TSoG Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

The Marshal’s motto: Don’t be a pompous dick, or karma will come back to bite you in the ass.

Gavin’s days in the sick bay were not in the least pleasant.

Every day, numerous military doctors dressed in lab coats conducted various physical exams on him. At the same time, both of his hands were always cuffed behind him, leaving him with the inability to resist.

It wasn’t that the military doctors had free reign to do as they wished with him—Although the ninth fleet was renown for being made up entirely by Alphas, including the personnel from medical and logistics who were all male, but strict military discipline couldn’t be underestimated; who would dare make a move on an Omega behind everyone’s back? Everyone in the whole military would give that person a beating in the crotch!

But rather, the issue lay within the Alpha instincts. They were born with the lust for an Omega and the need to protect them. A sweet and pure scented Omega that hadn’t been marked was analogous to a walking aphrodisiac, burning up the blood of every single person in the military to a fevered state. Finding all sorts of excuses each day to drop by the military’s medical office, the soldiers hanging around to gawk could practically form a line circling Hongtu thirty times.

Fortunately, they had handcuffed Gavin. Otherwise, the number of bloodshed incidences would have increased tremendously.

That day, after the routine blood tests, a First Lieutenant military doctor escorted Gavin back to the sick bay. When they passed through the extensive metal corridor, he caught sight of the sky outside the window. A great number of tiny, dim lights twinkled in the horizon, appearing like a sea of stars surging in.

“That’s the Royal Fleet arriving to participate in the memorial service.”

Gavin looked back. The First Lieutenant’s eyes were fixed on the ground beneath his feet. Although his outward appearance feigned composure, his tone, however, betrayed a hint of his desire to create intimacy between the two of them.

“…… Memorial service?”

“Hongtu is where Marshal Silla of the Alliance fell in battle. Every ten years, His Majesty and the high ranking military officers would travel here to pay their respects…… It goes without saying, this is done in secrecy, and to outsiders, it’s merely reported as a state visit. Do you want to go out and take a look? The Royal fleet is very much a rare sight to behold!”

Standing by the window, Gavin gazed into the horizon at the approaching sea of stars. He didn’t know why, but a dense sorrow suddenly welled up within him, seemingly like a dark tide propagating from the bottom of his heart.

“Why do they need to do all this? It’s only keeping the dead from resting in peace.”

The First Lieutenant was taken aback. “What did you say?”


Gavin dipped his head. He didn’t know why he felt such grief in his heart.

He also didn’t know what brought about this mood. It was neither due to the death of that unfamiliar Marshal, nor was it because of the Emperor’s esteemed presence and mourning. If he persisted in digging to the heart of the matter, it seemed like after hearing the word Alliance, he was overcome by heaviness and sorrow.

It felt as though he had lost something for all eternity.

“Sor-sorry, I didn’t mean to……” The First Lieutenant hunched down. “Do you want some water? Shall I take you back?”

Gavin looked up to observe the First Lieutenant. This person was a typical Alpha of the Empire, with a height close to eight feet tall and a square jawline. At first, he appeared to intensely emanate a soldier’s demeanor. However, the instinctive feelings laid bare in his eyes made his weaknesses transparent.

Gavin fastened his gaze on him. After a long while, a small smile suddenly appeared.

“No, please take me to see the Royal Fleet…….if that’s okay?”

Aaron stood before the tower control console. Although there was no cause for it, unease fluttered in him.

In fact, this was an extremely irrational response. All the necessities for the memorial service had already been prepared. The guards for the Royal Fleet performed with no negligence to be exploited. For this General, with his resplendent military service record, there was truly nothing worth worrying about.

He clutched the coffee mug and stared into space for a few seconds, a preoccupied expression on his face. Turning his head, he asked the Colonel, “Has the area around the airfield been cleared out completely?”

“Half an hour ago, some men were sent to clear it for the third time.”

“Has the signal been linked?”

“Contact with the Royal Fleet’s flagship has already been established.”

“And that Omega?”

“……” Baffled by the question, the Colonel replied, “Wasn’t he turned over to the medical squadron to be taken care of?”

Aaron was considering what to reply when an aide-de-camp, pale with fright, came scurrying over. “General! The First Lieutenant of the third medical team has an emergency situation and requests your presence!”

“What happened?”

“That, that Omega has died!”

The coffee mug in Aaron’s hand slipped to the ground with a sudden crash. In truth, he wished he had swung the mug and ruthlessly smashed it on the aide-de-camp’s face. “Where are they?!”

“Ri-right outside! Should I let them in?”

Aaron pushed aside the aide-de-camp and bolted out of the control room, his face ashen.

As they needed to greet the Royal Fleet, the majority of the General’s personal guards had been assigned to the airfield, and the rest of the staff were gathered outside the medical unit. In contrast, there were very few people inside the control tower.

