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Chapter 18 — There Was Once An Ending, But It Developed Wildly

“You… you… What exactly are you guys doing behind my back?!” Zhuo Fan was furious. His face twisted, and his lips were trembling in anger. His eyes rolled to the back of his head, looking as though he was about to faint. However, his eyes had rolled so many times already, why had he not faint away yet?

Xiao Han rubbed his eyes, then his temples, and finally woken up fully. This sort of dramatic trope of being caught red-handed in bed by his lover really surprised him. However, what sort of person was he? Despite being surprised, the word “panic” had nothing to do with him, and as for guilt… What was that? Could it be eaten?

Wen Muyan who was sleeping like the dead finally woke up as well, kneading at his sore waist as he sat up. Leaning his head on Xiao Han’s shoulder, he opened his eyes to glance at Zhuo Fan who looked as though he had shit smeared across his face. Too lazy to continue pretending to be the gentle and affection second male lead, he dug into his ear with his pinky finger, speaking with a sexy, husky, lazy voice, “I’ve already fucked your man, why are you still waiting here?”

Xiao Han turned his head towards him and objected earnestly. “I’m the one who fucked you.”

“It’s the same,” Wen Muyan yawned. Aggrieved, he grumbled, “You’ve already taken full advantage of my body, you’re not going to let me have my way with words?”

“The both of you have gone too far! You’ve actually betrayed me!” Seeing how these two people did not panic, and even treating him as though he was invisible and flirting with each other, Zhuo Fan was about to explode in fury. He was so angry that he could not speak coherently.

But this was wrong, the script clearly was not like this!

Xiao Han should be hugging him tightly with an angry countenance after waiting for him the entire night. He should tyrannically threaten him and not allow him to hang out with his friends anymore. Zhuo Fan would then be angry and upset and refused to talk to him, then Xiao Han would push him down and do XXOO to him before placating him and fawning over him!

How did the script turn out like this? Were these two guys not afraid of dying…

Zhuo Fan clenched his fists, his face gloomy. He had already racked his brain and wrote three scripts, but none of them managed to reach his desired ending. Each time, the plot would be completely ruined, and this time, the fourth script he had not even thought about the ending yet before he was forced to start acting. Sick and tired of the trash bottom Zhuo Fan who could only be abused without a chance to retaliate, he decided to take up the role himself this time, turning into a proud and queenly version of Zhuo Fan. He had wanted to personally guide the plot along, but he was unable to control the thoughts of other people, even more so their actions. He could only watch as this weird plot deviate further and further away. Even worse was that since the script had not been determined, there was no violation of the script, and he could not make them transmigrate again…

Now, the scriptwriter who had always been watching the development of the plot from up above, thoroughly experienced what it meant to have his balls hurt.

No, as the creator of the script, he could not tolerate that the characters in the script were not revolving around him, the protagonist! In the scripts, he should be the center of the world!

However, what should he do now?

Zhuo Fan’s expression changed, and he mumbled to himself continuously. Xiao Han and Wen Muyan looked at him as though they were looking at an idiot. Finally, they exchanged a glance, and Wen Muyan spoke with some hesitation, “I feel like something is very wrong. Don’t tell me we’re about to transmigrate again?”

Xiao Han whispered, “At this point, we can only take it a step at a time…”

“Hmph, I won’t let you guys do whatever you want!” Just as the two of them were whispering to each other, Zhuo Fan suddenly regained his senses. He exclaimed aloud, and he stared at them in a strange and wild manner.

When those eyes fell upon him, Xiao Han felt alarmed. However, it was too late, and just like Wen Muyan, his vision turned dark and he fell unconscious.

Zhuo Fan looked desperately crazy, sneering and disappearing in place.

When Xiao Han woke up again, he found himself lying on a couch in a dressing room. He felt groggy, and he was dressed in a fitting white suit. His phone was nowhere near him, and his face sank. With a sharp, cold gaze, he surveyed his surroundings, and his eyes fell on the clock’s calendar. It was the 12th of October.

He was taken aback. The first day he had transmigrated into the fourth world was the 2nd of August. How did two months pass in the twinkling of an eye?

The memories in his head told him that he was still in the fourth world. However, another set of memories appeared. That was — today was his wedding ceremony with Zhuo Fan!

What sort of drama was he in this time? Did he ended up jumping all the way to the conclusion?

Xiao Han’s expression suddenly turned very ugly. He climbed up from the couch, feeling dizzy and weak. However, the door to the dressing room slammed open. The person coming in was a delighted Zhuo Fan. He was also dressed fully in white, and in his hand was a bouquet. “Xiao Han, our wedding ceremony is about to start. Quick, get up, don’t let our guests wait anxiously.”

“Wedding ceremony?” Xiao Han squeezed the two words out from between his teeth. He felt a pounding pain in his head, and spoke with a dark face, “Quickly cancel the wedding!”

Zhuo Fan looked at him in sadness, shock and anger. “What nonsense are you saying? When you proposed to me the last time, you clearly said that if I didn’t marry you, you’ll die!”

“It’s more like I’ll die if I marry you!” Xiao Han vomited blood in his heart. What sort of fucking lines were these? He could not be bothered to continue paying attention to this fellow, and instead walked out of the dressing room.

“You don’t need to think about escaping. We’re about to reach the end, by then, you’ll be stuck forever in this script, while other people would return to where they come from!” Behind him suddenly came Zhuo Fan’s roar, his glee undisguisable. In that moment, Xiao Han’s feet froze to the ground.

