SASAM Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

With a fierce lunge, Lin Suci caught hold of Yan Boshen’s waist firmly.

Thunder and lightning twisted around the greatsword, which was still causing earth-splitting crackles in the air. Lightning circled the sky, as dark clouds covered the sky and shading the sun with doom. As for the source of all these, it was Yan Boshen who was currently being embraced tightly by Lin SuCi.

“Boshen Boshen! You’re here!”

When Lin SuCi saw him, he was so moved that he did not know what he should say. Grabbing onto Yan Boshen’s waist, his first instinct was to be so excited that he could not stop shouting his name.

Yan Boshen was just like a frozen ice sculpture. The warmth of the sudden hug gradually invaded his body, and his dark, bottomless eyes finally focused.

He lowered his head slightly. The little kitten in his arms whom he had not seen for a while was smiling heartlessly just like how he did before he had been kidnapped. His green eyes were sparkling with excitement, and within his bright eyes he could see his own reflection.

He was all right.

Yan Boshen’s dark eyes fell onto Li SuCi’s body, carefully observing his kitten that he had lost.

“Boshen Boshen, I’m really touched! How did you find me?!” Lin SuCi’s eyes had curved into lines with his smile.

Having escaped the wards and being able to see Yan Boshen, this was the first time Lin SuCi had experienced what the light at the end of the tunnel was.

This feeling was really too damn awesome!

He hugged Yan Boshen’s waist tightly, wanting to whine and wheedle. When he suddenly recalled what situation they were in, his overwhelming joy finally somewhat diminished. Shaking Yan Boshen’s waist, he panicked. “Boshen Boshen, quick, let’s go! It’s too dangerous here!”

The demon king had awakened. It would be fine if he did not notice them, but if he did, with just him and Yan Boshen, their bones would definitely be buried in Yunyou Cave.

The lightning and thunder had already quietly disappeared without a trace. The greatsword in Yan Boshen too shrunk, returning to its original size. The freezing aura he was emitting too receded a little.

Yan Boshen held onto Lin SuCi’s hand tightly, staring at the high level ward near them. Only a while ago, he had gathered an immense force at his fingertips, ready to declare war on the powerful ward.

Then the little kitten that he wanted to protect had leapt right back to him.


Yan Boshen’s voice was somewhat hoarse, that Lin SuCi nearly could not recognise that it was his voice.

Lin SuCi did not have time to care about such details. He quickly pulled at Yan Boshen, wanting to leave.

It had taken him so much effort to escape, he could not die here..

The sword hovered in the air. Lin SuCi grabbed Yan Boshen’s arm firmly, his eyes glued to him. In the depth of his pupils, assurance could be seen.

Even if he did not say it, he was rather scared by this experience. Yan Boshen being right next to him had driven away some of the anxiety he had felt, and he was now a lot more at ease.

Standing on the sword, Yan Boshen rose up in the direction away from the ward, ready to take Lin SuCi home.

The dark clouds suddenly dispersed.

They were on their way home!

Lin SuCi’s eyes curved into lines, the corners of his mouth curling up.

In the next moment, his smile froze abruptly.

His pupils constricted. After he saw the red figure among the clouds nearby, he sucked in a deep breath.

Li Wen.

That demon king whom he had just abandoned was silently obstructing their passage.

The powerful demon king had an awe about him as though he was overlooking the entire world. There was a vague smile on his lips, and his eyes were focused on them, remaining calm and composed.

Lin SuCi could feel Yan Boshen’s arm tensing up.

His eyes shifted away.

Yan Boshen too had noticed Li Wen the obstruction. His eyes darkened, and his previously malevolent aura once again returned.

Lin SuCi hissed.

He hurriedly whispered, “That’s Li Wen. His powers are a little strong, we should quickly just go around him and leave.”

Before Yan Boshen could even answer, Li Wen had already heard everything clearly despite his distance. His lips curled up, and in his golden pupils was the reflection of Lin SuCi hiding behind Yan Boshen. With a vague smile, he asked. “Are you not going to patrol the mountains for me anymore?”

Lin SuCi replied collectedly. “You have the world under you, and I’ll go patrol all the world’s mountains and rivers on your behalf.”

Li Wen could not help but laugh.

“Good little fellow, you do have some skills.”

After laughing, Li Wen continued meaningfully, “You even have someone to come and meet you, stealing you away through my wards.”

His eyes fell onto Yan Boshen.

Yan Boshen looked up, meeting his gaze squarely.

“… You do have some skills.”

