SASAM Chapter 29

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Chapter 29


Lin SuCi was momentarily silent, then stammered, “Boshen… I… Umm…”


His eldest shixiong, he had discovered that there were things not quite right with him.


The two descended into a period of silence.




Lin SuCi took in a deep breath and broke the silence, his lips flapping away, “I’m the legendary Do—mm…”


Yan Boshen again covered his mouth. “Shut up.”


Fine, I’ll just shut up then.


Lin SuCi observed Yan Boshen for some time. His expression was still like the usual, looking as though he did not want to investigate further, and that he didn’t care about the matter at all.


His eldest shixiong, he really… didn’t care about the matter?


He was his cat, and that was the only thing Boshen acknowledged. So, he would also only acknowledge this point… Could he?


He probably could.


Anyway, he had nothing to do with all these troublesome things. Even if he did have a little something to do with it, it wouldn’t affect anything.


The drooping ears of the little kitten who was rebuked slightly by Yan Boshen perked up, trembling.


Those people who had been rescued were disciples from a sect. While collecting bamboo-destroying grass, they had bumped into this fourth-stage rangy-monkey bear.


Among them were disciples who had been here before. They knew this savage beast, and originally had the confidence to fight it, wanting to kill this beast directly and collect it. However, they did not expect that this beast had been maddened, and kept chasing them the entire way, scaring them out of half their lives.


These people were heavily injured. The bites on their bodies were bleeding and a mess. It was all due to Zhongli Haiming’s medicine that their bleeding finally managed to stop with much difficulty, and their lives were saved.


That rangy-monkey bear had already been torn apart but Huilian and Xiaolan. According to their value, its skin, claws, soul and organs had been packed into their dimension space.


When Lin SuCi returned, there was only a pool of blood left on the ground, the only trace that proved the existence of a maddened fourth-stage savage beast.


The young girl who had been rescued was still sobbing. Pressing onto her injury, she looked up with a tear-filled gaze, and saw Lin SuCi and Yan Boshen standing next to each other. She got rid of her tears, but there were still tear stains on her cheeks. She seemed to have seen something, and her eyes were brighter than those stains.


“This shixiong…” The girl was distressed. “Thank you for saving my life. I unable to repay you, so why don’t I…”


“It’s fine, it’s enough if you have money.” Lin SuCi has just grabbed onto Zhongli Haiming, asking him how much medication had been used. Facing the words of gratitude from the girl, he just raised his hand up. “Many thanks for your patronage. The cost of the medicine, the labour, and the rescue, three thousand spiritual gems would be enough.”


The young girl’s face, flushed from crying, reddened even further. Looking just like an eggplant, it was turning purple.


“How can you say things like that? Who taught you to hold out your hand and ask for money? How rude.” Zhongli Haiming glared at Lin SuCi, shoving him back at Yan Boshen. He crouched down in front of the girl, and this youngest shixiong who grew up calculative gave a scheming smile.


While the youngest shixiong was over there being a diplomat, over here, Lin SuCi picked a berry and bit into it. It was too sour, and after some hesitation, he tried his luck and held it out to Yan Boshen. “It’s sour and sweet. I’ve tested it for you already, it’s not poisonous.”


It wouldn’t do well to describe the look in Yan Boshen’s eyes. It was as though he was looking at a fool, as well as resigning himself to being one too. As Lin SuCi watched in trepidation, Yan Boshen exhaled, and calmly accepted the berry that had a bite taken out of it.


This scene was witnessed by others. Xiaolan, who was crouching next to Lin SuCi, had remained frozen for a very long time, watching as Yan Boshen ate the berry that Lin SuCi had abandoned with impunity. Shivers running down his spine, Xiaolan nudged Huilian. “Third shixiong, help me out.”


“I’m not responsible for picking up eyeballs.”


Huilian, who had turned away, refused ruthlessly.


Xiaolan was sad. Time to cover his eyes and howl.


Fortunately they had Zhongli Haiming. The youth who had been surviving outside the sect could hold himself even at a very young age, and had learnt all sorts of roguish tactics. He had thoroughly distracted the sweet-talking girl, and quickly coaxed them to form a contract with Cardinal Sect in this forbidden realm.


As soon as she learnt that their rescuers were disciples of Cardinal Sect, the young girl looked as though she had eaten the most bitter fruit. If not for being so injured that she could not move, she would probably have got up and slipped away.