He turned around, his eyes piercing Zhuo Fan. “Are you sick in the head?!”

Zhuo Fan reddened, responding angrily, “How could you say that about me?!”

He used all his power to transport the characters to where the script was about to end. However, this had a price, and the cost was to forever lose the ability to make them transmigrate again, as well as the ability to create a new script.

What? You ask, why did he do that? Go ask Zhuo Fan himself.

Xiao Han no longer paid attention to him, leaving. There was not much time left, and he had to immediately find Wen Muyan. Who would have guessed that the moment he appeared in the hall, he would be surrounded by a group of “family and friends” that appeared out of nowhere. He was dragged into the hall, and was pushed onto the stage almost as though he was being kidnapped. On the other side, Zhuo Fan appeared at the doors with a smile on his face. He slowly walked towards the stage, looking gloatingly at him.

The priest officiating the wedding recited the wedding vows aloud. He then asked Zhuo Fan kindly, “Will you marry Mr. Xiao Han, and never be separated?”

“I will.” Zhou Fan answered with a smile, his fingers tugging at his fringe. “You don’t have to ask him anything, he’s willing.”


I’m willing my ass!

Xiao Han really wanted to say that, but his mouth was covered by someone, and his feelings of being weak had yet to recede.

“Oh, all right then.” The priest coughed a couple of times lightly, then asked loudly, “Does anyone have any objections to their union? If not, I declare—”


With the sound of the door crashing open, a hurried exclamation interrupted the priest.

Hearing this familiar voice, Xiao Han’s anxious heart settled down. He used all his effort to turn around, and saw a tall, slender figure flying towards him. That person was wearing a huge pair of sunglasses, clouds of dust following after him. His forehead was covered with sweat, and it was Wen Muyan.

The priest was somewhat surprised. However, he still patiently asked, “Sir, do you have any objections?”

“I have a question!” Wen Muyan frowned as he saw Xiao Han who was caught tightly by multiple people. He then tried to rush up and save his man, but huffing and puffing, he discovered that he was unable to do anything…

And so, the famous Thai star Mr. Wen was now angry. He took off his sunglasses and threw them aside. Revealing his originally handsome face, he smiled, “Do you want my autograph? If you do, let him go.”


Wen Muyan, did you get possessed by a pig? Could this even be called a bait?

Xiao Han, who was currently mocking him in his heart, suddenly saw these people toss him away like he was garbage, and ran over towards Wen Muyan…

At this time, other than “fuck”, there was no other words that could describe his inner turmoil that was like Hurricane Katrina.

This amazing development truly brought tears to his eyes.

“Muyan, I know you blame me for not leaving with you, but you can’t come and cause trouble at my wedding!” Zhuo Fan, who had always been forgotten and left aside, now stood up, furious. He still remembered to emphasize exactly what the “correct” love triangle was supposed to be with his words.

Wen Muyan sent the extras away, smiling slightly at Zhuo Fan. “I heard that you’ll be having a wedding ceremony here. As a ‘good friend’, can’t I come and watch?”

Zhuo Fan’s expression improved a little. “Of course you can. But since you’re here to attend the ceremony, don’t you have to prepare a wedding gift? If not, I’ll have to suspect you’re here to cause trouble.”

“A wedding gift? Of course I have one!” Wen Muyan’s gaze turned towards Xiao Han. He thought of something, and spoke, “I came in a rush, and didn’t prepare anything. Then, let me sing a song for you, especially since not everyone is able to watch my live concert.”

Xiao Han’s intuition told him that a good show was coming up. He obediently sat down by the side, a smile curling on his lips. The only thing he was regretful about was not having some drinks, melon seeds and popcorn. Those would definitely make the show even better.

Although Zhuo Fan was unhappy, since he had already said so, he could only go along with it.

Wen Muyan resolutely pushed the priest to one side. A group of his fans, together with the priest who just turned into his fan too sat down off the stage, getting ready to listen to the live singing of this famous singer.

Looking around the crowd, Wen Muyan cleared his throat. He picked up the microphone, a smile still on his face, and began singing his “well wishes” to this new couple. “Where is the spring? Where is the spring? Spring is in that green, fresh forest~ There’s red flowers there, there’s green grass there, as well as little orioles who sing there~”

“Li1lililililili~ Lilililili~Lilililililili~Lilililili…”


Before this joyful song ended, everyone was petrified.

Clap clap clap. Xiao Han was the only one smiling composedly, and giving him a big round of applause.

“Y-you! You’re actually making a fool out of me!” Zhuo Fan’s face paled. He did not know why the situation would turn like this! The script clearly was not like this! It was not like this!

He stood up in shock, shaking in anger as though he was suffering from malaria. He was so furious smoke was coming out from his orifices, from his body.

Smoking and smoking, as such, he turned into a stream of smoke, and rose up to the sky.

“I’ll be back!!!—” The unreconciled scriptwriter, like all villains in the animated films about justice fighting evil, threw out this sentence. He then turned into a star and vanished into the sky.

Xiao Han looked up, Wen Muyan looked up, everyone looked up. Then they waved towards the sky, signifying their farewells.

Once, there was something called Society. One day, it was avenged.

Once, there was something called an ending. One day, it developed amazingly.

Once, there was a man called Xiao Han. One day, he lived happily ever after with Wen Muyan.

The End! I’ll see you again in the next script!

Author’s Note: This novel had started with a strange beginning, and so we’ll end it with a strange ending!

Here’s the song Wen Muyan was singing!

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