SASAM Chapter 19.2

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Chapter 19.2

“Little Senior, what are you doing?”

Lin SuCi watched Zhongli Haiming fold the charm into a crane and let it fly out.

“I’m sending a word to Eldest Senior. If he still doesn’t come back, I’m going to find the rope and hang the both of us here,” Zhongli Haiming said coolly.

Lin SuCi was alarmed. “You want to die with me like a couple?!”

Zhongli Haiming slowly rolled up his sleeves. “… Don’t run, I definitely won’t beat you to death!”

Lin SuCi took to his heels, running away. Behind him, Zhongli Haiming had his sleeves rolled up and his fists waving in the air, chasing after him fiercely.

The two disciples only ran a couple of steps before hearing someone calling out behind them, “Xingcheng!”

Lin SuCi’s ears trembled.

Was this the little clueless protagonist calling out to him?

Lin SuCi stopped, winking at Zhongli Haiming behind him.

Zhongli Haiming too did not want to expose any dirty laundry in front of outsiders, and so gritted his teeth and put his fists down.

Sure enough, it was Bai Qingkong.

In his hands were a plate of melon and a flask of fruit wine. He had come over to share them with Lin SuCi and Zhongli Haiming.

The three of them sat side by side in the corridor. Bai Qingkong was a little unfamiliar with the actions of dividing the food amongst them, and so was a little shy. “The business in the main hall has nothing to do with us. I’m afraid we still have to wait for quite some time, let’s have some of these to pad our stomachs first.”

Lin SuCi agreed with him, and so took out his dried fish and milk cakes as well.

Zhongli Haiming did not have the habit of eating in front of outsiders. He declined politely, and sat there in a trance.

Lin SuCi could not be bothered about all these. He ate till his stomach was rounded, and he even shared a cup of fruit wine with Bai Qingkong.

Maybe because his body was not used to it. With just one cup of fruit wine, Lin SuCi’s cheeks flushed red.

“The alcohol content of this wine is very strong…” Lin SuCi was surprised as he held his cup. Were fruit wines so strong in this time period?

Bai Qingkong did not understand what he meant by alcohol content, and could only make a guess. He gestured at it and told Lin SuCi, “This is the fruit wine brewed by my senior. It’s full of spiritual energy. Maybe you’ve only just started drinking it and so you’re not used to it. After a while, you’ll be fine.”

Lin SuCi was slightly stunned. “Senior? Don’t tell me it’s your Senior Cui?”

“Yes…” Bai Qingkong nodded. “She said she’ll let me hide from our other sect disciples. She also gave me food and drink, and asked me to look for you.”

Lin SuCi found that this was not right. He frowned. “Your senior knows me?”

“She saw you just now, and asked if you’re with me.”

Lin SuCi clicked his tongue.

Whether or not it was because Cui Hong recognised him and was playing a trick on him, Lin SuCi did not dare touch any of the food that had passed through her hands.

Bai Qingkong looked awkwardly at Lin SuCi chewing only on his dried fish. He silently put those items away, speaking softly after a pause, “These are the things I often eat, you don’t have to worry about them.”

Lin SuCi had seen Bai Qingkong eating with him, and so naturally knew it. He thought about it and tactfully said, “There’s some discord between your senior and me.”

“I understand…” Bai Qingkong stood up, nodding at Lin SuCi. He shuffled his feet, lowering his head, “I, then I, I’ll go now.”

At this time, Lin SuCi also did not have the ability to care about Bai Qingkong anymore. The fruit wine was now heating up his entire body, and he feebly waved his hand at Bai Qingkong. “Sure, we’ll meet again if we’re fated to do so.”

After a pause, he added. “Since there’s fate between the both of us, I’ll tell you something. There’s no harm in being more vigilant.”

Bai Qingkong was already a little happier. Hearing what Lin SuCi added, his eyes shone a little brighter, and he bit his lip, nodding firmly.

Lin SuCi watched Bai Qingkong leave, leaning against the wall. Fanning to cool himself down, he grumbled, “Little Senior, have you ever drunk wine?”

Zhongli Haiming did not even raise his head. “No. You deserve this, daring to drink wine at your age.”

This was the first time Lin SuCi had ever drank, and was unsure if what he was feeling was abnormal or not. He patted his cheeks, slowly standing up with the support of the wall.

There seemed to be something wrong.

“Little Senior, give me a heart-cleansing pill.”

Only then did Zhongli Haiming noticed that Lin SuCi was not right. His entire body had already turned pink, and his cheeks, ears, and his exposed neck were red. As for his forehead, it was covered with a thin layer of sweat.