The berry Lin SuCi was holding had just been shoved into his hand by Yan Boshen. It was juicy and sweet, and crunching into it, Lin SuCi found it extremely delicious.


With a bite still in his mouth, Lin SuCi watched those disciples who were in agony. Mumbling, he poked at Yan Boshen, “Another hostile sect?”


“Mn.” Yan Boshen did not say much. However, that word alone was good enough to voice out the heartaches and difficulties of Cardinal Sect.


They had only bumped into two sects, and they had enmities with both. Lin SuCi threw the stone of the fruit away. He was very hesitant. Would they later still dare to take the very populated path?


Would they be encircled?


Or… should they go look for the little clueless protagonist, and hide behind him to ensure their safety?


Many thoughts ran through Lin SuCi’s head. He looked at these disciples of another sect, pondering over how he could mention it.


“Alright, we’ve already given those who need medication their medication, it’s time for us to go.” Zhongli Haiming finished dealing with the situation. Standing up, he patted his hands together, and asked his eldest shixiong and third shixiong, “Where should we go now?”


There were two paths right there. One headed west, and the other south.


The path heading south was the road these disciples had been chased down. Since there had been one savage beast, no one knew if there could be a second one.


Over here, other than Yan Boshen, the only one good with charms was Huilian, and Xiaolan’s physical fighting ability was just about passable. Zhongli Haiming and Lin SuCi were unknown factors. If they did end up bumping into another beast, it was not sure who would be the loser in the fight.


“The west.”


The decision was made by Huilian. He pursed his lips, “It’s getting late now. We’ll go where it’s populated, and rest for the night. Anything else can be settled tomorrow.”


Lin SuCi raised his hand. “Aren’t you afraid they’ll also be another nemesis?”


“What’s there to be afraid of?” Huilian was very calm. “As long as we don’t announce our sect, who would know?”


This was also why the clothes of other sects had their insignias embroidered on their shoulders, while their clothes were so shabby that there was not even the simplest embroidered flower on them.


From the east to the west, there were less and less spiritual plants along the way. However, the traces left by people increased, and even evidence of fights were present.


There were great temptations in Purple Golden Glaze, and many sects participated in this event. Among them, there were many rivalries. Unlike Cardinal Sect, other sects were not so cowardly. They wore their insignias openly, and when they met those they shared enmity with, they would not even greet them, and would even go straight to fighting.


That meant that for Lin SuCi and his group, without any insignias on them, they walked openly to where many people gathered, swaggering past many rival sects.


When the last ray of light faded away, Purple Golden Glaze darkened completely into pitch black. There was no longer any bamboo-destroying grass to be found in the area Lin SuCi and his shixiongs were at. Mature spiritual plants were completely gone as well. With the light from the burning fires and glowing pearls, groups of various sects’ disciples could be seen. They were either watching their surroundings alertly, or gathered together, discussing the possibility of cooperation with other sects.


Selecting a location and starting a fire were things to be handled by Huilian. Their party chose a place that was neither too far or too near from others. Huilian had already started preparing the meat, while Zhongli Haiming and Xiaolan were assessing their items that could be exchanged for money.


Lin SuCi was entirely removed from all these activities. He was already so sleepy that his eyes could barely remain open. There was no place for him to sleep, yet he did not want to turn into a cat in front of everyone. Forcing his eyes open, he stared straight at Yan Boshen.


Yan Boshen was cleaning his sword.


His sword, three fingers wide and three feet long, had a dark body and strong texture. As he wiped it, a sheen of light moved along with him.


After wiping the blade twice, halfway through the next stroke, Yan Boshen stopped, and looked up.


Under the light of the fire, the little kitten sitting in front him was blinking at him with dark, shiny green eyes.


Lin SuCi had his legs folded up, his arms wrapped around his knees, and his chin resting on them. The image he portrayed was, “Although I’m very sleepy and I want to tell you, I won’t say it, I’ll only watch you quietly.”


Yan Boshen sheathed his sword.


Resigned, he held his arms open.


This action made Lin SuCi’s eyes brightened, and he hurriedly scampered over to Yan Boshen’s arms.


“Here, Eldest shixiong, try it and see how it tastes.” Huilian had just roasted a piece of meat. Looking at Yan Boshen’s outstretched hand, he handed the meat skewer over to him.


Lin SuCi, “…”


Yan Boshen raised the meat skewer that was dripping with grease. Glancing at Lin SuCi, he hooked his finger at him.


