SASAM Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

The net was made of some unknown material full of spiritual energy. Lin Suci had only just been trapped in the net, and his body suddenly shrank. All his clothes were sucked into his ring, leaving behind a little kitten with his face squashed flat.


In an instant, Lin Suci remembered what Wang Lichen said to him months ago at Chongyun Sect.


Be careful of the spiritual cover.


It was this net.


Seeing this thing, he was a hundred percent sure that it was something the disciples of the Mystique Heart sect created to deal with him!


Apparently he really was someone quite important.


The claws on Lin Suci’s paws had been trimmed by Yan Boshen, and he was unable to tear the net. He did not know what sort of spell had been added, but waves and waves of chill rushed into his body.


The fog was getting thicker.


Lin Suci’s vision was completely obstructed, and he could not even distinguish among the trees near him. The only thing he could detect was that this net was rapidly retreating.


He had most likely already left the place where they were at just now.


He was done. Xiaolan-shixiong had probably not seen what happened, only believing that he had gone to pee. Not seeing him for a short period of time, he would not be suspicious as well. By the time they discovered his disappearance, Lin Suci was probably in the hands of others already.


Mystique Heart Sect, which one of you kiddos have such guts to bully this important senior uncle of yours?


That sixth disciple whose plans were destroyed by him?


Ding Zhao?


It definintely was not Wang Lichen.


The enemy was in the dark, while he was in the light. This was going to be troublesome.


Lin Suci could only hear the wind gently blowing past his ear. Any sound he made seemed to be completely absorbed by the net, and his surrounding was dead silent, nothing seemed to be moving at all.


There was no opportunity for him to ask for help.


Did they want his life?


Lin Suci gripped the net. After some unknown length of time, the quietly flying trap finally stopped.


“Got it!”


“It’s really a powerful spiritual cover. My efforts in begging for it were not wasted…”


Lin Suci’s hearing was very sharp. Before the wind had stopped, he could already hear the voices of people.


In the dark night, a pair of emerald green eyes sparkled. With a tiny bit of light, they could see the figures in the dark clearly.


The net was hung on a tree branch, and below him were three people.


The three people were all dressed in white, with badges embroidered on their shoulders. What a coincidence, that was the emblem of Mystique Heart Sect.


A young disciple cast a poisonous look at him, his face twisting. “You little beast, you’ve finally fallen in my hands!”


Wasn’t this the sixth disciple whose conversation had been overheard by him?


The son of that Mystique Heart Sect’s leader or something, Ding Zhao’s disciple.


The fellow who was flogged due to his words.




Should he say he had expected this already, or should he say this was completely lacking in creativity?


There was no unexpected surprise about the identity of this person at all.


Lin Suci’s gaze slide across the twisted face of the sixth disciple, falling next to him.


The other was a youth with a smiling face, currently whispering to someone beside him.


Lin Suci’s eyes continued moving.


The last of the three, however, was an ordinary looking, plain disciple.


Lin Suci suddenly felt fearful.


He narrowed his eyes warily.


Something was wrong.


Although this person was dressed like the other disciples, their uniforms of the same generation, the aura exuding out from him was not that of a foundational disciple at all.


Purple Gold Glaze could suppress a person’s qi, and the limit here was based on the integration level.


His shixiongs, other than Yan Boshen, although they were also at the integration level, and had been suppressed, their energy was pure. After being suppressed, they did not have any decline in energy.


The gaze of this person in front of him contained some evilness, and even some traces of a demonic spirit. On his body, Lin Suci could not see any of the pureness an ordinary orthodox disciple should have.


His entire body exuded an evil energy that affected one’s breathing.


This person… was someone fierce and ruthless.


“Heh. Lin-shishu, I hope that you’ve been well?”


The first to speak was not the sixth disciple. He obviously hated Lin Suci, and he was rather enigmatic. The knife in his hand was brimming with a murderous spirit due to its owner’s intentions.


