SASAM Chapter 20.1

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Chapter 20.1

By right, Lin SuCi was not very familiar with this natural body reaction, and all his knowledge was garnered from books, movies and TV.

He had lain in bed for so many years, and with his frail body, he had hardly experienced such reactions before. This reaction that came out of nowhere really made him panic.

And the only person he could rely on happened to be right in front of him. Lin SuCi was truly aggrieved, and just passed the problem on to Yan Boshen.

Yan Boshen took a moment to register what Lin SuCi meant. His original stormy savagery had turned into helplessness, and looking closely at it, there were also traces of being caught off guard.

Lin SuCi leaned into Yan Boshen’s arms, his eyes dewy and wet. His bright eyes clouded up, his cheeks flushed, and he looked slightly alluring.

Yan Boshen took in a deep breath.

“… Is there anywhere else that also feels uncomfortable?”

Lin SuCi’s head thought passively for a long time. Biting his lip, he carefully examined how his body felt. A moment later, his brows creased and he pouted, “I feel so hot it’s making me anxious.”

What exactly did Cui Hong put in that wine? Just a small cup made him like this.

Lin SuCi lowered his lashes. His discomfort reminded him that later, after going out, he must return this suffering back.

Yan Boshen held Lin SuCi. The teenager was so weak it was as though he was boneless, and stuck closely to him. His body was heated and agitated, and his eyes were a little red from the fever.

With Yan Boshen’s help, Lin SuCi staggered onto the low couch in that guest room. He huddled into a ball, trying to use his strength to decrease the excitement of his body. However, it was of no use, and he rubbed against the bed, his legs trembling.

Just as Yan Boshen looked up, he saw Lin SuCi rolling about on the bed. He paused slightly.

“I feel so bad…” Lin SuCi’s forehead dripped with sweat. Not long after, his cheeks were flushed and damp, and droplets collected on his lashes. When he looked up at Yan Boshen, it looked like he was tearfully aggrieved.

Lin SuCi who had never experienced such a situation before had completely lost his soul in the waves of excitement rushing over his body. He was so clumsy that he did not know how to soothe himself, and could only keep on complaining to Yan Boshen about how uncomfortable he felt.

Yan Boshen closed his eyes for a moment, then extended his hand to hold the twisting Lin SuCi down. He whispered, “Endure it for a while.”

Through his palm, he transmitted a cold and frosty spiritual Qi into Lin SuCi’s body. Like a disobedient arrow, it stumbled about and dispelled the burning heat in Lin SuCi’s blood.

His eyes half-lidded, Lin SuCi moaned, tolerating the feeling.

His body could not stop shivering as his temperature bounced between extreme heat and cold. His heated body was forcibly chilled, and his temperature even went down below his original warmth. In a short period of time, Lin SuCi was nearly frozen.

Lin SuCi barely managed to grab Yan Boshen’s wrist. He shivered, “… Are you, trying to, kill me….”

His excitement could no longer remain excited, and even wilted. However, the aftereffect on his body was really too serious. There was completely no relief, as the heat was just forcibly dispelled. Now, uncontrollable tremors ran through his body.

Yan Boshen was taken aback. He bit his lip, whispering, “It’s not comfortable?”

Not only was it uncomfortable, it was so painful that Lin SuCi nearly fainted.

He was a little unsure. Was Yan Boshen deliberating making it hard on him?

“You can try it…” Lin SuCi was still shivering, but he still tried to act tough with his words. “Why don’t I make this part of yours stand up, then I’ll use a piece of ice all over it?”


This little fellow’s mouth was merciless.

He withdrew the cold energy, and tried something different.

Lin SuCi finally found some relief from being caught between the cold and heat.

Previously, Zhongli Haiming had given him a heart-cleansing pill. However, it barely scratched the surface, and was completely useless. Yan Boshen now enveloped Lin SuCi with a cleansing Qi, dispelling all external stimulation from his body.

Lin SuCi shuddered, then with his eyes half-lidded, he slowly calmed down.

All that he had been feeling had all vanished. Now, he was relieved, and so conscientiously displayed the childishness that a young kitten of a few months old should have.