In an instant, the winds changed, and a dense evil aura thickened around them.

“Since you’re here, you all shouldn’t leave.”

Before Lin SuCi had time to react, Yan Boshen moved him further back behind him. At the same time, a clear round bubble encircled him tightly, and trapped him.

The next moment, Yan Boshen drew his sword and rose to his feet. Between crackles of lightning, a circle of spiritual energy from the surroundings gathered and directly faced the demonic energy that was sent by Li Wen.

Lin SuCi’s eyes widened. He plastered himself against the bubble of spiritual energy, his face smushing onto the surface. He did not dare to blink, holding his breath and watching the dramatic fight in front of him.

That was the future demon king! The lord of the realm!

His official keeper was only some nameless young fellow. Against Li Wen, would Lin SuCi not just end up collecting his corpse?!!

Lin SuCi was so anxious that he could not stop pounding the bubble of spiritual energy. Sweat dripped unceasingly off his forehead. As long as he thought about how Yan Boshen would… Lin SuCi could not stop trembling.

It ended with a blow.

Holding onto his sword, Yan Boshen hovered. The winds blustered around him, and it seemed as though he was engulfed in darkness. Spiritual energy gathered around him like a vortex, creating a murderous atmosphere.

Li Wen finally looked at him directly.

“… This is getting a little interesting.”

Li Wen had only did out of boredom, and he did not want to face this blow. With a grin on his face, he looked at Lin SuCi who was shielded behind Yan Boshen. The quirk of his lips was full of demonic energy.

“I just woke up to have just an interesting thing to entertain me. I must really thank the both of you.”

“One is a spirit of heaven and earth, and the other…”

It felt like he was talking to himself, and before he finished, he raised his hand. A strong oppressive demonic energy, different to how it was like before, sped straight towards Yan Boshen!

Lin SuCi’s heart jolted.

On the contrary, Yan Boshen was just as calm as how he usually was. He raised his hand and created ripples through the air, forming a counterattack.

The two different energies intertwined, bursting with a destructive force. In a second, the sky darkened, with an explosion of golden light.

Darkness fell in front of Lin SuCi. He could only see two golden rays chasing and attacking each other, with thunder and lightning in the background.

His eldest senior…

Lin SuCi swallowed painfully. Finally, he was able to gradually see Yan Boshen, who was still hovering in the air, unhurried. With his sword and his straight back, he suddenly seemed much taller.

He could actually last the fight with the demon king! It turned out that his official keeper was actually the Sweeper Monk1!

Just as Lin SuCi stopped feeling worried, he suddenly felt something was not right.

He stared at Yan Boshen’s back, frowning.

Yan Boshen was standing very straight, with his usual bearing. Here, there was an additional aura of aggression and murder.

However, his back was trembling slightly.

Lin SuCi clenched his teeth.

Even if he was the Sweeper Monk, it was definitely very arduous for his eldest senior to face a top-tier monster like the demon king.

Lin SuCi looked up.

As for Li Wen, he looked very relaxed. He raised his hand with ease.

A ball of spiritual energy was already gathered within his palm, poised for action.

Lin SuCi could not help but chant, “Don’t fight don’t fight don’t fight! He won’t land a blow he won’t land a blow!”

His Yan Boshen had managed to withstand the two attacks very well, but Lin SuCi was truly afraid of the third attack.

With wicked amusement, Li Wen drawled, “You’re not too bad, enough to give me a workout.”

Across him, Yan Boshen was all tensed up. Wrapped in a murderous aura, he seemed surrounded by darkness, and only his eyes were burning with aggression.

Li Wen raised his hand.


The spiritual energy gathered in his palm disappeared abruptly.

Li Wen frowned slightly.

Again, he raised his hand.

Just as the spiritual energy had gathered into a ball, it dispersed again.

Lin SuCi watched Li Wen trying over and over again, his eyes widening.

Did he hear his prayers, and was cooperating with him?

No, how could that be possible?

That meant… there was something wrong with Li Wen?

This was the moment!


Lin SuCi lifted his head, shouting loudly for Yan Boshen, “Let’s go right now!”

Yan Boshen too noticed that there was something wrong with Li Wen, and his brows creased slightly.

“You want to go?” Li Wen’s mood went down due to this unexpected even. He smiled darkly, “In your dreams!”

Li Wen flew over, his hands like claws, and came directly at Yan Boshen!

Lin SuCi shouted in panic. “Dodge him!”

Li Wen will fail! Li Wen will fail! Li Wen will fail!

Lin SuCi’s nerves were all tight with tension.

