of Yan Boshen’s shoulders. Having not paid attention the past few days, now that they were standing together, his growth was quite obvious.

Yan Boshen grabbed Lin SuCi’s wandering hand. “Don’t touch blindly.”

The two of them had always interacted in such a manner. Yan Boshen had long been used to the little kitten’s sneaky paws. He calmly grasped his hand, no shock evident on his face.

Yan Boshen embraced Lin SuCi who was clicking his tongue. Just as the sword was about to rise, he suddenly thought about something. Turning his head, he saw Zhongli Haiming standing by the side, yet to step onto the sword.

Yan Boshen raised his brow.

He had been used to being with just Lin SuCi, and had nearly forgot about his other junior.

“Come on quickly, Little Senior. Don’t waste any time.” Lin SuCi waved to Zhongli Haiming.

No one knew what Zhongli Haiming was thinking about. His face twisted, and he walked over slowly. Looking at Lin SuCi who was almost being hugged by Yan Boshen, he stood far away from him, standing all the way at the back.

Chongyun Sect was located at the peak of a mountain. Surrounded by clouds, swords landed in an endless stream. The disciples were greeting everyone, and the scene was very lively.

When Lin SuCi was outside, in front of outsiders, he would put on a display of extreme sensibility. Next to Zhongli Haiming, they stood behind Yan Boshen. As they met people along the way, he only gave a closed lipped shy smile, and his thick eyelashes would flutter adorably.

Zhongli Haiming’s eyes nearly fell out when he saw Lin SuCi being like this. It was all due to pinching his own thigh that he managed to maintain his expression.

Within the radius of hundreds of miles, Chongyun Sect could be considered a big sect. With the birthday celebration of the sect leader, all those who had relations with the sect, whether close or far, they all came to attend. A myriad of various colored clothes crowded the grounds, and everywhere were people.

The disciple who received Lin SuCi and the group led them to the atrium. Outside the atrium, there were tables full of gifts, with other disciples recording them down.

As it was still yet to be the auspicious time, and they were somewhat early, Yan Boshen went to deliver their gifts and record their names. Just as he stepped out, a Chongyun disciple came over, cupping his hands courteously. “Is this Senior Yan from Cardinal Sect? My sect leader would like to invite you in.”

Yan Boshen nodded. About to bring the two youths dressed like twins along, that disciple smiled and stopped him. “I have to apologise that only Senior is invited. As for the two young cultivators, please remain here.”

Lin SuCi was still grabbing onto Yan Boshen’s sleeve. As there were many people just now, Yan Boshen had instructed him to not let go, and had pulled him along the entire way.

Now, he released his hand. Standing next with Zhongli Haiming, he took half a step back.

Yan Boshen frowned slightly.

Not being able to bring Lin SuCi along, he was a little worried.

Lin SuCi met Yan Boshen’s eyes. Understanding his slight worries, he winked at him, speaking softly, “I promise I’ll wait here obediently for you.”

The youth looked sincere and solemn, only missing thumping his own chest to make his assurance.

Yan Boshen hesitated for a moment, then turned to Zhongli Haiming and spoke shortly, “Watch over him.”

Zhongli Haiming nodded seriously. “Eldest Senior, rest assured.”

Lin SuCi pouted. They were really treating him like an ignorant little baby.

There was someone waiting next to them. Yan Boshen could not drag it on, he hesitated, then looked at the seemingly obedient and innocent Lin SuCi and spoke quietly, “Be more obedient.”

Lin SuCi blinked and nodded, raising his hand and speaking earnestly, “I will definitely be obedient.”

Watching Yan Boshen follow the disciple and walk away from the corridor, Lin SuCi held onto Zhongli Haiming’s sleeve as they looked for a stone bench far from the crowd.

Lin SuCi took out a plate of milk cakes from his sleeves and shared some with Zhongli Haiming.

At first, he twisted about, refusing to accept such a childish snack. Not too long after, he was head-to-head with Lin SuCi, eating the milk cake in delight.

There were many people around. They were obedient, and did not run around. When the milk cakes were finished, Yan Boshen still did not appear. Lin SuCi then picked up a few stones from the ground and used them to play with Zhongli Haiming.