Lin Suci was currently in his cat form, the size of a palm. Sitting in the net, his claws were hooked into it. Through the holes, his eyes fell onto the disciple speaking.


“I’ve been well, I’ve been well.” The little kitty’s voice was still like that of a young animal. Other than the childish voice, there was also a demanding, yet confused tone. “You are?”


That sixth disciple was about to explode in anger. “How great, you actually don’t recognise me? You little beast, you caused me to get flogged at Mystique Heart Sect, and yet you still don’t recognise me?”


Strictly speaking, Lin Suci had only eavesdropped on them, and then later caused the sixth disciple to be flogged. Between the two of them, they had really never met before. It was only due to his sensitive hearing, which allowed him to tell the voices apart.


He only heard him, and never seen him before. However, he still had to do the superficial things were required of him.


Lin Suci immediately put on an enlightened expression. His face, about to be squashed flat, was full of sincerity. “So it’s actually the little junior nephew. Have the injuries on your buttocks healed?”


The sincere greeting from the senior uncle was a heavy blow. The sixth disciple’s chest heaved, and the sound of his grinding teeth quickly turned into something strange sounding in this silent night.


Shidi.” The smiling youth held onto the sixth disciple’s trembling hand. After holding him back, he raised his chin and laughed. “Lin-shishu, seeing is truly believing. You’re really interesting.”


“I don’t know if I’m interesting, but I can say that I’m a good person.” Lin Suci slowly surveyed his surroundings, finally looking back at the smiling youth. He had never seen this person before, and he also did not know his status. However, for him to appear here, he definitely must have conspired with the sixth disciple against him.


Lin Suci lifted his paw, his eyes wavering. “Little junior nephew, I feel that you’re also a good person. Why don’t you put me down, and we’ll have a good chat sitting down?”


Shishu is so funny.” That smiling youth looked polite, but his words were not polite in the slightest. “You’re about to die, so don’t be so picky about your treatment.”


Lin Suci was silent a bit. A moment later, he hesitantly asked, “Junior nephew, you’re… planning on attacking your shishu?”


The sixth disciple sneered. “Don’t worry, I’ll wipe out any traces of you in Purple Gold Glaze. No one will know that it’s us behind it. At the same time, I also will not give you a chance to report us.”


“If you really want to scare me with the sect rule of going against one’s senior, little beast, stop dreaming. I’m not like those useless things!”


Lin Suci shifted.


The net had shrank to a very small size, only leaving him a palm-sized space. It was difficult for him to turn over.


It was quite uncomfortable to be restrained.


Seeing that the sixth disciple’s eyes were turning red from a murderous intent, Lin Suci peacefully spoke, “Junior nephew, tell me, why do you want to attack me? I didn’t do anything to you.”


“You actually have the cheek to say this?!”


The sixth disciple stamped his foot in anger. “If it wasn’t for you, how would I be flogged publicly? If it wasn’t for you, my plan would have been successful, and I could rank first! Everything has been spoilt by you, and now you dare ask what did you do?”


Lin Suci’s eyes fell on the other two people. That somewhat terrifying disciple lowered his gaze, looking like an accomplice. The sixth disciple yelled even more fiercely, but he did not make any move. Looking at them, Lin Suci realised the instigator of this kidnapping might be the smiling youth.




Lin Suci’s little paw seemed to be digging at his ear, his tone scornful, “You rude little fellow. Get it clear, you were the one who first schemed against my shixiong, and you only ended up receiving the consequences of your own actions. Why are you feeling wronged?”


Shidi.” The smiling youth held down the sixth disciple who wanted to attack due to his overwhelming anger, giving him a look.


After that, the youth looked up, his smile still on his face. “Shishu, today, you’ve fallen in our hands, and there’s no point saying all this nonsense anymore. There’s no need to delay anymore, the other shishus will not realise that you’re missing for now. Even if they did, they are unable to catch up as well.”


“Oh.” Lin Suci looked innocent. “I’m not delaying anything. As an elder, I’m kind and friendly, and I’m just chatting with you juniors only.”


