TANW Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 – The Tops Are Fighting

<Pale Soul OL> Forum  Gossip Section 

Topic: Linshan Server 7/7’s Most Shocking Confession,  Shaking Up Everyone!
Sender: Scout
Content: No Explanation, Just A Photo! [Image]

1L: First!!!

2L: Second! To be able to witness this great moment, I am very proud!

3L: Third! I knew these two were suspicious long ago! I’m the first to suggest they were actually sharing a love-hate relationship!

4L: Only a few days ago, people were gossiping about the affair between the god and the wife of Passionate Sword’s MT. Today, a guy from their guild actually confessed to the god, what’s this love rectangle? They want to start playing mahjong?

5L: The relationship between these two guilds is too complicated, I cannot make any sense out of it. Please provide a diagram describing it.

6L: Here’s the diagram, I’m not responsible for updating it. [Image]

7L: I believe in love again!

8L: I agree with the above statement!


Waking up from his frozen state Ling Yang hurried cancelled his speaker and sent Night Wolf a message.


【Whisper】Bell: What situation is this???

【Whisper】NightWolf: Heh.


Ling Yang did not guess wrongly. Night Wolf was obviously angry, and after looking at Uncle He’s speaker message, he only got angrier. He was angry until he did not even want to speak, and without a choice, Ling Yang could only ask Qi Feng.


【Whisper】Bell: Did you bully Night Wolf?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Heheh.

【Whisper】Bell: Are you serious? You’re even making fun of my labourer?!

【Whisper】LuomingWind: You’ve said it yourself. He’s only your labourer, not your husband, why can’t I make fun of him? Why are you so keyed up about this? Don’t tell me you’ve  really started thinking of him as your actual husband.

【Whisper】Bell: So you’ve achieved your objective now?

【Whisper】LuomingWind:That’s right, are you happy?

【Whisper】Bell: Qi Feng, you’re really a cuttlefish!

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Thanks for the compliment. When the new raid is released, remember to report to me at 8pm every night on the dot, don’t be late 🙂

【Whisper】Bell: Don’t worry, I’ll definitely be there! If I don’t make you guys disband, my last name won’t be Ling!

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Ling is also not your last name anyway1, or…

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Did you get too deep into acting as Bell, that you can’t even remember what your name actually is? Do you need me to remind you?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Student Little Antelope ^_^



Let’s rewind to half an hour ago, which was also around the time Bell declared that she was a student from Luoming.
Compared to the chattering in the girls’ party, due to the presence of Luoming Wind in the guys’ party, everyone was not so carefree like usual, and they also spoke less.
Passionate Sword and Luoming were clearly rival guilds, but now they were completing the 7/7 dungeon together. No matter how you looked at it, it was strange.
But other than that, one of the reasons being that Luoming Wind was considered a god in the game, and his confusing love triangle with Uncle He and Bell also made people unable to oppose his presence  — or maybe, they should also add Night Wolf as the fourth party involved in the relationship?
Qi Feng knew his presence made the party feel awkward, but he did not feel embarrassed by it at all.


【Party】LuomingWind: Hey, love rival.

【Party】MourningMo: … Are you referring to old Wolf?

【Party】LuomingWind: Are you surprised that Bell is our schoolmate?

【Party】LittleCloth: What the fuck? It can’t be! What Bell said then was true?

【Party】LittleRights: What did she say?

【Party】LittleCloth: It was when she just returned after the car accident. In the guild chat, she said she was classmates with Luoming Wind, and I still thought she was joking!

【Party】LittleRights: Faint, I recall it now. I still said that the girls in her school all look like bears, I’m so dead.

【Party】NightWolf: Heheh.

【Party】LuomingWind: Once school starts we’ll have a sports meet. My love rival can come watch her compete if he likes.

【Party】LittleCloth: Wow, the sports meet at a sports school must be very interesting!

【Party】LittleRights: You guys make me want to go too. Then, does old Wolf want to join us and go watch Sister-in-law compete?

【Party】MourningMo: I feel like going too… Right, which events will she be participating in?

【Party】LuomingWind: All three events for throwing.

【Party】MourningMo: This throwing should be…

【Party】LuomingWind: Javelin, discus, shot-put 🙂

【Party】NightWolf: Heheh.

【Party】LittleCloth: God, are you really Uncle He’s schoolmate?

【Party】LuomingWind: Yes, and we’re also in the same faculty.

【Party】LittleRights: Is Bell in the same faculty as you guys?

【Party】LuomingWind: No, she’s from the faculty of the traditional national sports.

【Party】MourningMo: Uh, I don’t really understand. That sounds like martial arts?