Two refined looking youngsters of similar age and appearance were engrossed in playing. Gradually, they attracted the eyes of many disciples who had followed their seniors here as well. Soon, many youths dressed in clothes from different sects were standing next to Lin SuCi.

They were all of similar age. It was not long before Lin SuCi taught them how to play with the stones. The older ones were more self-aware, while the younger ones all crowded around Lin SuCi and Zhongli Haiming, crouching on the ground and having lots of fun.

Playing together, the youths began informing each other of their teachers’ names. Lin SuCi did not recognise most of them, and when he said the name of his teachers, not many knew as well.

They were all youngsters waiting for their seniors. At first, they were still rather conscious, but by the end, they were chattering together.

Several wild fruits had already been stuffed into Lin SuCi’s hands. He crunched into them, his eyes bright, enthusiastically listening to the gossip of the teenagers around him.

They were all here to celebrate the birthday of the Chongyun Sect leader, and so of course the sect was part of the discussion. There was a youth dressed in green, sitting down on the ground cross-legged. He lowered his voice as he played with the stones in his hand, speaking secretively, “Do you know? I heard that there’s a beast in captivity in Chongyun Sect.”

Lin SuCi took a bite of the wild fruit, revealing a look of curiosity on his face. In actual fact, he was feeling very calm within.

Of course he knew. Not only did he knew Chongyun Sect had a beast, he even knew that the beast was a demon called Li Wen. Before the protagonist Bai Qingkong came to Chongyun Sect, he had been tossed into the mountain behind. This beast had escaped his prison, and caught the protagonist.

Lin SuCi took another bite of fruit, thinking as he ate. Now that he was finally here at Chongyun Sect, should he go take a look at this powerful demon from the novel?

Never mind. Li Wen was not in his right mind, he had killed countless people. In comparison with the major villain Yan Ran, he was not much better. A little kitten like him going there would be equivalent to delivering a meal to his door.

“… Let’s just forget it. It wouldn’t be good if my Senior Uncle finds out.”

Lin SuCi was in a daze. Having lost track of what this group of teenagers were discussing, he saw that one of them had a difficult expression on his face, refusing to go.

Zhongli Haiming quietly tugged at Lin SuCi’s sleeve, speaking through telepathy. “They’re all troublemakers. Let’s stay away, and don’t cause any trouble.”

“Ok.” Lin SuCi would not object to such matters. He obediently tossed the stone of the fruit away, patting his sleeves and standing up.

“Hey little brothers, don’t walk away,” A youth next to them agilely caught Lin SuCi’s sleeve. “Didn’t we say that we’ll go broaden our vision together?”

Lin SuCi silently pulled his sleeve back, his face apologetic. “My senior is looking for me, so we won’t participate. We’ll take our leave first.”

These young people even dared to fool around in other people’s territory. Lin SuCi could only give them a thumbs-up silently, but he did not want to get himself involved in it.

Ignoring that Li Wen was an extremely fierce beast, Chongyun Sect also was not that easy to deal with, and would never let a group of boys who had yet to even build their foundations break in. Also…

Lin SuCi tidied up his clothes, looking obedient.

He had promised Yan Boshen to behave.

Causing trouble? No such thing, no such thing.

He walked off.

The teenager behind him was distressed. “If we get caught, things wouldn’t be good.”

“That’s easy,” A youth dressed in red spoke. “My senior brought along an extra fellow. He has yet to enter the sect, and is all alone. Even if he gets caught, it has nothing to do with us.”

“Quick, call him over.”

“Sure. Junior, go look for Senior Hong and ask her to lend me Bai Qingkong.”

Lin SuCi’s feet paused.

Bai Qingkong?

The extra disciple…

He raised his brow slightly.

If he understood it correctly, the South Shuge disciple here planned on using Bai Qingkong as a bait?

Yo~! A scene where the protagonist was getting bullied!


Lin SuCi fixed his feet, the corner of his mouth quirking up, revealing a sweet smile. “Little Senior, I suddenly feel that since we’re here, we should broaden our horizon.”

“How about showing you something grand?”

Lin SuCi grinned and rubbed his hands, his green eyes burning with excitement.

Little pitiful Qingkong, don’t be afraid. Your Ci-gege is here to save you!

Waiting obediently? No such thing, no such thing.

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