SASAM Chapter 22.1

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Chapter 22.1

His breath was momentarily taken away by the gushing wind. Lin SuCi could not even open his eyes. Up in the air, he felt as though he had been immersed in an ice cellar, turning as rigid as cold iron.

The wind whistles, and a buzzing rang in Lin SuCi’s ears. He lost his awareness, and some time later, the beast who owned those sharp claws around his waist dived down. Air rushed past his ears and throat. Lin SuCi’s eyes rolled backwards, and fainted.

It was cold.

And damp.

Chills ran through his body. Lin SuCi’s eyelids trembled. As soon as he regained consciousness, his body curled up, huddling.

He slowly opened his eyes.

A scene of white, blinding and dazzling him. He quickly lowered his eyes.

So painful.

Lin SuCi hissed, discovering that he was lying in a pit of ice and snow.

Sitting up, Lin SuCi realised that there was a hill-like iceberg in front of him.

That iceberg swayed, shaking the ground.

Sprawled on the ground, Lin SuCi watched the iceberg vigilantly. After careful observation, he had an inkling of something.

The spiritual energy around the iceberg was writhing wildly, and the rich spiritual force in the air were all rushing towards it, and was fully absorbed. Under the huge mound, there was a pair of eyes the size of a brass bell. As it blinked, a scarlet glow was revealed.

How was this an iceberg? It clearly was that giant beast covered in ice and snow!

Lin SuCi’s breathing became lighter by quite a bit.

He had been taken by Li Wen to its home.

He was dead. The confused Li Wen was a killing machine. Was he actually that tragic, just looking at the protagonist, he would now become a meal for the king of demons?

Lin SuCi sneakily shifted his feet, studying this land of ice and snow. He tried his best to recall the brief introduction of Li Wen’s hometown in the book.

He needed to run away as soon as possible.

His official keeper was probably frightened, he had to quickly hurry back.

In the novel, Li Wen had ran straight to Yunyou Cave a few years later when his mind was clear and he broke free from his confinement.

Yunyou Cave was surrounded by wards. With the strength of the king of demons Li Wen, almost no one was able to break through the wards.

Forcing an entry was definitely hopeless.

Lin SuCi carefully held his breath. Slowly making a five degree turn, he lifted his feet lightly, and placed them on the ground, and not a single rustling through the snow was heard.

The giant beast buried under the ice growled lowly.

Lin SuCi’s feet trembled. His legs weakened and he fell and rolled across the ground. When he finally recovered from his dizziness and looked up, he saw the giant beast Li Wen close by.

Lin SuCi’s animal pupils contracted, and his eyes were entirely green. Lying across the ground, right in front of him was the savage beast.

Lin SuCi held his breath, his pupils a thin line. Looking up, he saw the seemingly raging giang beast glaring at him with red eyes the size of brass bells, a murderous and bloody look in his eyes.

With a beastly roar, the earth trembled. The iceberg collapsed, revealing the huge giant beast hidden under it. At the same time, a gust of wind swept Lin SuCi away.

Caught off guard, Lin SuCi tumbled through the air. He looked down in a hurry only the see the giant beast open its mouth. Sharp teeth glinting coldly, it was waiting for him to fall.

He! Was! So! Fucked!

He did not want to die in the belly of a beast!!!

With wide eyes, Lin SuCi sucked in a breath of cold air. At the same time, the spiritual ring around his wrist flashed, pulling his body away. Maybe because of the distance, the spiritual ring only dragged him for a moment, barely pushing him an inch away. The next moment, Lin SuCi fell again.

A moment before Lin SuCi fell, the second spiritual ring emitted a dazzling light. Covering him, it caused a strong wind, and rolled him through the air a couple of times. Avoiding that gaping maw of the savage beast, Lin SuCi fell straight between the red eyes of it.

Having been protected by these two spiritual rings, Lin SuCi’s heart shook violently. He then gritted his teeth.

There was still someone waiting for him. He did not want to die.

This thing wants to eat me?! Who cares if you’re the king of demons or the king of humans, no way!!!

Lin SuCi grabbed at the skin of the giant’s beast, trying hard to mobilize the spiritual energy in his body. In this moment, he used everything he learnt in the past months and threw them all without care at the beast!

The skin of the giant beast was rough, and its muscles hard. The strength of the third level Qi-practice was not enough to harm even its hair.

Instead, Li Wen was pushed to fury with Lin SuCi’s actions. It stood up on all four of its limbs, roaring at the skies.

A powerful soundwave struck! Lin SuCi’s ears buzzed, and blood dripped down his earlobes.

It was useless.

Lin SuCi gripped at the skin between Li Wen’s eyes, refused to be tossed away. He also was unable to endure anymore. His conventional spells did nothing to Li Wen.

Li Wen shook his head fiercely. Lin SuCi could no longer hold on, and was thrown upwards again.

In the air, the youth’s body suddenly shrank, and a palm-sized kitten fell. Once again, he landed on the familiar spot between the eyes.

So angry.

Baring his small, sharp teeth, Lin SuCi’s tiny body was filled with explosive anger.

It wanted to eat him? It wanted his life?