The shocking death of the Omega came about from nowhere. When Aaron dashed out, only the Colonel and the aide-de-camp followed behind him. As soon as the three people ran out of the control room, they saw the back of the First Lieutenant military doctor half kneeling at the corner of the corridor. Partially concealed from view was the teenager’s corpse laying on the ground.

“What the hell happened?!” Aaron strode over. Before reaching the First Lieutenant, a gut feeling struck, alerting him that something was amiss.

“Hey, you…….”

He hadn’t finished speaking when the First Lieutenant’s body was suddenly lifted up by the chest. Much like a heavy sack, he weakly slumped to the side. Without a pause, Gavin sprang like an arrow leaving a bowstring, and swiftly thumped into Aaron, forcefully overpowering him to the floor!

In the ensuing loud crash, the teenager’s thin hands were like iron clamps, firmly squeezing Aaron’s nape as he shouted, “Nobody move!”

The two subordinates broke into dripping, cold sweat at his order. Even their hands, already holding guns, were all frozen stiff in midair.

Aaron and Gavin faced each other, less than a palm’s length separating them. At this distance, Aaron could even clearly see his own reflection in the teenager’s eyes, including the blaster muzzle pressed against his forehead.

“You……” His lips quivered. “You won’t be able to escape.”

Gavin’s response was a no-nonsense blaster whip square on his nose, which spurted blood on the spot.

“Why don’t we take our time discussing this subject on the escape route? In the meantime, stand up—You two, step back and toss your guns this way!”

The Colonel and the aide-de-camp glanced at each other. Complying with the demand, they slowly dropped their handguns, and cautioned him with a trembling voice, “Don’t do anything rash……”

Gavin didn’t bother to reply. Instead, he sent the handguns flying into the distance with a kick. While maintaining a stranglehold on Aaron’s neck, he slowly pulled him up, and then positioned the other man in front of him as a meat shield for cover. They retreated with cautious steps to the main door leading outside.

“……You won’t be able to escape. Behind this door, my soldiers are all lying in wait. As soon as you take a step out, you’ll be riddled with bullets……” Aaron’s tone barely managed to remain calm, and was tinged with a strange tightness. “Put down the blaster. Be a good kid and come back with us to the Empire. As a child of your age, you’ll receive the best care and treatment. No one will make life difficult for you…… Why must you waste your life here? You’re only an Omega. Do you really believe you can rely on holding me hostage to escape from this planet?”

“You’re really too considerate. The grand General of the Empire, your distinguished self, is now taken hostage by an Omega.” Gavin smiled as he spoke, his lips plastered to Aaron’s ear. “Rather than this sweet-talk, it would be better to first leave a critique of your own weakness and ineptitude.”


“You, what you? Behave yourself and shut up!”

Before Aaron could react, Gavin bent his knee and nudged Aaron’s butt, warning him seriously, “Pick up the pace, or I’ll shoot you straight in the asshole!”

Aaron, “……!!”

General Aaron was thunderstruck, subdued to the point of being scared witless.


Pressed up against each other, they retreated to the end of the corridor. Gavin grabbed Aaron by the head and pushed him down until his left eye levelled with the retinal scanner. The metal door slid open without delay.

“Move it!” Gavin dragged Aaron along in a mad dash out the door. At the same time, the colonel darted into the control room. Within two seconds, he had triggered the alarm.

An ear-splitting klaxon immediately reverberated on the airfield. Like cold water splashed onto boiling hot oil, over a thousand soldiers stationed outside the tower exploded into action!

“The General has been taken hostage!”

“Prepare the snipers! Prepare the airborne squad!”

Numerous small airlifts sped up into the sky. Moving like a swarm, they soon formed an encirclement, densely packing the sky with weapons aimed at the two men. If directly fired upon, there wouldn’t even be any bone fragments left to pick. In a heartbeat, sweat from the hair of Aaron’s temple dripped down to his chin, “Don’t—don’t be rash!”

“Shut up!” Gavin jammed the blaster muzzle up into his chin, snapping out, “Have them prepare a starship and fuel for me. You’re coming with me!”

“Where can you go?! The Ninth Fleet has a hundred thousand troops. You have absolutely no chance of escaping!”

“Then, before getting captured, I’ll definitely get rid of you first!”

“Fucking hell, aren’t you an Omega!” Aaron’s world view had literally been subverted, and he vented. “Enough! I didn’t put you in your place, and you’re now actually treating me1 as……”


A violent shockwave originating from the sky sounded and tremors soon rippled across all the land!

Many of the airlifts flying at low altitude came crashing down. A rainfall of metal and artillery fire filled the entire sky. Appearing out of nowhere, a gun barrel hurtled through the air, colliding into Aaron and sent him flying away several meters before he slammed to the ground.

