TSNLT Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – No Need to Be Acquaintances to Be Gay Together (NSFW)

No matter how Wen Muyan cajoled or forced him, Xiao Han evaded the question, refusing to say it. Wen Muyan was extremely frustrated, but there was nothing he could do about it.

However, there was one thing that Wen Muyan was very sure of, and that was Xiao Han’s manner of death in his previous life was definitely very strange.

In a twinkling of an eye, all the liquor on the table had been emptied into their stomachs. Xiao Han’s cheeks were faintly red, and he lay sprawling drunk on the couch. Wen Muyan was no much better, but at least he was somewhat conscious. Patting Xiao Han’s face vigorously, the latter frowned in bewilderment.

“What? I’m not drinking anymore, I’m sleepy…”

“You can’t sleep here even if you’re sleepy.” Wen Muyan pulled him up, pinching his ear. “Ask your subordinates to send us back, I don’t want to die on the road because I’m drunk.”

“Don’t pull, I’m afraid of pain…” Xiao Han slapped his hand away like swatting a fly. Helping each other stand up, they felt that the entire world was spinning.

Wen Muyan muttered, “You’ve even experienced being killed by a car, why are you making a fuss about this little pain?”

“… You think I’ll mention the reason why I fought against the script in the first life was because that slap was too painful?” Xiao Han laughed evilly. “Don’t think that with just this amount of skills, you can challenge me. If you dare to hit me again, I’ll lock you up with Zhuo Fan.”

“…” Wen Muyan’s lips twitched. “You win.”

When they put their clothes on and walked, all the anxious bodyguards who had been waiting for them were shocked. They watched in horror as the two rivals who had just been fighting each other in the day now drunkenly hanging off each other’s shoulders like best friends.

The two people got into the car. Xiao Han frowned and thought about it, then told the driver, “Don’t return to the house. Find a nearby hotel.”

In fact, he just did not want to go back and face that mental irritation. Wen Muyan who understood him completely raised his thumb in his heart, expressing his agreement.

However, the bodyguard turned pale in shock hearing this. The driver too looked at his young master in horror, then at Wen Muyan who had his eyes closed. He was in despair about this world that was filled with gays, but at the same time, he could not help but admire his young master for being so skilful, able to get his rival onto a bed with just a drink.

“Why aren’t we moving?!” Xiao Han shot a cold glance at the driver, frowning unhappily.

“Oh, yes, yes.” The driver recalled that there was a famous gay bar two blocks away, and next to it was an upscale hotel. There were often gays coming in and out of that place. If they went to that hotel, his young master and his new favourite would not attract too much attention.

Smugly, he quickly drove the car to the hotel.

He thought so smugly that he drove the car very fast.

Driving past a few streets, Xiao Han was about to fall asleep. Two bodyguards, each carrying a drunk, requested for a luxury suite. The attendant was completely understanding, and graciously left some lubricant and condoms along with some common toys next to the bed, then conscientiously retreated and closed the door.

The drunk Xiao Han did not pay attention to this. Although even since his third life started, he had never satisfied his physiological needs, there had been too many things going on over the past few days, so he had not gave it any thoughts at all.

Having struggled his way here, he was now soaked with sweat, and the alcohol rolling in his stomach made him a little uncomfortable. Xiao Han groggily climbed up to go take a shower. With a few moves, he stripped himself bare, and took one step into the bathtub — the service of this hotel was very impressive, the bathwater had already been prepared for him!

Even the soap had been prepared — oh, hold on, why did it seem like there was someone else here as well?

“Wen Muyan?” Xiao Han sobered up in shock, immediately pulling up the nearly drowned man in the bathtub. He smacked him on the back to clear his lungs. “Are you trying to kill yourself? Don’t tell me you fell asleep in the bath!”

Wen Muyan blinked his eyes, spitting out a bubble then coughing a couple of times before returning to his senses. “Ah, I feel asleep?”

His eyes finally managed to focus on the face of the man in front of him, then they slid down to see Xiao Han’s sexy collarbones, bare chest, abs, and his waist that curved in perfectly, and then…

“Hey, are you ok? I’ve never seen anyone who had a nosebleed after drinking before!” Xiao Han was speechless, and quickly put him down to lie back down in the bathtub. Grabbing some toilet paper, he scrunched it up and shoved it into his nostrils.

By this time, Wen Muyan had too sobered up a little, and covered his nose in embarrassment. “I only got a little heated up.”

With one foot in the tub, Xiao Han resignedly pulled it back out. “You can continue with your bath, I’ll take a shower.”

“Oh.” Wen Muyan hurriedly turned his head around and soaped himself up… Hold on, something did not seem quite right?

“Say, Xiao Han…”

“What?” Xiao Han who was running his fingers through his hair under the shower head turned around with his eyes closed. The running water caused him to not be able to hear clearly.

“In a situation like this, shouldn’t you wait for me to finish bathing first before you come in?”

Aren’t you afraid of any awkwardness…

“I’m afraid that you’ll drown yourself falling asleep again. Also, we’re all gays, you’re still afraid of being seen by me?”

“It’s because we’re gays that’s why it shouldn’t be like this!” Wen Muyan exclaimed helplessly, throwing away the toilet paper in his nose and sitting up in the bathtub.