Lin SuCi sank his sharp claws deeply into Li Wen’s thick eyelids. His entire body shook, almost thrown off.

It was too late!

Lin SuCi took a deep breath, opened his mouth, and with his mouthful of sharp teeth, he bit down viciously!

Were they not just competing on eating? He was also a demonic beast! Who was scared of teeth?!

Lin SuCi bit so hard he could feel his jaws nearly coming together.

After this savage bite, Lin SuCi reacted quickly. He swiftly maneuvered the spiritual energy in his body, turning them into arrows and shooting them at Li Wen.

The giant beast roared in anger, the sound ringing through the air, almost piercing Lin SuCi’s eardrums.

At the same time, Lin SuCi unexpectedly discovered that his bite was very severe. The rough and coarse skin of the ancient giant beast Li Wen now was covered in blood flowing from the wound, rushing into his mouth.

Lin SuCi had no time to think about anything. The blood flowed down his throat without even giving him time to swallow. A savageness took over Lin SuCi, and he started gulping down Li Wen’s blood.

As he grabbed onto the beast, swallowing, the giant beast’s furious roars rang out one after another. Thrashing about in the snow, the clouds surrounded them.

Lin SuCi seized on the opportunity to live, allowing the beast to continue thrashing about. He gripped tightly onto it, and was not tossed away.

After a long time, the giant beast gradually calmed down from its manic state, and its bad-tempered behavior slowly stopped.

Just before his belly burst, Lin SuCi carefully opened his mouth.

The part where he was biting did not seem injured at all, with no blood to be seen. There was also no traces of blood on his teeth.

Lin SuCi did not have the time to think about this. As soon as he let go, he burped loudly, and released a satisfied meow.

The giant beast under him had slowly quietened down from his rage. At this moment, it stood motionless in the snow. Like a statue, there was no hint of life.

Lin SuCi’s eyes widened. He did not dare to relax, nor even blink. He tensed up, his fur standing on end, looking like a furball.

Looking down, he met Li Wen’s eyes that were even bigger than his entire kitten body.

The giant beast’s red eyes had already turned gold. The gold pupils were skewed, but Lin SuCi’s entire kitten body was reflected in them.



Lin SuCi opened his mouth, revealing his savage teeth that were the culprits of what had happened just now.

That pair of huge gold eyes fell slightly shut. When they opened again, they looked more sober than before.

Lin SuCi was surprised.

After breaking out ahead of time, was the ancient giant beast Li Wen waking up earlier too?

It had completely changed from the confused, captured beast, into… the king of demons who had the world under its feet, Li Wen?

The sky and the earth were covered with snow and ice. The indomitable giant beast was no longer crazed, standing there quietly. However, it had a sort of sternness, and an oppressive aura covered it.

Lin SuCi’s pink little paw pads carefully stepped across Li Wen’s face. He leapt, and landed in the snow.

Just as he thought, this giant beast did nothing.

He looked up.

The giant beast looked down. Its brass bell-sized gold eyes emitted a faint, ominous look. Staring at the palm-sized kitten on the ground, it opened its mouth, roaring savagely.

This sounded completely different from what Lin SuCi had heard before. There was a thorough clear-headedness and awareness of the world. Unlike the previous crazed giant beast, this was the dangerous demon king with the terrifying names.

Overwhelmed by the pressure, Lin SuCi could barely breathe. His little claws gripped the ice tightly, and a vigilant look was on his face.

After the roar, the giant beast studied Lin SuCi closely.

At the same time, a voice pierced through everything, and sounded directly in Lin SuCi’s head.

— Little kitten.

Lin SuCi was in so much pain that he nearly wanted to roll across the ground. His lips trembled, and he endured this intense pain. With a majestic and brave look, he spoke loudly, “I’m a big kitten!”

An amusement seemed to have flashed past the beast’s eyes.

— Thanks to you, I have awakened.

Why was it thanking him? Because he bit it? All sorts of thoughts appeared in Lin SuCi’s head, and his mouth responded quickly. “Brother, you’re welcome. If you’d like to thank me, you can give me some gold, silver, treasure or spiritual weapons, then send me back.”

If it was still the confused beast, Lin SuCi would not have dared to speak like this. However, it was now the awakened demon king in front of him. How would it be so calculative with him?

Lin SuCi rubbed his tiny paws covered in ice and snow, speaking earnestly, “My eldest senior is still waiting for me to go back. You’ve scared him. Later on, when you send me back, you can just give us more money as consolation.”

The giant beast nodded slightly.


— Of course.

— Whatever you ask, I’ll do it.


Lin SuCi was delighted. A demon king was truly a demon king, how generous!

“You’re really a good person!” Lin SuCi fawningly cupped his paws towards him. “You’re also a good beast. You’re the most powerful beast I’ve seen in the world!”

Lin SuCi praised him, blinking his eyes full of hope at Li Wen.

Quick, give me treasures and send me home!

The giant beast paused subtly.


— Just a little.


Li Wen exuded a strong spiritual force, sweeping Li SuCi up.

Li SuCi’s face changed.

Li Wen’s voice rang clearly in his head.


— The essence of spiritual energy in the world… Little kitten, you should stay here with me.

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