“Whether you’re delaying or not, Shishu, you know it yourself, and I know it too.”


The smiling youth was cool and collected. He seemed to have everything in control, and towards Lin Suci, he had a sort of condescending pity.


Shishu, the matter between Shidi and you has caused him to be greatly insulted. Now that he’s taking revenge, logically, you should accept it. Don’t dream about escaping. Why don’t you think about what you can exchange for… a more decent way to die?”


Lin Suci instinctively asked, “What sort of indecent way to die did you prepare for me?”


The smiling youth now became reticent. “There are thousands of spiritual beasts in Purple Gold Glaze, and many hunters. It’s very common to catch a young beast.”


“Peeling off the skin, dividing the flesh and bones, pulling out the tendons, then removing the intestines,” the smiling youth said systematically. “Finally, the beast core will be collected.”


Lin Suci blinked. “Impressive, really impressive. I’m all scared now.”


Since he said he was scared, the palm-sized kitten shuddered obediently.


Shishu, if you don’t like this way of dying, why don’t you decide on another one?” The smiling youth said, “After all, our elders are from the same sect, and if you do something beneficial for us, then, as your juniors, we can leave you as a complete corpse.”


Lin Suci perked up. “Say, what do you want me to do?”


“How about…” The smiling youth’s eyes flashed. “Collecting some bamboo-destroying grass?”


Lin Suci paused.


Among the three people standing below the tree, that sixth disciple was obviously the prelude. Now, Lin Suci could even say that he was only a cannon fodder.


At first glance, revenge was their goal. However, since he knew the issue with the bamboo-destroying grass, now he also knew something else.


They also knew that they should not collect the bamboo-destroying grass by themselves. They were trying to make him do it for them.




Lin Suci’s eyes finally fell onto the disciple who had been remaining silent all this while with his head bowed.


“What’s your name? Whose disciple are you?” Lin Suci’s question was however directed at the smiling youth.


“There’s no point in Shishu knowing my name, so please forgive me for refusing. On the way to your death, you just have to recite Shidi’s name alone,” the smiling youth rejected decisively.


“No… ai!” Lin Suci twitched his ears, looking at the sixth disciple who was in a rage. He asked nicely, “Say, do you know these two people?”


“What are you saying?” Hearing this, the sixth disciple answered without thinking. “Even if you sow discord among us fellow disciples, you won’t be able to save your life!”


On the contrary, it was the smiling youth and the disciple with his head bowed whose eyes suddenly flashed, seeming to understand something.




Lin Suci could not be bothered to talk with them anymore. Lightly drawing his claws across the net, the little kitten freed himself easily.


The moment he landed, Lin Suci’s finger crooked, and his clothes wrapped around him neatly.


The laughter of the cat-eared boy with a pouch slung over his shoulder was even more evil than the eyes of that poker-faced disciple.


He raised his hands, clapping in the silence. “Junior nephew, not too bad. If we were to rank stupidity, you’ll definitely be number one.”


The sudden change shocked all three people.


Compared to the slower sixth disciple, the one who moved the fastest was the smiling youth. He moved back swiftly, out of Lin Suci’s attack range.


That disciple who never spoke slowly swept past Lin Suci and stood in front of the sixth disciple.


“You?! How can that be?!” The sixth disciple stammered as he spoke. “This was the spiritual cover I had specifically requested for! Even a level five spirit beast would not be able to escape it! Your cultivation has only reached level seven, it should be impossible for you to free yourself!”


Lin Suci slowly rummaged through his pouch. His head was bowed, weak points evident all over him. He seemed to completely not be on guard against the three people standing opposite him, allowing himself to be exposed. It seemed as though with a simple move, he could be easily killed.


However, those two people did not move at all. Not only did they not attack, they even exchanged a look. Between the both of them, they were deeply wary of Lin Suci.


“Well, you’re stupid. I don’t want to talk to you.” Lin Suci found the talisman he wanted, revealing a smile. A row of little white teeth glinted in the light, surprisingly bright.