Wen Muyan’s eyes followed the path of the hot water, trailing down the other person’s naked body. He had a sudden small regret for having turned his head, but was reluctant to look away. Soaking in the water, the warm comfort spread through his limbs, and the drunk feeling seemed to never have left, causing him to feel dizzy and afloat.

However, with Xiao Han’s nude body standing so calmly in front of him, whether it was that quiet thing hanging in front, or the perky buttocks, the owner of this body did not have the slightest embarrassment, treating him as though he was air.

However, the more it was like this, the more — he could not help fantasizing.

Wen Muyan’s eyes clung to his body, openly watching Xiao Han. He licked his lips, “Don’t you feel that something should happen between ordinary gays during this kind of situations?”

By then, Xiao Han had finished washing his hair. He wiped his face, opening his eyes and looked at him strangely. “What can happen between two tops? Mutual handjobs?”


This sentence was like a finishing move, instantly defeating Wen Muyan and his countless porn images in his head.

This fellow, other than being childish, was also dull. Wen Muyan’s eyes narrowed with a smile. He climbed out from the bathtub, walking towards Xiao Han and hugging him from the back, one hand stroking gently along his chest, and the other hand sliding down and wrapping around an important object and tugging at it.

“How would you know if you don’t try?” The two people were similar in height. Wen Muyan’s lips were right next to Xiao Han’s ear, and his mellow whisper was more intoxicating than whatever they had drank in the bar.

Drunkenness and lust intertwined and slithered up Xiao Han’s spine.

“Mm—” Xiao Han reflexively caught the other person’s wrist, but the pleasure soon made him relax. He breathed heavily, turning his head and speaking with a determined tone that did not allow for any refusal, “I want to be on top, otherwise there’s nothing to talk about.”

Wen Muyan was a little surprised at his determination. “Why?”

The reply again defeated him. Xiao Han spoke naturally, “I’m afraid of pain.”

“… Fine.” How afraid of pain was this fellow? Wen Muyan momentarily felt a little weak, but top and bottom were only positions, he was not bothered about it.

Now Xiao Han was surprised. “You agree?”

“Why not?” Wen Muyan challenged. “There has to be someone at the bottom, if not we might as well not do anything. Can you stop talking all these nonsense? Can’t you see I’m hard? Quick, touch me oh—”

Xiao Han’s eyes darkened, turning around and holding him by the back of his head and kissed him. Under the scour of hot water, he felt his body burning up.

His hands eagerly caressed the back, the sensation soft and delicate. Together with the heat and the slipperiness of the water, the hands left trails of fire. Sliding down the waist, Xiao Han wrapped his hands around Wen Muyan’s ass, and started to knead at the cheeks wantonly and vigorously.

Their tongues danced in and out of their mouths, and they were unable to stop themselves from nipping and sucking at each other. No matter how much they tried plundering each other’s mouth, it was not enough. Their breaths heavy, their bodies wound tightly against each other, and Wen Muyan had both their erected shafts in his hands, rubbing at them. Soon, the heated mingling of their flesh turned even more slippery and wet.

The protrusions on his chest rubbed against the other person, but he was unable to satisfy his itch. Xiao Han pressed Wen Muyan against the glass wall, released his reddened lips, and fell gnawing and kissing on his neck.

“Mmm…” Now that Wen Muyan’s mouth was no longer blocked, he could not help but moan emotionally. Closing his eyes, he gasped, thrusting his hips with a little difficulty. His belly pulsing, he spoke, “Nearly… going to…”

Xiao Han’s hand took over. Sensing the oncoming climax, he mouthed over Wen Muyan’s nipple, nibbling and licking on it, causing it to swell up.

“… Hah… Xiao Han…” It was as though Wen Muyan had been stung by a bee. Hugging the head that was buried in his chest, his head fell back, unable to bear with the sensations. With his fingers, he could not help but twist on his other neglected nipple.

Xiao Han suddenly raised his head and kissed him again, this time even more intense than before. The man that was held down by him also threw his arms around his neck, responding to him passionately. Under the frantic motions, he felt the object in his hand finally spurting, and in the shower, the fluids landed on their long legs, dripping down.

Xiao Han exhaled, his head resting in the crook of the other person’s shoulder, enjoying the aftershock of the ecstasy with his eyes closed.

Wen Muyan hugged his waist, his lips kissing his neck lightly. Having orgasmed once, the alcohol rushed back up to his head. Drowsily opening his eyes, he murmured, “Let’s go back to the bed after wiping ourselves dry. If we continue showering, we’ll start to wrinkle.”

“Xiao Han?”

“Hey—” Wen Muyan pulled him off his body. This fellow had indeed closed his eyes, and seemingly fallen asleep.

“This bastard!”

Shutting the water off, Wen Muyan hastily wiped them off, dragging and shoving before finally managing to get that person into the bed. Tiredly, he panted as he sprawled on him, and patted his face, not reconciled with the situation. “You’re falling asleep like this? I haven’t had enough yet!”

The sleepy Xiao Han raised his brows and swatted at the hand that was disturbing his sleep. He seemed to be dreaming, and mumbled discontentedly, “Go away, even if you kill me I’ll never tell you…”

“What won’t you tell me?” Wen Muyan was baffled.

“I won’t tell you that I laughed myself to death in my last life…”


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