Just as he hoped, before Li Wen even touched Yan Boshen, he turned aside, and his attack inexplicably… failed.

After it happened several times in succession, Li Wen finally realized something was wrong.

His eyes swept past Yan Boshen, falling onto Lin SuCi.

At this moment, Lin SuCi was still astonished, and he kept thinking over and over again about what he had just done.

Yan Boshen retreated sharply, shielding him firmly.

“Boshen…” Lin SuCi hesitated. Through the thin barrier, he quietly spoke to Yan Boshen, “I seem to be a little impressive.”

If his guess was correct, he was not only just a little impressive.

Yan Boshen did not reply, only vigilantly watching Li Wen whose expression kept changing.

“You good little fellow…”

Li Wen gritted his teeth, revealing a savage smile. “You actually have this up your sleeves.”

Seeing the situation, Lin SuCi immediately clapped his paws together and concentrated as he chanted, “You can’t move! You can’t move! Li Wen cannot move!”

After chanting it several times, Lin SuCi looked up.

Not far away from his, Li Wen’s face was livid. Frozen there, he was unable to move. His eyes were fixed onto him, and within them was an alarming ferocity.

Lin SuCi pulled his paws apart, stunned.

So it was true?

Lin SuCi’s face suddenly glowed. “Boshen Boshen! I’m going to be the master of the world!”

He had controlled a demon king! He hit the jackpot!!!

Yan Boshen too realised what was going on. He turned his head to see the excited little kitten, then turned back to look at the enraged Li Wen, giving a small sigh.

“I can control him!” Lin SuCi waved his paws in excitement, “Boshen Boshen! I’m super impressive!”

Yan Boshen whispered, “Quiet.”

Lin SuCi was unable to quieten down. Laughing, he looked at the forcefully frozen Li Wen, revealing an adorable smile. “Come, call me the great king.”

Expressionlessly, Yan Boshen pushed Lin SuCi further back.

His kitten always liked to hover on the edge of death, never learning to be disciplined.

Li Wen’s teeth cracked.

Lin SuCi thought about it. Li Wen was after all the demon king, and he too did not dare to go overboard. So, he tried again, “Li Wen! Turn around! Turn around!”

Humiliated, the demon king turned around.

Lin SuCi rolled about with laughter.

“Boshen Boshen, why don’t we make him carry us home!” Lin SuCi’s eyes were full of excitement. “Riding him home would definitely be very majestic!”

The corners of Yan Boshen’s mouth twitched. He spoke resignedly, “Don’t create further trouble.”

This situation was already very bizarre. If they were to actually ride Li Wen home…

Yan Boshen’s aggression was interrupted by Lin SuCi. It vanished, only leaving behind exhaustion.

But this was a good opportunity.

Yan Boshen picked Lin SuCi out of the bubble of spiritual energy. Raising his sword, he took advantage of this opportunity to quickly leave.

“Little thing, you better not come across me again…”

Lin SuCi clung firmly onto Yan Boshen, and heard Li Wen forcing the words out through his teeth. “If not, I’ll personally peel your skin right off!”

A pause, and Lin SuCi immediately shouted, “Pull out Li Wen’s hair! Pull out Li Wen’s leg hair! Pull out all his hair!”

Li Wen’s face twisted with anger.

Yan Boshen covered Lin SuCi’s mouth, quickly leaving Lin SuCi’s crime scene behind.

They shot past the mountains and rivers. Leaning in Yan Boshen’s arms, Lin SuCi was finally able to ask. “Boshen Boshen, how did you find me?”

Yan Boshen did not reply, only grabbing him. From Yan Boshen came a forceful spiritual energy that invaded Lin SuCi’s body.

Lin SuCi gritted his teeth, hissing.


An unknown period of time passed. The flying sword gradually descended. When they landed, Yan Boshen released his hand that had been tightly gripping onto Lin SuCi’s hand.

Lin SuCi was rather confused. “Boshen, what are you doing?”

Yan Boshen looked at him deeply, speaking quietly. “… This time, I will never lose you again.”

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  1. My little kitten and Boshen are back together again! All is right with the world. Ha ha and did Boshen just put a tracker on him? *the yandere intensifies*.
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  2. I know Li Wen is bad, but… uh… I pity him. Imagine finally waking up after all those years to find a cat biting you, and then said cat takes all the spiritual energy that has accumulated over the years in your house that your were probably planning to use for yourself, and then when it tries to run away, you find out it can control you… Big oof.

    1. But it’s such a cute kitty…

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