TSNLT Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 — You Must Be Joking With Me

“Look at what situation we are now! You’re still in the mood to joke?!” Wen Muyan sighed, unable to laugh or cry.

“Did you slap him to death?” Xiao Han turned to look at the person sprawled across the wall, frowning. In any case, they were soon about to die a horrible death, he did not feel any mental burden at all.

Wen Muyan hurriedly peeled Zhuo Fan off the wall, glancing about. “No, he’s only fainted, and his chest is now flatter…”

“He’s also not a woman,” Xiao Han no longer had the energy to poke fun at anything. “According to the perverseness of the script, we’ve reached the end of this world. Tell me, how would you like to die?”

“Why does this sound like a line that the villain boss would say to the protagonists?” Wen Muyan put Zhuo Fan down, squatting across Xiao Han and waving his gun. “I think there’s no one else in this world that is like us, sitting here and happily discussing how we’re going to commit suicide.”

Looking at that cold and hard pistol, Xiao Han’s entire face wrinkled. “If I knew that you were so zen, I should have just shot you just now. It’s better to have a good death than to live like crap.”

“That’s different. If you shoot me, I also wouldn’t die. Forget about the suffering as I live, I also won’t have a good ending. I might as well end it myself, it’ll only take a moment. Unlike someone, I’m not afraid of pain.” Wen Muyan shrugged, trying his best to relax himself.

Xiao Han was even more depressed. “What are you so gleeful about? If you fuck off, what am I going to do?”

Wen Muyan smiled mysteriously, leaning his head in and speaking ambiguously, “Why don’t I knock you out, then shoot you? I assure you that I’ll be quick and accurate, it’ll definitely be painless, safe and effective.”

“… Are you doing an advertisement for a gynaecologist?” Xiao Han could not help touching his own neck, watching him suspiciously, “Are you sure you can do it? If you can’t, not only will I be unable to faint, I will even die painfully.”

“I knew you’ll say this. I really don’t know how your nerves are grown…” Wen Muyan took out a pill from his pocket and tossed it over to him, “It’s a specially made knockout drug. After taking it, I guarantee that you’ll pass out like a dead pig, and you wouldn’t even wake up in a thunderstorm.”

Xiao Han accepted it with some surprise. “You even prepared this? Did you already plan on not follow the script?”

“No harm in preparing for anything.”

Xiao Han was silent for a moment. “Then what would happen next?”

Wen Muyan smiled composedly, “Didn’t I just say it? We’ll just shoot ourselves and end this. It’s better than letting the script come up with some strange method of killing us off.”

“… All right.” The atmosphere suddenly became a little heavier. Xiao Han did not know what to say at times like this, and only looked at Wen Muyan with a complicated gaze, speaking solemnly, “Have you thought of your last words?”

“You say yours first,” Wen Muyan sat cross-legged, hugging himself, looking as though he was very interested.

Xiao Han thought about it, and spoke primly, “If I can escape the script in my next life, let me marry a terminally ill rich woman…”

“Enough, you!” Wen Muyan was completely defeated by him.

Xiao Han laughed happily, “Your turn now.”

Wen Muyan laughed evilly, “If we can escape the script in our next life, let the idiot Xiao Han’s dreams be shattered!”


After saying their wishes, Xiao Han picked up that little pill in his hand. About to lift it to his mouth, Wen Muyan stopped him by grabbing at him. “Hold on.”

“What’s wrong now? Can’t you just say everything all at once?” Xiao Han frowned. He had finally managed to muster up his courage, but it was all about to fade away.

Wen Muyan had a rare look of discomfort on his face. He gave a couple of fake coughs and looked at Xiao Han with shining eyes. “Umm, if one day we really can get out from the control of the script, will you come and look for me?”

Xiao Han bit his lip, a little surprised. However, he did not feel that this was too unexpected, and a trace of amusement lurked around his lips, “What do you think?”

It was so difficult to pry anything out from this guy’s mouth! Wen Muyan’s mouth twitched, and he spread open his hands indifferently. “If you don’t come looking for me, at most I’ll go look for you.”

“Then we’ll see each other again in our next lives, McDonalds.” Xiao Han looked deeply at him for the last time, then deftly swallowed the pill down. The pill took effect very quickly, and within seconds, he fell onto the floor, unconscious.

Wen Muyan pulled him into his arms, looking down at him and grumbling, “Would you die if you just call out my name?”

Now that there was no one disturbing them, Wen Muyan caressed Xiao Han’s cheek. He seemed to have recalled something, and his eyes flashed. Coming back to his senses, he took off his coat and undid his shirt buttons. If Zhuo Fan were to wake up at this moment, he might have thought that this fellow was taking revenge for what happened three days ago.

After the buttons were undone, his chest was revealed. Wen Muyan then slowly lay his palm over his heart, and he could feel his warm body temperature and his pounding heart.

Soon, he was about to create a hole here, and stain his face with blood.

“It’s going to be so unpleasant looking…” Wen Muyan’s brows wrinkled. Although he seemed very relaxed just now in front of Xiao Han, in truth he now clearly felt uncomfortable.