Lin SuCi quickly occupied the position in Yan Boshen’s arms. At the same time, Yan Boshen lifted the skewer to Lin SuCi’s mouth.


Meat that had been delivered right to his lips, when did Lin SuCi ever refuse something like this?


His mouth opened, biting and chewing the meat, then gave Huilian a thumbs up. “Third shixiong has great culinary skills, this meat is really tasty.”


As the chef, Huilian tasted the meat as well. After savouring it, he spoke, “I feel the same. Let’s go for a hunt tomorrow. The meat of the rangy-monkey bear is quite delicious, we’ll prepare some and bring it back for our shifu.”


“Sure, we’ll also go and see if there are any other things along the way, and get some sinew for shijie as well. She’ll be able to use it.” Xiaolan suggested as he held up his skewer.


Zhongli Haiming could not be bothered about all this. He was buried in eating, and his mouth had no time to stop at all.


Yan Boshen had a few skewers in his hand, and was feeding them to Lin SuCi one by one. Only after Lin SuCi was full did he then feed himself. However, there were only a few bites left, and he did not eat much.


The fresh meat skewers made Lin SuCi’s belly bulge out, the taste still lingering in his mouth. Holding onto a water bag, he gulped down a bellyful of water, then patted Yan Boshen’s arm. Finding a comfortable position in the embrace of his official keeper, he shifted a little, and fell asleep comfortably.


The noise outside gradually quietened down. The people here were from different sects, and so they helped keep each other in check. There were some on patrol, and others resting, and they were able to sleep at ease.


Yan Boshen’s body temperature was low. Lin SuCi was used to sleeping on the ice bed, and now, if he moved just a little away from Yan Boshen’s body, he would feel uncomfortable, and would not be able to fall asleep at all. Fortunately, Yan Boshen adjusted himself, leaning on a tree trunk and wrapped his arms around Lin SuCi, allowing Lin SuCi to lie almost entirely on Yan Boshen’s body without touching the ground.


Lin SuCi’s head was lying in the crook of Yan Boshen’s neck. He slept for an unknown period of time, and all the noise had disappeared. However, the reaction in his body was becoming more and more obvious.


In the end, Lin SuCi frowned and opened his eyes slowly.


Looking up, he immediately saw Yan Boshen who was hugging him. Yan Boshen had his eyes closed, his breathing even, seemingly deeply asleep.


Lin SuCi looked around. There were his seniors. Huilian was leaning on Zhongli Haiming as though he was a pillow. Xiaolan was hugging his greatsword, on guard. He soon noticed Lin SuCi, and mouthed at him, “You’re awake?”


Lin SuCi carefully moved away Yan Boshen’s hands that were around his waist, gently crawling out from his embrace.


A cold wind blew past, and Lin SuCi nearly shivered.


The people currently awake were those who had been assigned guard duty by their sects, and they were keeping an eye on each other.


Lin SuCi walked over to Xiaolan, whispering to him, “I’m going to pee.”


The food just now had been rather heavy-tasting, and he had drunk a lot of water. Now, his stomach was not cooperating.

Xiaolan pointed to a place not too far away. “Don’t go too far, keep an eye out for your safety.”

Purple Golden Glaze was extremely quiet at night, or rather, it was completely silent.

There were no animals or insects to be heard, nor the rustling of leaves in the wind. Stepping on the dried grass, Lin SuCi walked into the trees. Looking back, there were many people on guard watching him.

Lin SuCi thought about it, then openly lifted his clothes.

Half the people looked away simultaneously.

However, there were still girls around the area. He could not be so unrestrained.

Lin SuCi still had some charms drawn by Huilian, and they could now be put to use.

He raised his hand, and a charm twisted in the air a few times before hovering motionlessly. At the same time, a thick fog drifted over, covering the lower half of his body.

Only now did Lin SuCi undo his belt

He looked down, adjusting his clothes.

The fog grew thicker, almost fully obscuring his own vision.

Lin SuCi looked back. The campgrounds behind him could no longer be seen, and surrounding him was only fog. He could see nothing at all.

He raised his brows.

In terms of strength, he was not so powerful.

Something did not seem right?

Lin SuCi raised his hand, about to summon the charm he threw. Suddenly, a golden light flashed in front of him. The next moment, something that looked like a golden net flew over. Not giving him any time to react, it wrapped around him, and trapped him!


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