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Chapter 19 — This Is A Sad Extra

In actual fact, everything started from a sad story.

At that time, Zhuo Fan from the past seemed to suffer from some sort of defect, his imagination always greater than others. His ability to fantasize was very strong, and the pitiful little Zhuo Fan even had an incurable disease, known as chuunibyou. With the development of this disease, it became more and more uncontrollable, and so his chuunibyou gradually turned into a terminal disease — the Prince Disease.

The only good thing about this was that it was recessive.

The first time Zhuo Fan met Xiao Han was when he was in high school. As he lived in a dorm, he hardly left the school grounds, and he usually just bought anything he needed online.

Somehow, Zhuo Fan started finding a beautiful wrapped bouquet of flowers outside the door of his dormitory every Saturday, lying there quietly.

Although he verbally expressed his indifference, and disdainfully dumped the bouquet into the trash, he was extremely delighted. After all, it felt really good to have someone secretly crushing on him, and unknowingly, he started anticipating every Saturday.

There was one Saturday, he got up very early. Ignoring the unhappiness of his dorm mates whose sleep had been disturbed, he pretended to take a basket of clothes that should have been washed yesterday into the bathroom. Leaving the door to the dorm slightly open, he pretended to wash the clothes while sneaking peeks at the door. From his angle, he could look through that open crack, and see if there were any movements in the corridor.

Around 8am, a tall figure walked quickly towards the door and stopped outside. He stooped and gently placed the bouquet in his arms on the ground. Just as he was about to leave, the door was yanked open.

Holding the door, Zhuo Fan tried to look cold and arrogant. He looked up at the handsome man that was a head taller than him, and he was so nervous he forgot what he wanted to say.

Xiao Han was somewhat surprised. Just as he was about to say something, he saw Zhuo Fan slam the door close. Baffled, he scratched his head and left.

This situation went on for more than a month.

Every Saturday, Zhuo Fan would use all sorts of methods and “bump” into Xiao Han delivering the flowers. He started speculating when Xiao Han would finally officially confess to him. He imagined that it would definitely be a morning with a bright rainbow after a rain shower. The colours would be reflected off the clouds in the sky, and Xiao Han would knock on his door with a huge bouquet of roses. With a smile, he would tell him gently, “Zhuo Xiao Fan, I like you.”

Zhuo Fan would fantasize about this daily, and anticipated it eagerly. Unfortunately, that fellow named Xiao Han seemed to not understand what he was supposed to do, and would just leave the flowers behind and leave quickly.

Finally, one day came when Zhuo Fan could no longer tolerate it, and he stopped Xiao Han who was about to leave. With a cold voice, he asked, “Hey, what’s the meaning of you leaving me flowers all these while? Don’t you know you’re giving me a lot of trouble?”

Xiao Han looked at him, perplexed. “… What?”

Seeing that he was still pretending, Zhuo Fan was frustrated. He pointed at the flowers, “Take them back, I don’t want them!”

Picking them up, he tossed them with some force into Xiao Han’s arms, then turned and flew into some corner of the corridor.

In actual fact, he did not run too far away, as he was worried that Xiao Han would not be able to find him when he chased after him. Hiding in a corner, he perked his ears up and listened. Like a tsundere, he thought,  if you were to immediately chase after me and apologize while giving me a confession, then I’ll reluctantly forgive you.

However, after waiting for a long time, he did not see Xiao Han. Glumly, he decided to peep from his corner.

Xiao Han was still standing there. The door opened again, and Wu Gu1 yawned and looked at him blearily. “What is it?”

“May I ask, are you Wu Gu?”


Xiao Han handed the flowers over expressionlessly, speaking calmly, “I do express delivery. Your flowers had just been damaged by some idiot, please forgive me.”

Wu Gu, “…”

Zhuo Fan, “…”

The frozen Zhuo Fan watched Xiao Han disappear quickly from the dorm. He rode a small electric bicycle, and sped away with his other deliveries, not even turning back. This was only his part time job, and he still had to return to his university in the afternoon for class. He was a busy guy, alright?

Then, then there was nothing.

Zhuo Fan who had not even started his first love had now fallen out of love. He felt that he had been made a fool, and was very upset, very angry, and in a lot of pain. He felt that the entire world was mocking him, and, that bastard who sent the flowers! Why were the flowers for Wu Gu?! They were clearly for him!

He felt the malice of the world!

He needed to vent. He wanted to revenge himself on this scum who had hurt his fragile heart. He wanted Xiao Han and that fellow who sent the flowers to regret everything they had done!

Sneering, Zhuo Fan returned to his dorm. Pretending to not care, he asked his dorm mate, “Who sent the flowers?”

“Oh, my boyfriend, Wen Muyen.” The dorm mate mumbled. He returned to sleep, unconcerned.

With a twisted expression, Zhuo Fan turned his computer on. Clicking a folder titled “Plot Outline”, he wrote down the names of the scum top and the cannon fodder top. Zhuo Fan who was enthusiastically imagining the plot did not notice that Sougou had entered “Wen Muyan” instead.

As they said, the world could be seen in a grain of sand. Every completed script resulted in the birth of a world, and Xiao Han and Wen Muyan were sucked into these worlds that Zhuo Fan’s strange brain had come up with. They would probably never understand how they transmigrated. However, this did not hinder their happily ever after.

The only thing was, whenever they talked about this occasionally, Wen Muyan would always vaguely feel a slight pain in his knee.

So, everything started from a sad story. Especially for Wen Muyan, he always had an inexplicable hatred for Sougou.

When Zhuo Fan “soared” away that day, no one expressed surprise. The whole world seemed to rationalize this strange happening, and treated it as though this person had never existed before.

