SASAM Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

What should he say? How should he say it?

Right at this moment, the gateway to the secret realm opened, and all the disciples of various sects entered orderly. Lin SuCi was held in Yan Boshen’s arms, and so moved forward along with his footsteps. Taking advantage of the noise around them, Lin SuCi deliberately lowered his voice. “I don’t leave my name behind when I perform good deeds.”

Yan Boshen: “…”

Not far away, Bai Qingkong was following a line of people. He was stretching his neck out, looking towards Lin SuCi as he was led by the others around him and entered the secret realm ahead of Lin SuCi.

Now that the involved party had left, Lin SuCi spoke even more righteously. “He was being bullied at that time, and although I wanted to help him, I could not cause trouble for our sect. Using an alias was such a clever move, shouldn’t you praise me for it?!”

Yan Boshen responded unhurriedly. “Bai Qingkong, Ye Xingcheng, how am I supposed to praise you?1

“Praise me for being cultured!”

Lin SuCi was shameless.


Zhongli Haiming who was following right behind them laughed. He jeered, “Da shixiong, don’t listen to his nonsense. He did it on purpose, at that time, he used this name to break the ice with that disciple Bai.”

Lin SuCi winked frantically, but not only did Zhongli Haiming keep quiet, his voice instead grew louder. “He even said that the two of them were brothers destined by fate.”

Lin SuCi’s face paled with alarm. “Xiao shixiong, don’t say anymore! Be careful that others would laugh at you for being uncultured! There’s no connections at all between brothers and destiny!”

Before Zhongli Haiming could explain his case, Xiaolan covered his mouth, whispering into his ear as he supported himself on Zhongli Haiming’s shoulder. “Don’t continue anymore. In the matter of such nonsense, could you beat him?”

Lin SuCi shook his head, sighing incessantly. “My poor xiao shixiong, having to support the family at such a young age. He’s uncultured, and his memory is so poor too…”

Yan Boshen covered Lin SuCi’s mouth firmly with his hand, seemingly sighing, “That’s enough from you too.”

Lin SuCi blinked, putting on a play of innocence. Seeing that Yan Boshen was now distracted, and no longer had the intentions of pursuing the topic anymore, he exhaled in relief.

Ah, things seem fine. Shixiong’s not the type to remember such trifles. After some time, he’ll definitely forget about it.

The gates to Purple Gold Glaze had been open for less than an hour before all disciples from various sects had entered. When it was Lin SuCi’s turn, Yan Boshen had held him in his arms and they crossed into it together with a step.

Lin SuCi’s head spun. As he held his head, he saw that many people around them who had yet to leave were also in a similar state.

“In this border, no matter which realm it is, there’s a cap on a person’s spiritual foundation, so as to prevent the huge gaps in spiritual energy causing the weaker ones to be bullied.” Huilian explained to Lin SuCi who clearly did not understand. At the same time, he pushed a large amount of talismans that were already prepared into his hands. “Here, these are for attacking, these are for defense, these are to call for help. If you happen to be separated from me, these should be enough for you to use.”

From their sect, they had a total of five people. In this realm, he had the lowest cultivation. Just now, Lin SuCi was a little dizzy, and it should be more so for the rest. Lin SuCi looked around, only to see his shixiongs looking calm and steady, not the least bit miserable like any other people.

“Sure.” Lin SuCi accepted the talismans and stuffed them into his pouch.

He thought over it, and jabbed Yan Boshen. “Doesn’t your head hurt?”

Yan Boshen slowly encircled Lin SuCi’s wrists with a few rings while shaking his head. “It’s fine.”

“Let’s go now, the earlier we move off, the more we can gain.” In Huilian’s hand was a compass. He checked their location, and asked Yan Boshen in a low voice, “Da shixiong, which direction should we head to?”

In the secret realm of Purple Gold Glaze, each sect would have a task in hand. Dissecting it, it was the simplest and most common treasure hunting game.

In this secret realm, they needed to search for more than twenty pieces of bamboo-destroying grass to pass. As for other materials found, they could pick them up and keep them freely.

Huilian and the rest were still seriously considering where they could find the bamboo-destroying grass, but Lin SuCi’s thoughts had already drifted over to the novel’s plot.

Purple Gold Glaze’s unique bamboo-destroying grass had never been seen in other locations. Most people would only regard it as an ordinary spiritual plant. For the past three years, bamboo-destroying grass had been the item to seek in Purple Gold Glaze. No one had any objections to this, and they were all prepared, rushing towards places that were dark and damp.

Lin SuCi was well aware that this bamboo-destroying grass was not some ordinary spiritual plant, but it was corrosive, engulfing the life around it, and was coated with vileness.

For the sects to settle on the bamboo-destroying grass in Purple Gold Glaze, it can be said that their intentions were evil.

However, these were all issues that the foolish protagonist discovered. Lin SuCi knew this very well.

