SASAM Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

Lin SuCi tossed away the foxtail, wiping his hands and retreating a couple of steps hurriedly. Pointing at the youth who was held down to the ground by the three talismans, he called out self-righteously, “Shixiong! He bullied me! I’m teaching him a lesson!”

Yan Boshen glanced at him calmly, before his gaze fell on the strangers.

His appearance made the two youths tense up, and their eyes could not help but fix on him.

There was a cap within the secret realm, and everyone’s strength was limited at the foundational stage. As such, everyone would be on the same level. However, from this person, they could vaguely feel an unfathomable pressure. Immediately, as cultivators, their sense of danger was raised.

Yan Boshen did not pay attention to them, his focus was placed all on Lin SuCi.

Lin SuCi, who had placed the blame on another, scratched his nose. A thought came to him, and he put on an aggrieved look. “Shixiong, Shixiong, you don’t know how arrogant he was just now, I almost got hurt.”

“Weren’t you the one holding my shidi down and beating him?” The youth opposite could not help but retort.

At present, Lin SuCi was holding onto Yan Boshen, acting spoiled. Their shidi was still sprawled on the ground, unable to get up. Exactly who was bullying who?

“Alright, it’s enough. Let’s stop harping about this.” Huilian lifted a hand, and retrieved the three talismans Lin SuCi tossed out. That youth clambered to his feet with gritted teeth, holding the dagger. He was quickly grabbed by his shixiong, held to his shixiong’s chest and not allowed to move.

“The ones making noise about saving people were you, and the ones creating trouble were also you. This has nothing to do with our youngest shidi at all.”

On the other side, Zhongli Haiming had already summarized the incident for Yan Boshen. While he spoke, he pursed his lips towards Lin SuCi. “… Third Shixiong wanted to let him try out his skills, but he himself was the one who wanted to be called gege.”

Lin SuCi looked injured. “Little Shixiong, how could you tattle?!”

Without waiting for the gloating smile to spread across Zhongli Haiming’s face, Lin SuCi muttered to himself, “Forget it, it’s no use even if you tattle. Eldest Shixiong wouldn’t believe you anyway.”

Expressionlessly, Yan Boshen pinched Lin SuCi’s cheek.

“Ow ow ow?!!” Lin SuCi was a little stunned by Yan Boshen’s sudden action. Puffing his cheeks out, his words were muffled.

Yan Boshen glared at him, unwilling to be contested, and let go.

Over there, the youth who was holding onto the bad-tempered boy hurriedly spoke. “We really need to save someone. The spiritual spring with the wood elements has the ability to drive away evil spirits. Our Shixiong has accidentally come into contact with one, and he’s currently unconscious, unable to wake up. We need the spiritual spring to save him. On behalf of my shidi, I apologise to you for our rudeness.”

Lin SuCi rubbed his slightly red cheek. “You must teach this shidi of yours a proper lesson. He’s too wilful. Spare the rod, spoil the child.”

Yan Boshen raised a brow. Communicating to Lin SuCi spiritually, his tone was very unhappy. “You’re just like him.”

Lin SuCi stuck his tongue out, and dared not play the fool in front of Yan Boshen anymore.

The spiritual spring trickled very slowly. The few of them took a quarter of an hour before they managed to barely fill up the bottom of the water bag.

The three people were already sweating anxiously, seemingly about to beat up the youth who wasted their time.

Lin SuCi thought for a moment, then leaned over to Yan Boshen and whispered, “Shixiong, why don’t we give them the one we collected first?”

After collecting from the spiritual spring for a long time, putting their three or four water bags together, they had enough to fill half a kettle.

Saving people was more urgent. In any case, they were not in a hurry, so it did not hurt to help them out.

Also, it was Shu Changyi! In the novel was written that he was broadminded and openhearted, a rare, handsome man.

“I’ll leave it to you.”

Yan Boshen did not seem to have any opinions about it.


Lin SuCi waved the water bag in his hand. “Since you’re saving someone, how about we let you use this first?”

The leader was delighted. “Really?!”

