SASAM Chapter 6.1

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Chapter 6.1

Cardinal Sect was not far from the Mysterious Heart Sect, and flying there on their swords would not take them too much time.

However, their journey was delayed slightly.

Because Lin SuCi suffered from air sickness.

He was wearing a new set of clothes made for him by Ruan LingGu, and his hair was in a bun. Usually dressed sloppily in the Cardinal Sect, he was already quite adorable. Now that he was dressed up like this, he looked especially appealing.

At first, Qing Fou still felt that bring such an adorable and obedient Lin SuCi out, it would really bring him some flair. However, having barely moved on his sword, he had started to regret it.

Lin SuCi was currently tugging at his ears and curling up his tail tightly, clinging on to the frowning Yan BoShen. His face was bloodless, his legs weak and sprawling on Yan BoShen’s body, his body completely powerless.

Under the bright blue sky, Qing Fou was on his greatsword, hovering in mid-air, helpless. “Little kitty, you’re afraid of heights?”

On the same sword as Yan BoShen, Lin SuCi was no longer feeling the excitement he had previously when he heard that he could travel on a sword. His breath barely perceptible, “I’m not afraid of heights, just maybe… my body cannot take it.”

His symptoms were not a sign of a fear of heights. Only after flying up with Yan BoShen, his excitement faded. His breathing started to become difficult, his chest tight. He tried to persevere through it, only to feel dizzy. When he really could bear with it no longer, he finally alerted Yan BoShen by patting him.

Having been treated like a pillar, Yan BoShen looked at the pale Lin SuCi. He extended his hand, and a cold finger rested on Lin SuCi’s wrist.

A moment later, Yan BoShen pulled his hand back.

“Master, his spiritual Qi is in turmoil.”

Qing Fou stroked his chin, his sword approaching Lin SuCi. After observing him carefully, Qing Fou gave him a sudden pat on his head. “I’ve been careless. Seeing how you frolic about daily, I’ve nearly forgotten that you’re only a young spiritual beast without any cultivation.”

Lin SuCi looked at Yan BoShen in grievance, his big eyes were full of complaints, silently accusing his official keeper of negligence.

Yan BoShen looked at him in the eyes, then calmly looked away.

Times like this, it was also impossible for them to toss Lin SuCi away and ignore him. However, if they wanted to continue, they had to improve his current condition.

They stopped at a nearby peak.

A junior’s celebration of forming his golden core, it would be embarrassing if Qing Fou had appeared dressing sloppily. Hence, he had changed into a brand new set of clothes, and he even wore a ring with a dimension that could store things in it. What a coincidence, Qing Fou really managed to dig out something he needed from within.

A palm-sized glittering light armor, thin and transparent, was placed neatly on Qing Fou’s palm.

Qing Fou reached out and handed it to Lin SuCi. Gesturing, he guided him. “This Ling Luo armour is not big enough. Change back to your original shape. Yes, wear it, don’t worry about your tail. Put it on yourself.”

Following Qing Fou’s guidance, Lin SuCi turned back into the palm-sized kitten. Twitching his ears, he dug his way out of his clothes, and with a stretch of his limbs, he wrapped the little Ling Luo armour around himself.

The little kitten struggled and rolled about with that light armour. Yan BoShen could not bear to watch it anymore, and crouched down to help him straighten it out. Raising his paws, he stuffed them into the armour.

After Lin SuCi finally struggled into the armour, he looked down and got a shock. “My body has disappeared?!”

Twisting his head, he looked left and right. Where his body was supposed to be, he could only see the grass behind him.

“The Ling Luo armour has the ability to become invisible. Don’t make a fuss, it’s only to protect the weak.” Qing Fou explained.

Yan BoShen raised the edges of the armour over Lin SuCi’s head. In a moment, the kitten on the ground completely disappeared.

Then, he gently scooped up the invisible kitten in his palm, and stuffed him into his own sleeve.

After being covered by this Ling Luo armour, Lin SuCi’s discomforts all vanished. Not only that, bundled within this Ling Luo armour, he was embraced by a comfortable spiritual energy. It stimulated his body, his fur straightened, and even his pores were relaxed.

Lin SuCi squinted his eyes and lay within Yan BoShen’s sleeve. Immersed in this envelope of abundant spiritual energy, he lost track of the time.

After some time, he vaguely heard someone speaking.

“To have made Senior Uncle Qing Fou come all the way here, it’s really an honour for me! Senior Uncle, and all you juniors, please come in quickly.”

The unfamiliar voice continued greeting Qing Fou, and there were also many noisy chatter surrounding them.

Lin SuCi determined that they had already entered the Mystical Heart Sect.

He twitched his ears and wanted to climb out from Yan BoShen’s sleeve. Stumbling along for only two steps, he suddenly discovered that he was trapped within the sleeve.

Lin SuCi was taken aback, he reached out with his claws to scratch at the cuff, but it really did not move.

Yan BoShen did not want to let him out?

Hearing the voices outside, Lin SuCi was eager for action, but the cuff of the sleeve still remained blocked, and he could not get out. He again reached out and gave a scratch, then he looked around. A grin split his face, a mouthful of little sharp teeth, he looked especially crafty.

Lin SuCi did not say a single word. He changed his direction, and climbed deeper within Yan BoShen’s sleeve. With every step, he stumbled along Yan BoShen.

Yan BoShen stiffened.

Lin SuCi was huffing and puffing as he made his way through the sleeve. His little claws were still considered useful, he clawed along the clothes, successfully climbing onto the shoulder. Sliding down within the clothes, he fell into the bosom of Yan BoShen.

Having fallen, Lin SuCi tossed his head, stepping on the waist of Yan BoShen he adjusted his posture. His little claws hooked onto Yan BoShen’s clothes, about to climb out, he was quickly pushed back in by a hand.

With someone suddenly pressing his head, Lin SuCi was speechless. Meow meow meow?

Yan BoShen pushed him back? Falling back onto Yan BoShen’s waist, Lin SuCi raised his paws and scratched at his cheeks, puffing them up.

He was now invisible, other people would not be able to see him. Why was he not allowed to climb out and take a look at the scenery outside?

Lin SuCi adjusted his position. He gripped tightly onto Yan BoShen’s chest, making sure that Yan BoShen would not be able to push him back down again. He persisted for a moment, seeing that there was no movement from Yan BoShen, he slowly stuck his head out from Yan BoShen’s clothes with a smile.

Looking up, he was met with a complicated gaze from Yan BoShen.

Could he see him? Lin SuCi opened his mouth and bared his teeth at Yan BoShen.

Yan BoShen pinched Lin SuCi’s ears with great accuracy and stuffed him back in, expressionless.

Lin SuCi flailed, he remembered that he was now invisible, and did not dare to make a sound. The only counter to Yan BoShen pinching his ear, was to hug his wrist tightly, refusing to go back into his clothes.

As a person and a cat struggled with each other, only to fall in a stalemate, Qing Fou, who was chatting joviously with other people, turned and saw them. The smile on his face stiffened, his eyes stared, nearly shouting out.

Luckily his reaction was fast, and so only displayed a somewhat peculiar expression.

“Senior Uncle?”

Qing Fou was now already surrounded by the people of Mysterious Heart Sect after being led by the people around him. That middle-aged man who had formed his golden core was babbling at Qing Fou with a smile on his face. Noticing that Qing Fou was looking at Yan BoShen, his conversation topic turned to Yan BoShen.

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