“What’s going on?!” He clutched his bleeding forehead with a hand and started to climb back up. Not a second later, a shove from Gavin’s blaster sent him back to ground. “—Stay put! Don’t move!”

“You……” On the verge of letting loose a stream of curses, Aaron suddenly saw something in the distant night sky, causing his whole body to stiffen.

It was the unexpected sight of an enormous Spectre mecha, which had arrived undetected. It launched an artillery barrage, which streaked across the vast sky and accurately hit the battleship leading the Royal Fleet!

Explosions completely enveloped the battleship, the Royal flagship that was transporting Seth Heinrich the Emperor. A spectacular dazzle of fireworks bloomed in the sky, lighting up half of the dark night to day.

“The Em-Emperor, His Majesty……”

This surprise attack had caught them off guard. Everyone stood suspended in a state of shock. They looked on as the mecha swiftly made a sharp arc in the sky.

“Seth Heinrich!”

“The traitor of the Alliance, today is the day you die—!”

The particle beam saber2 in the mecha’s hand rose up. The next moment, the saber came slashing down at the damaged Royal flagship, which was billowing with black smoke.

At this time, the Ninth Fleet’s hundred thousand strong armed forces were all located on the planet surface, and the Royal Fleet had already been scattered by the Spectre mecha’s charge; the formidable might of the beam saber was on par with an interstellar nuclear warhead. With a single strike of the saber, everything in the Royal flagship, including the Emperor and all the men aboard, would be blown to unrecognizable lumps of flesh!

Aaron cried out, “Your Majesty!”

Everything hung by a thread. The entire world stood by, entranced—

In the ensuing seconds, an incredible sphere of white light burst into illumination from the center of the flagship, still billowing with black smoke. An enormous arm then extended out from amidst the glowing brightness. “Bang!” With a world-shattering loud sound, the arm unyieldingly blocked the beam saber as it swooped down.


“It’s Bi’an!”

Cries of astonishment rang out from all directions. High up in the sky, they watched as the black smoke dispersed to reveal a gold mecha in the shape of a giant dragon. In its hand was a large sword, and with a single swing, the Spectre mecha retreated several hundred meters.

—The 3S-Class gold mecha, Bi’an!

The personal battle armor of the Imperial Emperor, Seth Heinrich!

Who is truly the traitor of the Alliance, between you and I, the truth is crystal clear.” Heinrich’s dignified deep voice projected out, and faint tremors shook the planet and the mountain range. “It seems that the only option is to eliminate every last one of you, only then can the departed have true peace.”

He flourished his large sword, and a fierce hurricane blew swiftly across the region. “General Aaron—!”

Aaron quickly rose to his feet. “Yes, sir!”

Aaron no longer paid any heed to the blaster aimed at his head. Without further hesitation, he yanked on his cufflink, revealing a thick and broad copper colored armlet worn around his forearm. A liquid stream of blood red energy rapidly linked the terminals of the armlet, generating a massive spike of energy—

Struck by an epiphany, Gavin’s pupils constricted.

He clearly could not remember anything, but upon seeing the armlet, innate knowledge instantly flooded his consciousness. This was an S-Class high purity mecha LBE4!

It was the energy source and soul of an advanced mecha!

This was…… This was exactly what he needed!

The armlet came loose and fell in the midst of the bright glow, rapidly morphing and enlarging. Layers upon layers of alloy battle armor wrapped around Aaron and Gavin, who were pressed tightly against each other. Seconds later, a male lion, the indomitable spirit of the copper mecha, appeared above the field and released a violent wrathful roar!

Emperor Seth Heinrich stood inside the cockpit of his mecha, silently shifting his gaze aside.

The copper Gryphon was one of the few 3S-Class mechas in the Empire. Disregarding Aaron’s own valiant combat ability, Gryphon’s technological features were leaps and bounds ahead of the average level seen across the Galaxy over the last few centuries. It could be described as an unstoppable force wrapped in an invincible turret.

Although the fugitive army’s Spectre mecha was indeed very powerful, Gryphon and Bi’an acting in a concerted effort would be sufficient to wreck an entire planet. Crushing the fugitive army into interstellar space dust would be even less of a challenge.

I should have just done this from the start, he thought coldly.

Fifty years ago, relying on selling out the Alliance, this group had sought out the Empire to dishonorably beg for their lives. Now, in the name of the Alliance, they wanted to drag the Empire into another conflict. These loathsome rats even set out to disturb the dead’s peace; they should have gone to hell long ago and offered their dirty blood and heads as a sacrifice of atonement to the dead!

一His Majesty the Emperor’s plan was a damn fine one. Aaron certainly agreed with his line of thought.