“Thank you, thank you! Thank you very much! ” The crease between the brows of that youth relaxed, and he bowed continuously. “If we’re in time to save my Shixiong’s life, our Gu Yue Sect will definitely owe you a favour.”

With a burning face, the boy accepted the life-saving water bag. Finally, he lowered his head, speaking earnestly, “I’m sorry. Thank you.”

“May I ask which sect are you from?” That youth asked.

Before Lin SuCi could speak, his mouth was covered by Huilian and he was pushed to the back. Huilian glossed over it, “It’s just a small little sect, not worth mentioning.”

“Then we have to insist on this gift of gratitude.” That young man patted around his body, then took out a pile of bamboo-destroying grass from his ring, as well as some high quality fur of spiritual animals. Within were also some materials for refining. “I don’t have anything much on me, just these things I’ve gathered. Please accept these shabby tokens.”

“Hold on…” Huilian replied goodnaturedly. “‘There’s no need for the gift. You should hurry back and save your Shixiong.”

The three people were unable to get them to accept the gifts. Finally, they could only try their best to remember their face, and left with many thanks.

Watching the figures disappear, Lin SuCi then poked Huilian. “Third Shixiong, why didn’t we report our sect?”

Huilian replied, “Oh, Gu Yue Sect has a bit of an old feud with us. If we tell them, they might not accept the spiritual spring we offered. Once they use it to save their people, they would then owe us a debt. Later on, we may even be able to resolve this feud.”

Lin Suqian was surprised. “… There’s a feud?”

This little sect of theirs, they actually had enemies everywhere? That was Gu Yue Sect, a strong support for the little fool in the future. After becoming a stepping stone for Bai Qingkong, the sect, from a third-rate sect, it would become one of the top-rated sects later.

“Don’t ask anymore, it’s all in the past.” Huilian could not speak more of it, and hurriedly pushed Lin SuCi towards Yan Boshen.

How interesting.

Lin SuCi stroked his chin, his curiosity kindled.

The spiritual spring had filled three water bags entirely. While taking shifts, they cleared the surroundings of every spiritual animal and plant that were available, and the rewards were almost too heavy to bear.

After having collected enough from the spiritual spring, they left the barren east, and walked off to one side. In less than four hours, they happened across another group.

Or rather, they collided with them.

Zhongli Haiming, squatting down in front collecting spiritual plants, did not register them, and his back was stepped upon directly by others. Shocked, he stood straight up, and that person tumbled over, bowling down the rest of the people behind him.

“What’s going on?!”

Ignoring how ashen-faced those people looked, their bodies had blood stains all over them. Carrying torn talismans and broken amulets, they staggered down together, and barely had the energy to even stand up.

Lin SuCi ran away from next to Yan Boshen to go watch the fuss. With one glance, he saw that in the nearby distance was a ferocious beast galloping over, leaving clouds of dust in its trail.

Those people on the ground had almost no strength to even struggle. Sprawled haphazardly all over, they panted heavily, gasping for air.

“Be careful.”

Yan Boshen pulled Lin SuCi behind him, looking at the excited little kitten with disapproval.

Huilian took a look, deep in thought. “Oh? Why does it look so much like a rangy monkey-bear?

“Xiaolan,” Huilian pushed Xiaolan’s back. “Go, something valuable has come.”

Xiaolan drew out the longsword on his back, transforming it into a greatsword. He raised it in his hand, and gave Huilian a confident, spirited smile. “Don’t worry, Shixiong!”

Lin SuCi was held back by Yan Boshen, and could not go up front to see. He stretched his neck out, only to see Xiaolan standing straight there with his greatsword. That savage beast rushing over was caught on Xiaolan’s sword, and it let out a roar of fury.

Zhongli Haiming took the opportunity to drag the people on the ground into the grass. He could not help but be astonished. “Wow, they’re quite badly injured.”

“… Save… me…” These people looked as though they were dying, and a young girl clutched at Zhongli Haiming’s hand, her voice like gossamer, “Help me…”

“Let go, I’ll help, I’ll help!” Zhongli Haiming retrieved some slow acting medicine pills from his bag, feeding it to her.