Collecting the bamboo-destroying grass, no such thing would happen.

Yan Boshen and the rest decided to head west. Lin SuCi rubbed his hands together, speaking slowly, “Qingkong seemed to be heading west to, shall we go over and join him?”

Yan Boshen did not hesitate. “We’re heading east.”

Few groups were heading east. Lin SuCi walked for quite some time, but did not bump into anyone, nor any bamboo-destroying grass.

Lin SuCi’s fingers moved slightly, and flames lit up. When the ashes fell to the ground, the golden light of the spiritual plant on the ground that had bore fruit vanished. He bent over and gathered it.

“If I sell a mingru plant that has bore fruit, I can get three hundred spiritual gems for one.” The basket Zhongli Haiming was holding already contained quite a number of them. He placed the one Lin SuCi had gathered and placed it inside as well, delighted. “I have 3000 spiritual gems on hand now.”

“However we didn’t gather even one piece of bamboo-destroying grass,” Huilian frowned.

Twenty pieces of bamboo-destroying grass, even though it was not a large amount, time was still needed to search meticulously for it. Heading east, along the way, they had however found no trace of it.

The bamboo-destroying grass was coated with vileness, and getting in contact with them would hinder their cultivation progress greatly. Lin SuCi did not want them to find it.

“We’re in no hurry.” Lin SuCi looked at the map. There were no other groups around, as though they had reserved this entire area. “Now that there’s less people here, let’s quickly earn some money.”

In Purple Gold Glaze, Lin SuCi was familiar with what was valuable. He pounded his chest. “If we continue forward, we will definitely be able to find valuable treasure.”

Yan Boshen glanced at him indifferently, not saying a word, allowing Lin SuCi to do whatever he wanted.

Just like Lin SuCi said, as they walked, they easily gathered spiritual plants and beads over a hundred years old. Zhongli Haiming was dazzled by the sight, and he was unable to drag his feet away.

In Lin SuCi’s mouth was a stalk of tencel grass. Chewing on it, the root was sweet like honey. Sucking on the sweetness, Lin SuCi was thinking at that moment, the little fool should have discovered the first cave, and found a wild mussel within. In the future, he would be able to gain the ability to breath underwater, and so he could dive into the lake to pick up a thousand year spiritual bead.

Ah, a protagonist…

Lin SuCi tutted. Once the little fool left Purple Gold Glaze, he would no longer be a little fool.

Now that Bai Qingkong had yet to empty out Purple Gold Glaze, he must quickly gather up as much as he could.

The luxuriant, towering ancient trees covered the sky. Lin SuCi dragged his seniors along and headed between the trees. Only a few steps into the forest, the first thing Lin SuCi saw was a rivulet of water on the thickest trunk flowing non-stop.

A wood-type spiritual spring.

Lin SuCi was astounded.

How fortunate. There was still such a good treasure after heading east, the journey was not wasted at all.

“Quick, shixiongs, collect this one, collect more.” Lin SuCi handed the water bags that he had long prepared to his seniors, urging them.

Yan Boshen took a couple of steps closer. He smelled the thick spiritual energy coming from the spring water, and looked thoughtfully at the excited Lin SuCi.

“Boshen Boshen, come, we’ll do it together!” Lin SuCi stuffed a water bag into Yan Boshen’s hands.

Yan Boshen shook his head. “You all collect it, I’ll be back soon.”

Fog was present deep in the forest. Yan Boshen only took a few steps forward, and vanished from sight.

Lin SuCi watched his disappearing back. Pouting, he continued directing his other seniors.

The disciples guarded the tree, and slowly filled the water bags with the trickling spiritual spring.

“Who’s there?!”

People could be heard coming from a distance. In a moment, a group of three appeared in front of Lin SuCi.

These people had water bags in their hands. Seeing Lin SuCi and the others gathered around the trees, their faces twisted.

“Why didn’t you all head west, why did you come here?!” Among the three, a boy who was clearly the youngest started shouting as soon as he saw them.

Lin SuCi raised a brow.

“You’re allowed to come, but we’re not. There’s no such rules here.” Xiaolan glanced at the newcomers. He did not make any move, but continued filling his bag.

The flow of the spiritual spring was very slow. They had been gathered around it for a long time, but had yet to even fill up one bag.

The eyes of the newcomers were about to turn bloodshot. The leader of the group looked around. There were four of them, but Zhongli Haiming and Lin SuCi were fairly young, and they seemed like novice disciples.

“Let us go first, let us collect the water first. Once we’re done, we’ll leave. How about that?” The leader could be considered polite. He suppressed his bad-tempered junior, and negotiated with Huilian.

Huilian reached out. “Toss your water bags over, I’ll fill them up for you.”

That young boy grabbed his senior, speaking loudly, “Shixiong, don’t listen to him. Our bags are of a high level, be careful of getting cheated by these poor bastards!”

