SASAM Chapter 22.2

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Chapter 22.2

Stay behind?

Lin SuCi was lifted up by this bout of spiritual energy. The third spiritual ring on his wrist instantly spread out, surrounding him entirely. Colliding with the spiritual energy, they counteracted each other, and Lin SuCi fell straight down.

Quickly turning over, Lin SuCi landed on all fours in the snow.

His face twitched.

“Thank you for your kindness, but I won’t be staying,” Lin SuCi’s paws scrambled about the snow, running away.

Lin SuCi’s limbs were about to turn into spinning wheels. With his tongue hanging out, he ran as fast as possible.

The more Lin SuCi ran, the warmer he felt.

This heat was like the critical point after being completely filled up with spiritual energy. He had once experienced this when he was in sealed cultivation before.

Why was he experiencing it now too?

Lin SuCi could not think about it currently. His paws landed, slipping through the snow. Every single pad of his paws struggled to find footing on the ground.

The giant beast behind did not care about the escaping kitten. Instead, the creaking sounds of bones could be heard, and the huge, mountainous body slowly shrunk.

Finally, a well built man exuding an evil aura appeared.

With a wave of his hand, a bright red robe flew from somewhere near within the cave and fastened over him.

Li Wen took his own sweet time tidying himself up. When he glanced over, the palm-sized kitten had almost vanished out of sight.

The man snapped his fingers.

Lin SuCi pressed himself further down to the ground and ran wildly. No matter how big the cave was, as long as he kept running in the same direction, he would be able to find a way out.

His paws never stopped, and when he used all his strength to rush over, he crashed into an invisible wall of air.

Lin SuCi tumbled over, and the spiritual energy he had been suppressing was released.

Without giving him a chance to prepare, Lin SuCi was dragged into a sudden breakthrough.

Lin SuCi’s two previous breakthroughs were both done in prepared situations. He had never had such a chaotic moment before.

But it had never been so smooth as well before too.

Lin SuCi closed his eyes, focusing and mediating. In a crackle of electricity, he burst into the next level of his breakthrough. A familiar feeling came over him, followed by another wave of spiritual energy.

Lin SuCi did not dare to lose even a bit of focus. Bit by bit, he guided the spiritual energy into his core, and the strong energy ran through his entire body. His core within him grew madly, and like a whirlpool, condensed all the spiritual energy within it.

The spiritual energy within Lin SuCi’s body was transformed into blood, diffusing into his body, and then he felt a familiar sense of being torn apart.

Lin SuCi remained motionless. Holding his breath, he concentrated on the spiritual energy pounding within his body.

The spiritual energy was still wildly rushing in.

The weather changed in an instant.

Dark clouds covered the snowy mountains.

In the white snow, the transformed youth closed his eyes. Surrounded by storms and tornadoes, the spiritual energy in the air rushed towards him like the tide.

A crash of thunder, followed by lightning, occurred right above Lin SuCi’s head.

The thunder was sudden, and stopped quietly.

Yunyou Cave was covered with the demon king’s wards. Lightning struck fiercely, colliding with the advanced wards. One strike after another, they were all absorbed by the wards, and did not seem to affect that figure in the mountain plane absorbing all the spiritual energy.

Lin SuCi was burning, feeling as though he had fallen into a boiling pot. From his heart, his liver, his spleen, his lungs, to his hair, everything was burning.

Waves after waves of absorption made Lin SuCi lose track of time. In his entire world, there was only the spiritual energy.

After some time, Lin SuCi slowly manipulated the spiritual energy within him. He also slowly cleared his meridians. The shock from before had disappeared, and currently, the spiritual energy in his body was gentle and obedient, quietly making up for the emptiness of his progress.

It was very comfortable.

Lin SuCi sighed in pleasure.

This was the first that he had felt so comfortable after a breakthrough.

His entire body had been soothed by the spiritual energy. Relaxed, Lin SuCi lay on the snowy ground. With his eyes shut, he sighed over and over again.

Lin SuCi was about to melt into the snow. He felt as though he was floating amongst the clouds, and he had forgotten about where he was.

In the next moment, Lin SuCi felt a sharp pair of eyes looking at him ominously.

Lin SuCi slowly opened his eyes.

The bright expanse of snow made his vision blurry.

Rubbing his eyes, Lin SuCi focused his attention.

Not far away, there was a muscular man dressed in red, looking like burning eyes surrounded by flames.