Despite knowing that he had no choice, despite knowing that he could still be reborn, having to personally shoot and kill Xiao Han made him feel like the pain echoed in his heart as well.

Wen Muyan knew that this was not a time of hesitation. He bent over Xiao Han, kissing him gently on his mouth. With a sunken expression, he took the pistol and aimed at him, swiftly pressing the trigger without dragging it out.

In an instant, he saw a bloom of red.

Confirming that Xiao Han could not be any more dead, and that there was no painful expression on his face, Wen Muyan smiled wryly and pointed his gun at his own temple.

“Xiao Han, Xiao Han. I’m the one who took your life. If you turn into a fierce ghost, you must remember to come and demand your life back from me!”

A bang, and a limitless darkness enveloped the entire world…

This was a very spacious office. On one side was a ceiling to floor window, and the dark-colored curtains blocked the dazzling sunshine coming in.

Xiao Han slowly straightened up from his desk, sweeping his eyes across his surrounding blankly. He was a little startled — he was actually not on a bed?

Hold on, this was not the point.

Xiao Han with a vast experience about “coming back to life” almost immediately got into the act, carefully recalling the memories imprinted in his mind. So it turned out that his new identity in this world was the president of M Entertainment. Fine, seemed like this time, the new script was definitely a novel about superstars.

Having played a rich second generation, an emperor and a mafia boss, Xiao Han felt that there was no pressure in playing this role at all. As for the stacks of documents on his desk, he only had to be in charge of signing them — in any case, the script would not let him go bankrupt, and that was the only advantage of the script.

But soon, Xiao Han’s actions as he signed the documents became stiff, and his unhurried expression now froze upon his face.

He knew his own identity, and also knew that Zhuo Fan was a newcomer that had just been signed by his company. He also knew that this fellow had been signed into his top-tier company because of some backdoor dealings.

But, then… there was no “then”!

Where was the upcoming developments? Why were the essential bits suddenly chopped off?

Was this one of the legendary on-go-ing novels?!

Scriptwriter, are you joking with me? Please, don’t do this!

Xiao Han was speechlessly tearful for a while, but he resignedly accepted the fact that he was now completely deprived of his ability to predict the future. However, thinking about this from another angle, he was a little happy. Did this mean that from tonight onwards, he could now make his own decisions?

The first thing to do was definitely to hide as far as possible from Zhuo Fan — Eh? No, that what about Wen Muyan? If he completely ignored Zhuo Fan, would that not mean that he might be unable to bump into him? Now that there was no longer any suggestions from the script, any of his actions could create a butterfly effect. This was absolutely both joyful and worrying, and difficult to satisfy either side.

Just as he was distracted, there was a knock on the door.

“President Xiao, your coffee.”

“Come in.” This voice was quite familiar. Xiao Han adjusted his expression to his usual indifferent look before lifting his head up towards the door. A young man dressed in a dark blue suit walked in, carrying a cup of coffee and placing it on his desk.

Xiao Han looked at his face. He felt a mix of emotions within him, and his cold face could not help softening, and he lamented sincerely, “Xian Fu, it’s been hard on you.”

He had not expected that one cup of coffee could make his boss feel so touched. Xian Fu looked baffled, “President Xiao, what happened to you?”

“Uh, nothing. Next time, put more sugar and cream, it’s too bitter.” Xiao Han lowered his head and took a sip, his face immediately wrinkling from the bitterness.

“Oh, sure.” Xian Fu continued his usual meticulous and serious attitude of working for his superiors, taking out a small notebook and recording it down with great solemnness.

Tears from being moved rolled down Xiao Han’s face.

“President Xiao, do you have any further instructions?” Xian Fu stood there conscientiously, his eyes shining with anticipation.

Xiao Han hesitated for a moment. “Go investigate a young man called Wen Muyan for me. He might be related to Zhuo Fan, but he might also not be.

This statement was very vague, but Xian Fu still recorded it down seriously and agreed earnestly. When leaving the office, he did not forget to shut the door.

In the past, ever since he was attracted to Zhuo Fan, he would bring him along to various occasions, and they would have dinner together almost every evening. Today, that fellow had expectedly took the initiative to look for him, calling him and arranging a date with him at a hotel he often went to. Without waiting for his response, he hung up.

Xiao Han stared at his phone, a busy tone coming from it. His heart felt extremely conflicted.

Should he not go, or not go, or just not go?

At last, he made up his mind. He should go home and sleep after washing up.

However he had really not expected that his life would be so exciting!

When Xiao Han was collecting his car at the parking lot, he immediately noticed Zhuo Fan’s slender figure. He was not alone, and in front of him was another man. Looking at him, he also seemed quite familiar. However, his back was facing Xiao Han, and he could not see his face. The two people seemed to be talking.

Who could it be? Could it be Wen Muyan?

Just as Xiao Han was about to walk towards them and risk being harassed by Zhuo Fan, his phone suddenly rang out loud. His ringtone was actually <Legend> which had been covered by Zhuo Fan. The line “when I think of you you’re in my mind~~~” did not stop echoing, and Xiao Han was really embarrassed by this song.

Think your motherfucking ass, what the hell are you thinking of?!

Author’s Note: This is the last transmigration script =3=

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