SASAM Chapter 19.1

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Chapter 19.1

Zhongli Haiming’s heart skipped a beat, staring at him warily. “What do you want to do?”

“I don’t want to do anything.” Lin SuCi tugged at Zhongli Haiming’s sleeve and walked back, whispering, “I just want to join in the fun. We might even be able to make new friends.”

Zhongli Haiming still felt it was not right. He looked at the seemingly innocent Lin SuCi, feeling an apprehensive nervousness.

“You must remember what Eldest Senior…” Zhongli Haiming futilely mentioned Yan Boshen, attempting to make Lin SuCi think clearly.

Lin SuCi put on an extremely innocent expression, pressing Zhongli Haiming down to sit. He smiled, “Don’t worry, don’t worry, Eldest Senior definitely won’t find out.”

“He’s here!”

Lin SuCi grabbed onto Zhongli Haiming, stuffing him with a mouthful of milk cake and causing him to be unable to speak. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he quickly took a look at this world’s protagonist.

In the busy atrium, it was easy to distinguish everyone’s status. The youths dressed neatly and carrying swords, speaking loftily, were mostly the respected disciples who accompanied their elders here to build relationships. Behind these youths were others who were dressed simply, or had their heads lowered or just smiling along. Their ages might be similar, but their statuses were very different.

Through the crowd, Lin SuCi saw with a glance the person who was walking steadily behind that youth.

All Lin SuCi could see was the gloomy youth dressed in grey, his head bowed, his mouth downturned. He blinked at him as he approached.

The teenager following behind looked very thin, around the age of fourteen or fifteen. With his head lowered, his features could not be seen clearly. His clothes were very baggy, as though under them, only bones were left.

The teenager drew closer. Cupping his hands and bowing, he stood there silently.

Lin SuCi’s eyes were glued to the teenager, studying him up and down carefully.

The book had said that Bai Qingkong was at first a simple teenager, dedicating himself to improve only because of revenge, devoted to cultivation and seeking his enemies. Only after he came across some opportunities, did he move on from his original solitary orphan journey, drifting far away from his simple self. He had an extremely deceptive appearance, completely filled with wicked intentions. He was ruthless when it came to using people, but his pure and just appearance made people trust him. With his innocent and harmless looks, he had caused harm to many people.

At present, Lin SuCi thought that Bai Qingkong was still in his pitiful, helpless and miserable state. Despite lowering his head, pretending that he had submitted, his pursed mouth and clenched fists were all indications of his resistance and unbridled spirits to the others around him.

“You, go to the back of the mountain. There’s a pet beast there, go get me some of its fur, I need it.”

That teenager who seemed polite amidst the crowd became very arrogant towards Bai Qingkong.

Having been ordered, Bai Qingkong’s head was bowed. It seemed as though he was accustomed to such treatment, and he cupped his hands in agreement.

Dressed in grey clothes, Bai Qingkong, like all other miscellaneous disciples, he was inferior to those official disciples, and so could be commanded to do as they wished.

Lin SuCi saw that Bai Qingkong had already turned away to find the path, and so he tugged at Zhongli Haiming. Standing up again, he followed after.

“What exactly do you want to do?” Zhongli Haiming grabbed Lin SuCi’s sleeve, his face all wrinkled up. However, he was unable to stop Lin SuCi from walking. The two of them seemed calm, but in fact, under Lin SuCi’s burst of strength, they were quietly following behind Bai Qingkong.

Lin SuCi smiled brightly. “He’s good looking, I want to get to know him and see if he’s my brother whom I’ve lost contact with for many years.”

Zhongli Haiming spoke weakly, “… Please, don’t create any trouble.”

Lin SuCi soothed Zhongli Haiming, his steps never taking a break. He continued keeping pace with the silent Bai Qingkong ahead.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, I just only want to get to know him.”

Ten steps away in front, Bai Qingkong’s footsteps seemed to pause.

Uh oh, he heard him.

Lin SuCi was not embarrassed. His feet sped up, and quickly walked in front of Bai Qingkong. With a brilliant smile on his face, he raised his arm and waved at him. “I heard you’re Bai Qingkong. It’s a very nice name, like my brother.”

Bai Qingkong was silent for a moment before faltering, “… What, what’s your name?”

Lin SuCi replied solemnly, “I’m Ye Xingchen. You’re the day while I’m the night1 You’re the clear and boundless sky while I’m the sea of stars2. See, aren’t we brothers?”

Next to him, Zhongli Haiming could only watch him talk nonsense. “…”

Was he bullying him? This naughty little junior of his, he was bullying someone, right?!

Zhongli Haiming’s eyes were about to fall out from glaring.

However, Bai Qingkong did not know this. He heard Lin SuCi’s words, and his eyes shone a little brighter.

“I heard your name and felt that we had a sort of destiny with each other,” Lin SuCi looked very earnest. “Shall we get to know each other?”