“I’d better talk to smarter people instead.” Lin Suci gave a friendly wave with the talisman at the smiling youth who had retreated all the way to the back. “You’re a smart person, you should know what’s going on, right?”


“… I’ve underestimated you.”


The smile on the youth’s face disappeared. His wariness was very different from before.


“A young beast that hasn’t reach the age of one, even if they took the demon cultivation path, they’ll only be at the training stage… We’ve been fooled. Lin-shishu, you’re at least at the foundation stage now.”


There were many talismans in Lin Suci’s hands, and he seemed to be troubled over which one he should choose. Hearing those words, he answered lightly, “Does it matter if I’m at the foundation stage or not? I can’t compare with the junior nephew next to you.”


“Oh, wait.” Lin SuCi looked at the two people whose expressions had changed suddenly. He asked shyly, “This should not be a disciple of Mystique Heart Sect, right? How should I address you?”


That disciple who had remained silent for a long time finally gazed deeply at Lin SuCi. His voice rough and hoarse, he said, “I’m… Hu Se.”


After a moment of silence, Lin SuCi looked at the sixth disciple with a regretful expression. Sorrowfully, he said, “You’re really a wastrel. Couldn’t you looked for another method to kill me? Why did you have to find an assassin? Tell me, how much did you spend?”


He was so indignant as though the money came from him.


At this moment, that Hu Se finally looked directly at Lin Suci.


Lin Suci knew what he was looking at. He ignored him, only hesitating before asking, “Can you give me the money this wastrel of a junior nephew gave you?”


The sixth disciple’s face was blank and stiff, seeming to not know what Lin SuCi was saying.


As for that Hu Se, his vigilance was dialed up even higher.


Asking an assassin for a refund. This was telling Hu Se that he would not be able to accomplish his task.


In front of him was only a demonic cultivator that was around the foundation stage. Most demonic cultivators needed a long and slow process of cultivation before they could slowly progress. However, this cub was really not even one year old.


A young beast, a demon cultivator at the foundation stage, it can be said that everyone would be able to stand tall over them.


However, Hu Se became even more alert.


Not only was he alert, he even took two steps back. It was as though beside Lin Suci was an invisible monster, its mouth gaping open and dripping with blood, waiting for its prey to walk right into the trap.


The demonic cultivator in front of him was an oddity he had never seen before.


And he was feeling something he never had before… nervousness.


Lin Suci watched that Hu Se back away, not saying a word, and he sighed.


That awe-inspiring killer from the Fengwu organization in the novel, the biggest cannon fodder, was probably this Hu Se.


The integration stage was lower than the core formation. After receiving an order to kill the little fool, he was instead torn to pieces by the little fool instead.


This should have been a little obstruction on the path for the little fool to become a powerful character. Why was it delivered to him so far in advance?


Forget it.


In any case…


Lin Suci pressed his palms against his cheeks. He turned to look behind him, but it was empty. Other than the fog, nothing could be seen.


After that, he turned back around, giving a polite smile to the three people. “I don’t really like bamboo-destroying grass, nor do I like being torn into.”


Before his voice faded away, Hu Se’s knife shot through the night.


Lin Suci’s fingers twitched.


The talismans formed an array.


Spiritual energy hung in the air.


He quickly retreated.


The knife danced through the air.


The next second, Lin Suci detonated the talismans.


A thunder talisman, an electric talisman, a fire talisman.


The combat talismans Hui Lian shoved at him were all unbridled and explosive ones, their abilities straightforward.


Spiritual energy writhed in the air, continuously sending him the energy in the environment. It transformed into his own power, and he had enough to control five talismans at once.


Hu Se was a troublesome character.


Even if he had been suppressed, he was still an experienced assassin. Sharp and ruthless, it was not easy to catch him.


All three talismans had been used on Hu Se.


As for the other two, one caught the smiling youth, and the other surrounded the sixth disciple.


Lin Suci’s skills truly shocked all three.