Lin SuCi slowly opened his eyes. He heaved a long sigh of relief, and looked wearily at Yan Boshen.

“How do you feel now?”

Lin SuCi pouted aggrievedly. “As expected, you want to kill me.”

Yan Boshen was puzzled.

After the discomfort, an exhaustion took over him. Lin SuCi gathered his energy and clutched at Yan Boshen’s wrist, slowly sitting up.

“You could have just used the cleansing Qi directly, but you bullied me with the cold Qi!” Lin SuCi complained.

Yan Boshen held the somewhat weak teenager in his arm. With Lin SuCi’s question, Yan Boshen closed his mouth, then opened it, but he had no idea how to explain it.

He was used to using cold Qi to suppress everything in his body. Seeing Lin SuCi’s situation, he did not have time to think over it, and his first instinct was to suppress his reaction with cold Qi.

However, Lin SuCi was too weak, and he was unable to accept such a simple of crude method. Instead, he had undergone a suffering.

Yan Boshen was unable to justify himself, and so just acquiesced to it.

“Boshen, I have really underestimated you. You’re actually such a person, treating a suffering little kitten like me so harshly!” When Lin SuCi gained the advantage, there was nothing he would not do. Sitting for a while, his body slowly recovered, and he complained loudly and righteously about Yan Boshen’s wretched actions.

Yan Boshen coughed lightly and changed the topic smoothly. “Do you know who made you like this?”

Lin SuCi was easily distracted with this topic. His eyes immediately widened, and he gritted his teeth. “It’s that one who wanted to buy me as a vessel!”

Yan Boshen’s face darkened.

He had came in a hurry, and did not see the person in the room clearly. However, he did not know that that girl would actually be so daring, acting so wildly in other people’s territory.

Lin SuCi thought about something, and added, “She doesn’t seem to be a decent person. Just now, a disciple from her sect said that wherever she goes, she’ll bring a few good-looking boys along with her.”

Yan Boshen’s eyes glinted.

Lin Suci stood up, taking a couple of steps. His strength gradually returned, and he was no longer as weak and helpless as before.

Doing such a thing in other people’s territory, if the situation exploded, it would definitely be able to restrain Cui Hong, this devil. South Shuge would be completely embarrassed, and even if she returned, nothing good would happen to her. In this case, it would also help deal away with the person who humiliated Bai Qingkong.

Lin SuCi thought about it, and so whispered to Yan Boshen, “Boshen Boshen, the person who bullied me, should we…” Deliver her to Chongyun Sect?

However, before he could finish, Yan Boshen gently stroke the back of his head and spoke composedly, “I have my own plans.”

With this, Lin SuCi was at ease.

All the leaders of Chongyun Sect had just invited Yan Boshen for a private talk. Even though they might only just be acquaintances, as long as Yan Boshen mentioned it, they would definitely teach Cui Hong a good lesson.

Lin SuCi smiled, and he started fantasising about Cui Hong’s tragic consequences.

Lin SuCi rested for a while more, and he was nearly fully recovered. His previous restlessness no longer existed, and the excitement that tortured him was over. Lin SuCi now returned back to being a good kitten.

There was not much activity here, or at least, no noise had been stirred.

When Lin SuCi was done resting, he exited the room side by side with Yan Boshen. Outside the door, Cui Hong, who was still imprisoned by the spiritual ring, was lying ungainly on the ground, unwilling to reveal her face. As for Zhongli Haiming, he had a charm in his hand, guarding over her conscientiously and dutifully.

“Eldest Senior, is Little Junior all right?” Zhongli Haiming immediately asked upon seeing them walk out.

Yan Boshen nodded. “No harm has been done.”

Zhongli Haiming sighed in relief. With a poker face, he spoke, “You’re to blame for being greedy. You even dared to eat food from a stranger.”

Lin SuCi refused to accept the blame, and immediately threw the blame at others. “It’s all because I’m too innocent and kind, and didn’t realize the dangers of humanity.”

Zhongli Haiming, “…”

Having this sort of thing happen to him yet still refusing to bow down to it, Zhongli Haiming really had to give it to this little junior of his.