Lin SuCi looked down. The water bag in his hand carried traces of history on it, and those in the hands of his seniors were the same as well.

Huilian’s face twisted in anger, and he snorted. “It’s up to you. You can just wait then.”


The little boy was truly hot-tempered, and he started playing with a dagger. The dagger was sharp, and the boy was ready to fight. “Hurry up and go away, let us go first! If not, I won’t be polite anymore!”

Huilian cast the boy a disdainful look, and spoke to Lin SuCi. “Can you see what cultivation level this kid is at?”

Was this a test for him? Lin SuCi’s gaze fell onto the fierce little boy that looked like a small beast.

“… He’s only just built his foundation.” Lin SuCi could tell at a glance that the boy’s cultivation was not suppressed, but at his original strength.

The boy exploded. “What are you chattering about, get out of my way!!!”

His seniors did not manage to hold him back, and the boy flew over with his dagger!

Huilian placed a palm on Lin SuCi’s back, and pushed him forward with no effort.

“Ahhhh!” Once Lin SuCi detected the cold light of the gleaming blade in front of him, he swiftly dodged it. He threw out an talisman that detonated with a bang.

Lin SuCi had dodged very quickly, but the boy was very pitiful. The explosion hit him, and he started yelling and screaming.

Lin SuCi patted his chest. “How scary! Third shixiong, what were you doing?!”

“They’re just children. It’s fine for you to fight them, but not so nice for us older ones to do so,” Huilian responded pretentiously.


That boy stamped his foot furiously. He directed his spiritual energy at his dagger, and exclaimed loudly!


The youth next to him grabbed onto him, frowning. “Did you forget why we came?”

Shixiong! They’re the one stopping us!” The boy was furious. “They’re wasting our time!”

“It’s you that’s being wilful!” The youth was very direct. “If we delay any further, Shu-shixiong would definitely be dead! Hurry up and retreat!”

The boy gnashed his teeth.

The talisman in Lin SuCi’s hand was still firmly facing the boy. Spiritual energy curled around his shoulders, roiling, and Lin SuCi watched the boy full of fight.

“I understand…” The boy endured it. His hand clenched around his knife, and he stared at Lin SuCi, speaking. “Please let me go first, I want — to save a person.”

Save a person?

Lin SuCi blinked, his eyes falling upon the boy, then slowly turning to the other two people.

Could it be… this coincidental?

Bai Qingkong’s first bosom friend gained in Purple Gold Glaze — Shu Changyi.

He had a very sensitive constitution. Once he touched the bamboo-destroying grass, the vileness would surge towards him a hundred times more intensely, causing him to be seriously injured and falling into a comatose state.

The wood-type spiritual spring was the reason why Shu Changyi’s sect reduced their aggressiveness.

This was an incident that should only happen a day later. Why did it move forward?

Looking at this main plot, Lin SuCi was at a loss.

“Didn’t you hear that we need to save someone? Aren’t you going to give way?” That boy was like a firecracker, and could not suppress his own temper. Again, he started shouting.

The corner of Lin SuCi’s lips quirked up. “I heard you.”

“If you did, quick, scram!!”

“… Scram?” Lin SuCi dug into his ear, unaffected. “Little friend, do you not understand the situation?”

“You’re the one currently needing a favor.”

The boy rushed straight ahead with the dagger in his hand.

Lin SuCi was prepared. He took a step back, tossing the talismans in his hand outwards. Three talismans spread out, then a flash. Surrounded, the boy was held onto the ground by the talismans.

Lin SuCi crouched down with a smile, tickling the boy’s chin with a stalk of foxtail. He spoke unhurriedly, “Come, say that you’re wrong, and ask the kindhearted Lin-gege to be magnanimous.”

The boy’s eyes blazed. “… You’re seeking your death!”

Lin SuCi persevered, “How about this, say you apologize, and that you’re willing to serve Lin-gege no matter what.”


Ai… Don’t you need to save someone? Delaying like this, what would happen to your shixiong?” Worry was written across Lin SuCi’s face. “If something happened to my shixiong, I would never delay his rescue.”

The angry boy froze.


The boy spoke unwillingly, “I… I’m willing to… apologize. Lin… be magnanimous!”

Lin SuCi stood up, a smile stretched across his face. “It’s not Lin, it’s Lin-gege, or nice gege.”



Lin SuCi smiled and nodded. “Yes yes yes… Huh?”

His smile stiffened, and fell into an odd silence.

A moment later, he slowly turned his head around.

Yan Boshen, dressed in black, had a water bag in his hand. He was leaning against a tree, watching him quietly. Behind Yan Boshen, Huilian and the rest were covering their mouths, secretly shaking with laughter.

“Lin… gege?”

Yan Boshen’s voice was flat, looking at Lin SuCi quietly. There seemed to be a sneer curling off his lips, and a vague sense of tolerance could be felt. “I was only away for a moment. Where did you get another nice younger brother from this time?”

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