The priest still remained on stage to officiate the wedding, the friends and relatives still sat there celebrating, and only the groom… had changed.

Through this event, Wen Muyan and Xiao Han openly came out of the closet.

Many people were doubtful. However, for the two of them, who could care about such small matters?

After the wedding, Xiao Han returned to being the president of his entertainment company. Although the work was a little busy, he had the good fortune provided by the script, as well as the capable and loyal Xian Fu. And so, his business thrived.

As for Wen Muyan, he flourished in the entertainment industry. Other than his coming out of the closet causing some controversies, his acting skills were excellent, and no one could say a thing. Every time he was complimented, Wen Muyan felt rather helpless about it. Who made him someone who had once treated life as a play?

When returning back home from work, Xiao Han was surprised to find Movie Star Wen who was extremely busy with work at home.

“Are you on strike?” Xiao Han took his coat and tie off, throwing them on the couch as he glanced at the fellow playing on his laptop on the couch.

“My contract’s about to expire, I don’t want to renew it.” Wen Muyan saw that he was home. He took off his headphones, put his mouse down, and clasped his arms around Xiao Han’s neck and kissed him.

In an instant, Xiao Han heard a roar from the headphones. “Nurse, quick, heal! Why are you not healing anymore?! I’m about to die! Quick, heal me! Nurse, why aren’t you moving anymore?! Nurse, are you still alive?!”

Xiao Han stared at his screen with some amusement and reminded him kindly, “Hey, your teammate seems like he’s about to die.”

“This fellow snatched my gear, I’m not going to heal him. Also, I’m a doctor, not a nurse.” Wen Muyan hung his headphones around his neck, snorting. He took his time healing others and himself, openly ignoring that loudmouth.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?” Wen Muyan’s team finished the instance. Just as he exited the dungeon, he discovered that the loudmouth had quit their team, and even turned aggressive. Without saying anything, he changed his gear, and rushed to attack him.

Hugging Wen Muyan, Xiao Han sat on the couch, speaking indifferently, “If you don’t want to renew it, then don’t do it. I’ll take care of you.”

“Who wants you to do that?!” Wen Muyan glared at him. “Don’t you want to sign me under your company?”

“How can I do that?” Xiao Han answered solemnly. “As they say, don’t shit where you eat. I’m a man of principle.”


However, when Xiao Han saw that they were having spinach for dinner, he agreed with much grievances.

After he joined M Company, Xiao Han arranged a very relaxed schedule for Wen Muyan with all sorts of reasons. They passed their days leisurely, and there was even a period of time Wen Muyan got addicted to League of Legends. Every night when Xiao Han returned home and open the door to the study, he would see this fellow playing LoL.

Xiao Han smiled strangely, and brought home a Samoyed the next day. He called it Lulu2. Every day, he would carry it and walk back and forth in front of Wen Muyan, kissing and caressing it, but ignoring Wen Muyan.

And so, Wen Muyan got angry. Taking advantage of Xiao Han going to work, he shaved Lulu’s body, kicking it to one side. Secretly buying a pair of fluffy ears and a fluffy tail, he wore them, and ignored Lulu whimpering in a corner.

When Xiao Han came home from work, the first thing he saw was Wen Muyan who had grown a pair of fluffy ears and a fluffy tail lying on the couch. Seeing that he was home, Wen Muyan happily and coyly called out, “Bark!”

Xiao Han peed himself in fright.

Ever since there was a Samoyed at home, Wen Muyan no longer wanted to play LoL. Unfortunately, Xiao Han who was on leave and bored was now the one addicted to online games.

Even more unfortunately, under the influence of the script, Xiao Han who was able to run a country, own a company, and even was the head of the mafia, was an idiot at games. His talent in gaming was as negative as his moral integrity.

On this day, Xiao Han pulled Wen Muyan along to teach him how to play.

“Hey, why is my DPS always the lowest rank one?” Xiao Han poked unhappily at the statistics on the screen.

Wen Muyan rolled his eyes as he carefully explained the mechanism. The clever Xiao Han immediately patted his chest, saying that he understood.

“Hahahaha I’m above him now!” Xiao Han looked smugly at Wen Muyan. He then mocked that person in the group chat, “Your DPS is lower than mine!”

Startled, Wen Muyan leaned over to take a look, then said helplessly, “Bro, he’s the main tank…”

“How do you improve DPS again, teach me one more time.” Xiao Han did not believe that he was so bad at it.

Wen Muyan was furious. “If I teach you, this idiot again, I’ll go eat shit!”

Xiao Han looked at him expressionlessly, then spoke feebly, “Doctor, I think my IQ can still be saved…”

By the time they finally completed the instance, Wen Muyan had eaten a whole pile of shit.

Life still went on, and the script was still being written. However, the scripts of Xiao Han and Wen Muyan were completely under their control.

As for Zhuo Fan, who gave a damn?

He was still hiding on some plane thinking of taking revenge.

Who would be his next revenge target?

With a pair of lifeless eyes, as though his heart has turned into ashes, he stares at you, then reveals a twisted smile.

Author’s Note: Don’t doubt anything, the previous chapter was the end. This extra is just a supplement, and the novel is written as a parody, of course it wouldn’t have a decent ending ╮(╯▽╰)╭ You want a proper ending? Zhuo Fanfan will satisfy you! Top Xiao and Bottom Wen did not transmigrate back. As for their previous identities, hey, that’s not the main point. Someone asked what exactly was the script. Actually the scriptwriter was Zhuo Fanfan, and everyone please understand! There’s also nothing else after that, the couple will just live a happy life together.

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