From up above, Lin SuCi swept his eyes over the trembling Cui Hong as he stroked his chin. “What did you say just now? How were you going to bully me?”

Lying face down on the ground, Cui Hong was still trapped in the spiritual ring. She spoke submissively, “I was wrong, good Didi, let me go this once. Let your Gege release me, my cultivation level is about to drop.”

Lin SuCi raised a brow and turned to look at Yan Boshen.

Could this spiritual ring actually absorb the other person’s spiritual energy? Why else would Cui Hong surrender, afraid of dropping a level?

Yan Boshen did not look at Lin SuCi, only glancing at Cui Hong. His indifferent eyes was as though he was looking at an ant.

That spiritual ring kept tightening, and Cui Hong’s bones started creaking. For some reason, Cui Hong was in so much pain that she wanted to roll about on the ground, but she could not make a sound.

Lin SuCi hunched into himself when he heard the creaking sound that was like beans getting fried.

My eldest senior’s methods are still more frightening.

However, the one on the ground was not worth sympathizing with. Lin SuCi even lifted his hands, and clapped silently.

“What should we do now, deliver her to Chongyun Sect?” Zhongli Haiming asked Yan Boshen.

Yan Boshen spoke nonchalantly, “There’s no hurry, we’ll wait for the banquet to be over.”

He raised his hand and shot a bright burst of spiritual energy at Cui Hong.

Two circles covered Cui Hong entirely. Not long after, the girl dressed in red was in so much pain she kept banging her head on the ground.

“Move her into the room. Ban anyone from coming in, and we’ll deal with her when we come back.”

Zhongli Haiming answered immediately, “Yes!”

He dragged Cui Hong, who was silently yelling, rudely into the room. Deftly, he locked the door and slapped some charms on to it, creating a prohibited area.

Temporarily detaining the criminal, Yan Boshen looked at Lin SuCi, a slight threat in his eyes.

“Now, explain. How did you end up attracting her attention again?”

Lin SuCi immediately raised his hand to the heavens and swore, “I didn’t provoke her on my own initiative! I couldn’t be happier just avoiding her!”

“This thing, it’s really very coincidental…”

Lin SuCi thought about it, and succinctly simplified it into something fortuitous.

“I saw them bullying people. That disciple’s age looked to be the same as Little Senior, and he was also so thin. I couldn’t bear it, and so I wanted to help him. Who would have guessed that his senior was that scary girl!”

Lin SuCi directly erased the existence of Bai Qingkong, and inserted him as though he was just a background character. This matter actually had nothing to do with Bai Qingkong. At most, it was only because of him, and that was why Lin SuCi was not guarded. The blame still lay with Cui Hong.

Yan Boshen listened to him, then shot a look at Lin SuCi. “I’ll teach you a lesson when we go back.”

Lin SuCi tensed up.

A lesson? How was he going to do it? Wait, no, why after suffering a grievance, he still had to be taught a lesson?

Lin SuCi was unwilling. He hugged Yan Boshen, lifting his chin and speaking earnestly, “Boshen, am I no longer your darling?”

Yan Boshen stiffened. He raised his hand, wanting to push Lin SuCi away.

Lin SuCi was not going to let him succeed. He twisted about agilely, like a grasshopper, as he dodged Yan Boshen’s hand. He even asserted, “Other people would never let their kittens suffer a little bit of grievance. It’s always other people’s fault, and their cats are right. As for you, where’s your conscience? I’m your kitten, can’t I enjoy a pet’s favorable treatment?”

Yan Boshen, “… Try harder.”

Lin SuCi grabbed his sleeve tightly, not letting him go, “Tell me, am I your little darling?!”

Not far from the corridor, there were people passing by and looking over. Yan Boshen lifted his sleeves and shielded the willful kitten in his arms, exhaling harshly.

“Yes.” His voice was feeble.

“Since I’m your darling, why aren’t you teaching others a lesson, but teaching me instead?” He took the advantage he gained for granted. He no longer remained domineering, and now nuzzled his face into Yan Boshen’s clothes, looking cute and aggrieved.

Yan Boshen deeply regretted what he had just said. He pushed away the aggrieved cat in his arms, “Fine, I’ll teach others a lesson.”