Over there, Xiao Lan was engaged in a battle with the rangy monkey-bear, his greatsword swinging amidst the roars of the ferocious beast.

Shixiong! I can’t take it anymore!”

Xiaolan’s reactions gradually slowed down. Becoming disadvantaged in the fight, he could not help but shout for assistance.


With arms crossed, Huilian studied the scene for a long time. “This shouldn’t be the case.”

Lin SuCi watched him, and finally pointed it out succinctly. “Third Shixiong, if you don’t go help him now, Fifth Shixiong is about to be squashed into a pancake.”

Huilian slowly pulled out a talisman, shaking his head and sighing. “Just a small little fourth-ranked demonic beast, and yet I’m still needed to take action…”

With Huilian’s talisman, a large load of pressure was taken off Xiaolan. He took the opportunity to quickly swing his sword about, suppressing that savage beast firmly.

Fifteen minutes later, Xiaolan had chained that ferocious beast up, and dragged that howling beast back to them.

He wiped away his sweat, smiling foolishly. “This thing is really quite tricky.”

Lin SuCi squatted there, looking over the ferocious beast. Thinking about it, he then tugged at Yan Boshen’s clothes. “Shixiong, Shixiong, is a fourth-ranked demonic beast very impressive? Why can’t Fifth Shixiong beat it?”

Yan Boshen’s eyes fell onto that howling beast. A moment, later, he shifted his gaze, looking at those people who had recovered their breaths. “… In theory, it’s not impressive.”

Lin SuCi slowly added, “That means it’s Fifth Shixiong that’s not impressive?”

Wiping away at his sweat, Xiaolan was also a little doubtful. “Am I too weak?”

Lin SuCi reminded him. “Fifth Shixiong is of course not weak! It should be that this beast has become stronger.”

The beasts in Purple Gold Glaze were in chaos, and the realm could not be suppressed. The demonic beast that had absorbed the cultivators’ spiritual energy gained strength, and was much stronger than before.

This should be the part of the plot that was supposed to happen three days later, why was it happening ahead of time?

Lin SuCi was still puzzling over it, but before the others registered his words, Yan Boshen suddenly covered his mouth and dragged him into the woods behind.

“Mm mm mm?”

Lin SuCi was a little confused.

Grabbing Yan Boshen’s sleeve, he fussed around, wondering what was going on.


Lin SuCi finally managed to remove Yan Boshen’s hand. His eyes clouded, he looked up blankly at him. “Why did you drag me here?”

Yan Boshen looked calmly at him for a moment, a second later, he murmured. “Whatever that you know, or you don’t know, we’re currently not at home. There’s too many people around, and you need to be cautious in your words and deeds.”

Lin SuCi’s heart skipped a beat. “… Shixiong?”

Yan Boshen’s gaze was very sharp. Even more than sharp, it seemed to contain all the wisdom within it.

“No matter what happens when, remember, you cannot stand out.”

Lin SuCi’s heart pounded. He gulped, feeling a little dizzy. Grabbing Yan Boshen’s sleeve tightly, he asked dazedly, “… Boshen, what… what do you mean by that?”

Yan Boshen placidly watched him, then lifted his hand up and patted him lightly on his head. “I don’t care about anything else. There’s just one thing, you’re my kitten, and you’re mine to manage.”

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  1. “I don’t care about anything else. There’s just one thing, you’re my kitten, and you’re mine to manage.”

    Can’t you see, Lin SuCi, how Boshen value you more than others. How possessive Boshen!

  2. I’m also wondering why something simple like that has to be kept secret. Boshen, what have you been doing behind the scenes..?

  3. It means that Boshen noticed that Lin SuCi has knowledge of things that aren’t possible for him to know about i.e. original book knowledge and he is stopping SuCi from talking freely in front of others lest they notice his strangeness too. SuCi was scared that Boshen noticed, but Boshen said that he doesn’t care, he only cares about his kitten.

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