They had similar names and similar ages, and this youth in front of him looked delicate and harmless. His warm attitude was also something that he had not experienced in a long time. Bai Qingkong hesitated, then spoke in a low voice, “Ok…”


Only having just gotten a word of reply from him, Lin SuCi immediately pounced and grabbed Bai Qingkong’s arm familiarly, winking at him. “I heard them say that they want you to look for some pet beast’s fur?”

Bai Qingkong silently nodded.

“This is other people’s territory, it’s not appropriate for you to go pick the fur off other people’s pet,” Lin Suci said. “Why don’t I go one round with you, and we’ll come back saying that there’s people guarding the back of the mountain, and we can’t get in.”

Bai Qingkong pursed his lips, looking at Lin SuCi for a while. He then stammered, “…Why, why are you… helping me?”

“Didn’t I say it?” Lin SuCi smiled, blinking at him, full of earnest innocence. “You’re like my younger brother.”

Zhongli Haiming silently tugged at Lin SuCi’s sleeve.

Lin SuCi could not be bothered with so much. He dragged his littlest senior along, smiling and standing next to Bai Qingkong. Slowly, they walked along the path as Lin SuCi coaxed Bai Qingkong to speak. Soon, he managed to find out all the details about the clueless protagonist.

It was similar to what he had expected. The current Bai Qingkong was still struggling in the initial stage of his Qi practice. South Shuge did not pay any attention to this miscellaneous disciple who was an orphan. In the sect, there was only one person taking care of him, and that was Cui Hong.

“This time, it’s also Senior Hong who brought me along,” Bai Qingkong seemed to speak very little. When chatting with Lin SuCi, he often faltered. “She’s very nice.”

Lin SuCi looked at Bai Qingkong pityingly, his heart aching for this foolish protagonist. He had actually thought that Cui Hong, who wanted to use him as a vessel, was a good person. However, he could not be blamed, as this Bai Qingkong was still clueless about everything.

“I’ve heard of that senior of yours before too,” Lin SuCi thought about it, poking at Bai Qingkong. He seemed to be sharing some gossip, “I heard that she likes boys who are good looking, you best be somewhat more careful.”

Bai Qingkong was a little blank, but still smiled shyly at Lin SuCi’s good intentions. “Ok.”

Zhongli Haiming seemed to have given up. With a straight face, he followed behind Lin Suci and they walked around the atrium. Somehow, they had to walk through the forest path which deviated from the main road.

“Well, my senior…” Bai Qingkong’s feet came to a stop. Looking at the group of girls dressed in red, he nearly opened his mouth to greet them. Instead, he stopped and turned to look at Lin SuCi.

Lin SuCi stroke his chin. He immediately recognised that brightly dressed girl dancing in the forest, catching butterflies, smiling behind her red face veil. Was that not Cui Hong who wanted to buy him?!

They just bumped into each other like this? Lin SuCi thought of something, and studied Cui Hong carefully.

Covering Cui Hong’s face was veil the same red as her clothes. It covered her face from below her nose, casting it in shadows, and there was a sort of hazy, aesthetic feeling to it.

However, Lin SuCi looked past this aesthetics, and saw Cui Hong’s swollen, sausage-like lips.

That charm of his had been specially designed to prank people. Cui Hong’s mouth was unclean, and so ended up being the first experimental subject. Lin SuCi had not thought that he would be able to see the results so quickly.

Lin SuCi watched carefully, and his mood was very good. Not bad, not bad, his charm had not been wasted, and he had taken his revenge.

At this time, Cui Hong seemed to notice something and looked over.

Lin SuCi resolutely hide behind Zhongli Haiming, his entire body expressing his refusal. He was only a little kitten, and needed to learn to protect himself in this dangerous world. He should not be fighting or battling out there.

Zhongli Haiming gave a sigh of relief. Taking advantage of the moment when Bai Qingkong went up to greet the girls, he dragged Lin SuCi a few metres away.

“What exactly are you doing?!”

Lin SuCi and Zhongli Haiming hid behind the eaves of the building. Seeing that the people in the forest had noticed them, he slowly said, “I can tell fortunes.”

“… Huh?”

Lin SuCi spoke solemnly, “I’m endowed with extraordinary talent, and I can see people’s destiny with a glance. I’ve seen half-immortals trampling across the void, and ghosts wandering around the world.”

“Wake up, stop sleeping.” Zhongli Haiming expressionlessly shook Lin SuCi’s arm.

Lin SuCi continued swaying, still shaking his head. “I’ve seen him! He’s the Emperor Star descended upon earth! He’s the darling of the world! He’s the invincible God of War! He’s the ruler of heaven and earth!”

Zhongli Haiming withdrew his hand. He looked down and started rummaging through his bag.

Lin SuCi leaned against the wall, exclaiming, “A ruler who has yet to grow up, how adorable! If we don’t take advantage of this opportunity to bully him, we won’t get a chance in the future!”

Pulling out a charm, Zhongli Haiming rolled his eyes. “I knew it….”

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