Lin SuCi’s tail curved up, and he spoke with great reluctance. “Fine, who asked me to be so generous? I’ll forgive you this once.”

Yan Boshen did not want to say anything. His head hurt.

Watching from the side, Zhongli Haiming’s eyes were about to fall out. His eyes widened, and his tongue knotted, pointing at Lin SuCi with a trembling finger. He then looked at the resigned Yan Boshen, a million words in his heart burying him.

On the door were charms. With one glance it was obvious that the room was occupied, and there was no fear that someone would come in and find Cui Hong. Yan Boshen did not dare to quibble with the little thing here, and just brought him and Zhongli Haiming to the atrium first, preparing to attend the feast.

Lin SuCi had fully recovered by them. He shook his limbs out, walking side by side with Zhongli Haiming behind Yan Boshen. He secretly poked at Zhongli Haiming, speaking through telepathy, “Little Senior, don’t tell Eldest Senior anything about that disciple, ok?”

Zhongli Haiming looked at Lin SuCi strangely.

This little junior still looked very composed, studying the scenery around them as though nothing had happened.


Lin SuCi thought about it. He needed a reason that could deter his little senior.

“Of course it’s because I’m afraid Boshen would get jealous after he knows I’ve been nice to that disciple!” Lin SuCi said carelessly.

When their cat became close to another person, the official keeper would definitely get jealous. Despite how Yan Boshen always looked cold and icy, he never allowed anyone else to have a hand in anything to do with him, and arranged everything nicely for him instead.

Even if it was Yan Boshen, if he knew that he had taken the initiative to get close to other people, he would probably also get jealous, right?

Lin SuCi’s eyes curved up, and he was full of self-confidence. Yan Boshen had already admitted that he was his darling, he definitely would not allow that to happen.

This reason, full marks.

Zhongli Haiming’s feet paused. His refined features scrunched up together in a moment, and he seemed to be holding himself back from something.

“… Fine.”

His voice sounded even more reluctant.

Lin SuCi smiled brightly. “Thank you very much, Little Senior. I’ll treat you to dried fish when we go back.”

Zhongli Haiming was expressionless. “If you want to thank me, don’t come looking for me.”

Lin SuCi raised a brow.

At this moment, the clouds surrounding the peak dispersed, and the disciples of Chongyun Sect began leading the guests to the banquet.

The feast was laid out from the inner hall of the main hall all the way out of the atrium. The arrangement was according to the status of the major sects, then the seniority of the people from the sects, and everything went down the row.

Now, Lin SuCi was obedient. Standing being Yan Boshen, he pretended to be twins with Zhongli Haiming. Occasionally, there would be old acquaintances of Cardinal Sect coming over, awkwardly exchanging small talk with yan Boshen. Most of their questions were about the two obedient teenagers dressed like twins.

These people seemed to not have anything else to say. Most of them praised Lin SuCi for being adorable and obedient, and Zhongli Haiming for being polite and quiet. Before they entered the banquet, Lin SuCi could already memorise their compliments.

“Endure it, it’s all like this.” Zhongli Haiming whispered and nudged Lin SuCi. He was not surprised by the situation, having seen it so many times.

Lin SuCi was not annoyed by it as well. From these people, he saw many interesting things.

They clearly were not close to Cardinal Sect, but forced themselves to come make nice with them. Even their tones were distantly polite.

I thought our sect was just some little sect who hasn’t really shown its face around? Why does it look like we actually have some connections?

Lin SuCi blinked, standing behind Yan Boshen, seemingly obediently. However, in his head, he had already dissected and analyzed these people several times.


“Little kitten… Senior Uncle!”

Lin SuCi’s ears perked up. He seemed to have heard someone calling him.

Yan Boshen’s small talk ended. He sent away the cultivator in green, turning around to look at Lin SuCi.

Lin SuCi gave him a big smile. “Boshen?”

“Follow me closely, don’t run away.” Yan Boshen tossed an instruction at him.

Lin SuCi immediately forgot all about the voice he heard. He tugged at Yan Boshen’s sleeve, smiling brightly, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely follow you closely. You won’t be able to shake me off.”

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