【Party】LuomingWind: Chinese martial arts is one of the majors.

【Party】LittleCloth: So what is Bell majoring in?

【Party】LuomingWind: Wrestling and judo 🙂

【Party】NightWolf: Heheh!


【Whisper】NightWolf: Are you finished?

【Whisper】LuomingWind:Why are you so nervous? We’re only chatting to liven up the atmosphere.

【Whisper】NightWolf: The atmosphere has always been lively when you’re not around.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Then I’m really sorry I brought along an awkwardness halo.

【Whisper】NightWolf: You also know that Bell is a guy, why are you pretending.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: I know he’s a guy, but the one forcing him to pretend to be a girl is you. I’m only playing along. You know very well yourslef how talkative that guy is, and you’ll never know when he’ll accidentally say something wrong. However, I can help him turn it around.

【Whisper】NightWolf: What is your plan exactly?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Good question.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Want to have a bet?

【Whisper】NightWolf: What bet?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Since today is 7/7, we’ll bet something for the occasion. What about…

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Let’s see who can get their wife to confess to them on the loudspeaker first?

【Whisper】NightWolf: Your wife? Who?

【Whisper】LuomingWind:Angry T.Rex.

【Whisper】NightWolf: Uncle He? Confessing to you on the loudspeaker? In your dreams.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: So, isn’t this bet very favourable towards you?

【Whisper】NightWolf: What are the stakes?

【Whisper】LuomingWind:If I win, you let Bell work for me for a month. I know you won’t let him change his guild, but that’s fine. I’ll just borrow him for three hours every night.

【Whisper】NightWolf: … What do you want him for? His skills are bad, he’s so talkative, and he never does anything properly but always comes up with strange ideas. He only knows how to create trouble all the time, making a commotion everywhere he goes.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Your comments about him are really appropriate. I’ve discovered that I can’t even say a single word in rebuttal. Umm… I want him to be the team mascot to brighten up the atmosphere, would you accept this reason?

【Whisper】NightWolf: So what happens if I win?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: If you win, I’ll tell you Bell’s real name, school, faculty, dormitory and mobile number. How about that?

【Whisper】NightWolf: Why do I want that information?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Don’t you want to drag him out and beat him up?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Just admit it, when I’ve spent too much time with him I’ll have this urge too.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Angry T.Rex’s temper is a little bad, but in private, he’s very obedient towards me. As for Bell…

【Whisper】LuomingWind: He might say that he’ll listen to you all the time, but in reality he’s opposing you in every way. Did I guess that correctly? You’ll never be able to tame that little ungrateful bastard. Even you being his husband, it is only just an act.


Qi Feng was very good at understanding the weaknesses of others. He completely understood what this guy minded the most, and with only a few sentences, he managed to stoke his anger.


【Whisper】NightWolf: Uncle He lives so near you, that he can even pull your internet cable during the guild battle. How do I know you won’t use his account to send the message?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: I’ll use my reputation as a guarantee, is that enough? I don’t need to use that kind of cheap methods to beat you.


Although Night Wolf did not like this person, he also believed he would not use his reputation as a joke.


【Whisper】NightWolf: You’re so confident in beating me? With my understanding of Uncle He, he would never do what you’re asking of him.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: We haven’t even started the bet and you’ve already decided the results. Why, you’re scared?

【Whisper】NightWolf: Fine, we’ll make the bet. Who’s afraid of who?

【Whisper】LuomingWind:You did this willingly, I didn’t force you to do it, did I?

【Whisper】NightWolf: Less nonsense.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Heheh.

【Whisper】NightWolf: Heheh!


Five minutes later:


【Whisper】UncleHe: LuomingWind, I like you.  


Global chat:

“Suddenly discovered my graphics card is spoilt, going offline.”
“Suddenly discovered my computer blue-screened, going offline.”
“Suddenly discovered my game client did not update, going offline.”
“Suddenly discovered there was an earthquake, going offline.”
“Suddenly discovered that I’m actually a heterosexual, going offline.” 
“Suddenly discovered that my dog is giving birth, going offline.”
“Suddenly discovered my wife is giving birth, going offline.”
“Suddenly discovered that I’m going to give birth, going offline.”