Talismans were very ferocious and effective weapons, but they needed a lot of spiritual energy to maintain control over them. To make a formation with a few talismans would consume large amounts of spiritual energy.


However, Lin Suci could raise arrays with five talismans!!!


Not only that, Lin Suci was still taking out talismans, looking like he was going to add more!


Seeing the situation, that smiling-faced youth broke the array on him without a word.


Lin Suci was only at the foundation stage. His array could be quickly added to, but it was also easily broken.


That youth took advantage of how Lin Suci was focused on Hu Se, and swiftly broke the array.


However, he did not come forward. His feet moved, but it was in the opposite direction, and he fled without any hesitation.


Lin Suci saw that youth’s fleeing back and smiled delightedly.


The sixth disciple had never experienced a talisman array before. He was currently held onto the ground, and was stuck. Struggling was ineffective.


Lin Suci slowly added more talismans to the array on Hu Se.


For every talisman that was destroyed, he would add another one. The spiritual energy become even more wild, becoming even more destructive.


Hu Se had managed to dodge a few times, but he was still trapped in the array, and could not get closer to Lin Suci at all.


He was waiting, waiting for the moment when Lin Suci could no longer add another talisman as he was out of spiritual energy. This demonic cultivator who could only fight from a distance would die with just one attack from him!


What made him hopeless was that Lin Suci seemed to be inexhaustible. Once again, he added another talisman, and he still could leisurely ask him with a smile, “Tell me how much do I need to spend to afford you. Later, I’ll go and accept such tasks as well, and I’ll definitely earn more than you.”


The assassin was stimulated to the point of vomiting blood.


Lin Suci was instead completely unaffected. He added the talismans one by one, looking at the assassin as though he was a trapped beast. Thinking of something, he secretly looked behind him.


In the empty forest, there was nothing.


Lin Suci clicked his tongue.


The talisman array was finally broken one by one.


Lin Suci did not continue adding to it.


That Hu Se no longer had any spiritual energy left in him. Holding on to his knife, he fell onto the ground. Having been injured by crude, violent explosions, the assassin’s breathing had even turned weaker.


Lin Suci looked down at him, then clapped his hands together. With a happy face, he gloated, “How was it, how was it? I wasn’t too bad, right?”


The sixth disciple thought that he was talking to him. Long disoriented by Lin Suci’s multiple explosions, pitifully, he finally understood the situation, and could not say a word.


However, he also did not need to.


“Not bad.”


Behind a tree not too far away, Yan Boshen slowly appeared. It was just like their daily sessions in Cardinal Sect, and he walked over to pat Lin Suci on the back of his neck.


Lin Suci put away the talismans. The fierce weapon from before now turned into a boneless little cub. Leaning against Yan Boshen, he gave a huge yawn. “They’re really too much. Catching me when I wanted to pee, they nearly made me pee myself.”


Yan Boshen: “…”


The assassin on the floor slowly lifted his head. When he saw Yan Boshen, he slowly put his head back down.


“… Just as I expected.”


Lin Suci poked at Yan Boshen. “Shixiong, Shixiong, when I was beating them up just now, did you suppress them?”


At the end of the day, he was only at the foundation stage. Daring to be so arrogant towards these three, and still winning so beautifully, he must have received shixiong’s help.


“Let’s not talk about this first.”


Yan Boshen looked at the shiny-eyed kitten, asking, “How did you know I was here?”


If he did not know, how could this little fellow who was afraid of dying be so reckless? The moment Lin Suci made his move, Yan Boshen knew that Lin Suci knew he was here.


He gave him the confidence to not worry.


Lin Suci looked startled. “Didn’t you say it yourself?!”


Yan Boshen did not understand.


“You said it the last time.” Lin Suci grinned. “You won’t leave my side.”


Yan Boshen froze slightly.


“So, you thought that I would be here?”


“I didn’t think, I was sure.” Lin Suci smiled, revealing his sharp little teeth. In the chaotic aftermath, he was smiling very innocently. “And there you were, next to me, weren’t you?”

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