“You didn’t drink wine, you drank flames,” Zhongli Haiming helped him up. “Get up, I’ll go ask someone if they prepared any guest rooms.”

Lin SuCi leaned on Zhongli Haiming’s shoulder as he stumbled while walking.

Fortunately, there was a disciple from Chongyun sect in charge of receiving guests. Seeing that the guest was drunk, he arranged a room nearby.

The heat within Lin SuCi burned higher and higher. Now, even looking at people made him feel tired. Finally, he managed to steady himself, and he urged Zhongli Haiming, “Quick, go look for Eldest Senior. Tell him if he’s late, he’s going to lose his darling forever.”

Zhongli Haiming’s face cramped.

“… I got it.”

Lin SuCi had just sat down on a chair, and the closed door was gently pushed open and locked.

He looked up to see a red dress.

“Good little boy, you’ve even bullied your elder! This time, you’re now in my hands…” The girl giggled.

Lin SuCi was so feverish that everything was blurry. All he could see was a veiled girl in a red dress walking over, and her eyes were glued to him, unbridled.

Just as he expected, it was Cui Hong.

He blinked, and even his voice was a little soft. “Isn’t this Cui-jiejie, is Jiejie here to save me?”

Already pink, the teenager’s eyes were wet, looking weak and timid, just like most of the other teenagers Cui Hong had played with.

“Good little Didi1, you still remember Jiejie?” Cui Hong covered her mouth and laughed lightly. “Look at you, are you suffering? If you hadn’t been naughty, you wouldn’t have to go through this.”

Lin SuCi spat silently.

Cui Hong, this female devil, always wanted to pull most of the teenagers she saw into her bed. Even if he had not offended her, when he bumped into her, he was afraid he would still be unable to get rid of her.

Jiejie, I feel bad,” Lin SuCi sniffed, looking at Cui Hong with eyes full of trust. “Quick, help me.”

At first, Cui Hong was still standing on one side looking at Lin SuCi. As for him, he remained sitting there, motionless, quiet and obedient, innocent and harmless.

With such a delectable treat in front of her, on someone else’s territory, she should not delay any longer. Cui Hong laughed as she removed her veil, twisting her hips. Bending over and lifting Lin SuCi’s chin with a finger, she spoke, “Didi, Jiejie’s here to save… Ah!”

In the blink of an eye, Cui Hong, who was about to get her way, suddenly had a circle of spiritual energy around her. She rolled across the ground, unkempt, and was unable to struggle out of it.

Lin SuCi was still holding on to the charm he had prepared. He was stunned, and looked down at the spiritual circle around his own wrist.

Was this the ring Boshen put on him to prevent him from getting lost?

It… it was taking the initiative to protect him?

Lin SuCi’s mouth had only just curved up, but then he immediately frowned.

His body… was not quite right.

Lin SuCi bit his lip tightly, feeling at a loss.

At the same time, a bang was heard, and the locked door opened.

Lin SuCi hunched on the chair, barely managing to look up. A drop of sweat slid down from his forehead onto his cheek.

Through his blurry vision, Lin SuCi saw a tall figure coming towards him, light behind them.

“Boshen…” It was as though he had seen his saviour, and his eyes lit up like stars.

The person who came it was not an expressionless, sullen Yan Boshen. His eyes fell on Lin SuCi, looking at that pitiful looking teenager. Then he shut his eyes, opening them again, his gaze dark like an abyss.

Zhongli Haiming rushed in, panicking.

“Throw… Cui Hong… Out…” Lin SuCi bit his wrist, calming himself down as he spoke to Zhongli Haiming.

Zhongli Haiming was really in a panic. He went along with whatever Lin SuCi said, and really dragged the wretchedly struggling Cui Hong out of the door.

“Quick! Quickly lock the door!”

Lin SuCi barely managed to stand up, and kept urging Yan Boshen.

Yan Boshen was clearly in a state of being calm before the storm. He raised his hand, and threw a burst of spiritual energy towards the door.

Yan Boshen turned around, his eyes dark. “Now, tell me, what happened…”

Lin SuCi did not say anything, stumbling right into Yan Boshen’s arms. He wrapped one arm tightly around him, and gripped Yan Boshen’s hand with his other one.

“Boshen Boshen! Quickly help me!”

Yan Boshen had yet to vent his anger, and was caught off guard by Lin SuCi’s hug. He was slightly stunned, and before he could speak, he saw Lin SuCi lift his head. His green eyes were wet, full of grievances and helplessness, and his voice was very soft.

“This part… is hard.”

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