Ninth Heaven Luoming guild chat:

“Oh? What is this situation.”
“Congratulations to Boss for succeeding, please treat us to food.”
“It’s really not easy, only succeeding after so many years, even just looking at them, I feel tired for boss.”
“That’s right, these two people having been fighting since middle school all the way to university. Everyone, pity me for being in the same middle school as T.Rex, the same high school as Boss, and the same university as the both of them. Do you think it has been easy for me to be cannon fodder for seven years?!”
“Tsk, bro, now that you’ve said it I really feel you’re too pitiful. In comparison I’m only on the same team as them. There’s no need to say anymore, I only have tears!”
“Right, not need to say anymore, we’ll book a table at Cafeteria Natural!”
“You only know Cafeteria Natural! You’re really throwing our school’s face here!”
“You go to Yanshan to eat at Cafeteria 2 for two days. When you’re back, you will definitely think that Cafeteria Natural is heaven.”
“Why would I go there and eat in the first place? I’m not that free.”
“The two above don’t go off topic!”
“Since they’re together now, we should let Angry T.Rex come over. Why is he still in Passionate Sword? He makes me overly cautious every time we fight them.”
“You actually have times when you’re cautious? I always see that you’re the happiest when killing.”
“Each time after that he’ll look for me offline to PK ok?! Look at my fragile body, you think I’ll be able to withstand a punch from Angry T.Rex?”
“Why else would we say that you’re weak? Fighting with him, you’re just looking to die? Learn from Boss on how to use your brain, but with your pig brain I think you also won’t be able to come up with any smart ideas.”
“You’re the pig brain, your brain is even worse than a pig!”
“The two above don’t go off topic!!”


Passionate Sword guild chat:


【Guild】DevotedCouple: This is definitely not him.

【Guild】CuteEgg: Ah! Is Uncle possessed??

【Guild】LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: Although it’s too suspicious, and I’m also unwilling to admit it, but…

【Guild】FlowerHouse: Uncle is currently with us, and it has always been him ^^!

【Guild】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Raise my hand in support! I can also be the witness for his presence!

【Guild】DevotedCouple: Why do I feel that it’s Luoming Wind using Uncle’s account? Didn’t Uncle also use his account a few days ago?

【Guild】LittleRights: That, I’ll say this quietly, but the god is currently with us, and it’s also always been him…

【Guild】CuteEgg: Why is the god with you guys???

【Guild】MourningMo: We’re completing the 7/7 dungeon.

【Guild】DevotedCouple: … This is so fucking frightening.

【Guild】LittleCloth: Ah? The god is very friendly, he doesn’t put on airs at all, and he’s very approachable. We’ve been chatting happily together, I never thought he’ll be like this.

【Guild】LittleCloth: And I can confirm that it’s him. Uncle’s words tend to be more explosive, you can tell when it’s him.

【Guild】UncleHe: Hahahahahahahaha!!!

【Guild】Bell: …………….

【Guild】DevotedCouple: The truth is out. It turns out that Uncle went crazy, let’s disperse.

【Guild】CuteEgg:Hai, disperse disperse, how boring.


7/7 Dungeon:


【Whisper】LuomingWind: Thanks, I’ll take care of your wife, I won’t let him suffer.

【Whisper】NightWolf: Hmph.

【Whisper】NightWolf: I’ll admit my loss, but I really want to know, how did you do it?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: I’m sorry, this is our little secret 🙂


【Whisper】Bell: How exactly did you do it!!!!

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Making Angry confess? This is very easy.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: I only told him that the tradition for 7/7 was for the husband to confess publicly to his wife, then I asked him if he minded that I’ll confess to him using the loudspeaker.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Turned out that just as I finished, I saw the message he sent.

【Whisper】Bell: … Just like this??

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Uh huh.

【Whisper】Bell: What the fuck! My labourer has died unjustly!!


The seven level maze was finally complete. They both arranged their word cards,and  after submitting them, over a hundred magpies flew towards them from all around, forming a magpie bridge over the silver river. The cowherd and the weaver could finally meet.
Ling Yang was angry upon seeing Qi Feng. If they were not in the dungeon now, he would have the urge to attack him.
Forget it, the other party is a god famous for his PK skills, attacking him would only end in tragedy…
The two parties disbanded automatically, and the couples that exchanged tokens just now were all sent to the next map in pairs.


【Local】Bell: Hubby, don’t be angry anymore.

【Local】Bell: This time, my hand was too slow, next time, I’ll send it faster.

【Local】Bell: Let’s go, the next few places in this event are all very beautiful.

【Local】NightWolf: What does LuomingWind want with you?

【Local】Bell: Eh?

【Local】NightWolf: Although I’m unwilling to admit it, Luoming’s raid party is very strong. People who can join his team, their abilities are no joke. Luoming’s raid progress has also always been the server’s number 1.

【Local】NightWolf: Other than the sports school having many PVE experts, this is also due to Luoming Wind looking for talented players everywhere.

【Local】NightWolf: But with your performance so far, I really can’t see why he would poach you.

【Local】Bell: Uh…

【Local】NightWolf: Who are you exactly?


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