The problem was that the plum ideal never matched the stark reality; and General Aaron should have realized that sooner. Ever since landing on Hongtu, the heroic spirit of the great Marshal Silla hadn’t blessed him with well-being even once.

“How are you in here?!” Aaron asked with eyes wide in shock. “Who let you in?!”

Standing inside the cockpit, Gavin wore a look of innocence as he shrugged his shoulders. Then his hand rose up with the blaster and deftly swung down, giving General Aaron fresh bumps and bruises from the blaster whip.

“Gryphon! Gryphon!” Suffering in excruciating agony, Aaron clutched his head as he rolled around on the ground. “Were you infected by a virus again? Isn’t restricting the cockpit access to anyone other than the master the first article in the rulebook for advanced mechas? Did you go online to download filthy things again?!”

“Eh……” Inside the cockpit, countless green and shimmering neural tentacles5 extended to probe, circling around Gavin a few times. A somber robotic voice spoke, crestfallen, “My apologies, Aaron, sir. The intruder’s spiritual threshold is greater than yours. I have great difficulty resisting this kind of invasion with such a high-level foreign energy……”

Aaron choked on his anger. “Stop messing around! An Omega’s spiritual threshold is greater than mine?! Why don’t you just go back to watching porn!”

“Negative, I do not believe that there is a problem with my off duty interests……”

“Shut up! Bring over the neural tentacles!”

With the blaster in one hand, Gavin took a few steps into the depths of the cockpit. It was unlike what one might imagine. The interior of a high-grade mecha didn’t contain a manual control console, and even features such as buttons and a control stick were all very rare. In the dark abyss, suspended in the air were numerous green band-shaped nerves—these were the mecha’s true soul.

An advanced mecha used these neural tentacles to communicate with people. The neural tentacles would connect to the operator’s brain, and the latter only had to think to control the mecha during combat.

Eyesight and hand speed became trivial. The spiritual strength of the operator directly determined the outcome of the battle.

Gavin subconsciously raised his hand, reaching out for those green neural tentacles.

This is your world. In the deepest part of his mind, a voice spoke to him.

This is your territory, your land, your birthright to reign over the Galaxy as King.

The blaster fell to the floor with a thud. Gavin abruptly spread open both of his arms. Countless mecha neural tentacles enthusiastically pounced over, coiling around him.

As Aaron prepared to connect with the neural tentacles, he heard a movement and jerked his head around. He soon found himself breathless at the spectacular sight!

The sight before him was suddenly changing. From within the teenager’s thin body, it was as if there was a beast-like spiritual power resting in a deep sleep; in the midst of being bound by countless neural tentacles, it suddenly roused and released a satisfying and hearty roar!

Under the influence of the inconceivable spiritual power, the Galaxy appeared like a waterfall from the sky, submerging the entire world into a dazzling sea of stars; this illusion was of such a magnificent scale, that even Aaron could not bring himself to utter a sound before being dragged directly into the other’s mindscape.

He was simply incapable of maintaining a clear state of mind, and was only vaguely aware of his place within the infinite cosmos. A hundred billion stars glittered brightly in the far reaches of outer space, tenderly watching over him.

Silla…… sir……

In his subconscious, a low voice murmured to him. He strained to reach out and grab hold of the figure in the memory. Yet, that scene was the same as flowers in a mirror and the moon reflected on the water surface6. At the slightest touch, one by one they all shattered into fragments.

His consciousness gradually grew hazy and rapidly sank into a dark abyss.

“I cannot submit to you,” From the depths of the cosmos, Gryphon’s voice rang out in defiance. “You are very strong, even more so than Aaron…… But I will not acknowledge you as master.”

Gavin stood silently in the sea of stars. After a long period of time, he coldly replied, “Who puts any value in wanting you to acknowledge that?”

Gryphon, “……”

“You seem to have misunderstood something. As a matter of fact, I’m not the type of person to treat a mecha as a brother-in-arms. I see you as a machine and nothing more.”

Gavin raised his hand, and a stream of high energy particles converged above his arm.

“You don’t need to acknowledge me. As long as you obey my orders, it’s enough—Don’t pull that deep bond between man and robot nonsense with me. If the battle ends in a loss, I’m definitely killing you first.

Gryphon, “……”

Gryphon only felt he had crossed paths with a thug, and numerous ‘motherfucker’ raced across its mind.

Above the horizon of the planet Hongtu, the Spectre battle armor and the gold Bi’an stood facing each other with great distance in between them. The atmosphere was thick with anticipation; after several seconds a tick tick sounded from the solar cannon on the mecha Gryphon’s shoulder. Closely followed by—


A high-energy beam shot across the sky in a sweeping arc. It flew, unrestrained, to the front of the fleet and blasted the Emperor, sending him flying two hundred meters back.

TLC by Alex PT
Edited by Uni

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