Lin SuCi blinked. After adapting to the bright red in front of him, he looked up, and met the man’s eyes.

That was a pair of gold beast eyes, looking fairly similar to his own eyes.

Constricted into a thin line, they seemed suffused with a desire for blood.

Lin SuCi’s heart jolted.

Was this… the demon king Li Wen?!

Seeing that Lin SuCi was looking at him, that muscular man gave a superficial smile. “Little kitty, I’ve underestimated you.”

Lin SuCi blinked innocently. “Huh?”

Li Wen looked at him, emitting a dangerous aura. “You’re still pretending to be a fool?”

Lin SuCi sat up, shaking his head. He rubbed his paws together, revealing a toothless grin. “I don’t understand?”

“You’ve completely absorbed all the spiritual energy that has accumulated in Yunyou Cave over decades… “ Li Wen could not help but feel a heartache. He paused, and gave a faint smile that caused chills to run down Lin SuCi’s spines. Warmly, he spoke, “Little kitty, did the breakthrough feel very good?”

Lin SuCi chuckled.

It did feel pretty good.

This sort of unparalleled, comfortable feeling, was the greatest one he had ever experienced.

“From the third level, you’ve broken straight into the ninth level…” Li Wen narrowed his eyes, a wicked intent gleaming in his gold beast pupils. “Little kitty, how should you thank me?”

He broke into the ninth stage of foundation?

Lin SuCi’s eyes brightened.

He was only a step away from integration?

This time, he looked at Li Wen as though he was looking a dish of fragrant braised pork.

“When I go back I’ll set up a longevity tablet for you!”

“No need,” Li Wen answered calmly. “I see that your spiritual body is rather useful. You’ll become my subordinate, and listen to me.”

Wasn’t this the same as asking him to stay behind just now?”

Thoughts ran through Lin SuCi’s head, and he smiled brightly. “Yes, my king! No problem, my king! Please, my king, I’ll go patrol the mountains for you!”

Li Wen folded his arms, looking at him quietly. He nodded slightly, “Go ahead.”

Dense wards covered Yunyou Cave, and its power far exceeded that of Yuanying. Even if the little kitty were to try all sorts of tricks, he would not be able to get away.

Having lost his consciousness for so long, he had woken up to this spiritual body, and it even was such an interesting little kitten.

Li Wen watched the yellow figure running away, smiling darkly.


Lin SuCi was singing <The King Is Letting Me Patrol The Mountains>1 as he sneakily rushed towards the edge of the realm.

What subordinate? What listening to him?

No way was he going to do it!

He was going to return to Cardinal Sect, back to being the little kitty of Cardinal Sect, and get his official keeper to listen to him!

The wind was under his feet. Along with the help of his spiritual energy, he soon saw the edges of the realm with the pulsing spiritual light.

This was the place!

Lin SuCi’s eyes shone. He clenched his teeth, mobilizing all his spiritual energy. He ran with all his might towards the edge!

Even if he would end up splitting his head apart, he still wanted to leave!

The spiritual light pulsed slightly.

The sky was covered with clouds.

The thunder rumbled.

Lightning flashed across the sky.

Lin SuCi yelled loudly, and shot towards the edge!

A flash of light.

Lin SuCi who had used all his strength fell back hard onto the ground.


Lin SuCi wailed in pain. As expected, it did not work.

He opened his eyes slowly.


That pulsing, glowing ward, was now behind him?

Lin SuCi’s eyes lit up.

At the same time, he saw a series of lightning strikes fiercely attacking one side.

It was not far from him.

A person dressed in silvery grey had a huge sword in his hand. Lightning was striking the tip of his sword, and he was standing in the midst of thunder and lightning.

Strong gusts of wind blew about.

That man’s sleeves and robes whirled in the wind.

Anger and a dense oppressive aura spread everywhere.

Spiritual energy twisted about the air, and explosions burst in the air.

Lin SuCi’s mouth fell open, gaping at that familiar face.

Perhaps, it was not a familiar one too.

His alluring eyes were filled with a wild anger, and his face was dark with violence. He seemed as though he had walked out from hell, and had an air about him as though he would fight to his death.

Raising his huge sword that was wrapped with lightning, his lips slowly split open. Every word, came out hoarse and fragmented, “Assemble — The Spirit of Heaven and Earth. Break — The Door to Heaven and Earth!”

With a forceful momentum, the huge sword swung towards that pulsing ward!

Lin SuCi had no time to think. He scrambled up, lunging over and shouting, “Boshen!”

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