UCNS Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

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Lin Yuanle followed the instructions given to him last night and went to the Human Resources Department to receive his things. When he arrived, he then realised that his position was apparently the president’s bodyguard. His eyes lit up right then. What does this mean! Personal bodyguard! Personal!! And he worried about not getting any intelligence?!

Lin Yuanle took his things and giggled sillily. The female HR staff looked at each other and nodded, turned out that the rumors of this newbie where he admired the president so much that he desperately wanted to transfer to HQ were true. However, can this baby-face really be a bodyguard, the president really did not have a bias to the weak, tsk tsk.

Feng Xi, who was just passing by to collect data, saw this scene and pouted. Sure enough, this child is so stupid, it’s hard to let people be at ease even if they wanted to. Really like a rabbit entering into the wolf’s den on its own, and yet still wanting to steal some carrots and leave.

Once Lin Yuanle finished basking in his idiotic euphoria, he swiftly brought his things with him and went to the top floor. Because his job description had already stated, he was the president’s personal bodyguard, the most important word is – personal!

When Lin Yuanle just came out of the lift, he received the uniform attention from many white-collared secretaries who looked deathly busy with no end and yet their eyes were staring at him continuously with precision; until a high-class looking lady appeared.

“Lin Yuanle right, come with me.” It was An Yan, as always with a cold temperament.

Lin Yuanle felt some pity as he followed An Yan. Such a beautiful person, who knows if she knew about this organization’s underside dealings. He had no idea that this person was actually the wife of the right-hand man.

Without enough time for him to come up with a way to ask implicitly, he was dropped off at the doors to the president’s office. Dropped off, because An Yan was called away once she showed him the way. Lin Yuanle could only bite the bullet and enter. After all, this could be the cold-blooded crime syndicate boss, just thinking about that made him feel a bit fearful.

After knocking for a long time, he heard an acknowledgement for him to enter. Lin Yuanle wiped away his sweat and went inside.

“President, cough, I am Lin Yuanle. Thank you for giving me the opportunity, I will definitely work hard and repay you!” As Lin Yuanle entered, he passionately and determinedly showed his gratitude.

Yan Yuan looked up and gazed at him, not quite smiling, “There’s no need for repayment, do you know why I let you transfer here?”

Lin Yuanle shivered, “No.”

“Because Han Fei said, about your background…”

Lin Yuanle almost flinched, background? Was he exposed?!

“Ah, no, your background is quite pitiful. You don’t have any parents?” The president uncharacteristically corrected himself.

Lin Yuanle nearly turned and ran, only steadying himself at the last moment.

Taking big gulps of air, what kind of illness is it? Can it be treated.

“Yes, president, I was raised in an orphanage.” Lin Yuanle tried to present himself more forlornly; moreover, this was the truth. Lin Yuanle heard that his parents passed away due to an accident when he was very young.

Sure enough, the president looked a bit sorry.

“En, no worries, I’m also an orphan. How coincidental.”

Wait, why does he sound satisfied and arrogant?

With the greetings(?) over, Yan Yuan got someone to help settle Lin Yuanle, right in the president’s office! Lin Yuanle did understand a little about what a bodyguard was supposed to do. There’s no wrong in being close, but, somehow, to be close at every moment seemed a bit amiss, right? After all, it was easier to make mistakes and expose himself. Furthermore, this president felt a bit off, just a tad bit scary.

However, when Lin Yuanle mentioned this issue, he got this reply, “Oh, it’s because you’re a bodyguard who acts as an assistant, to block off any malicious spies. You know that our company’s business is somewhat dangerous, right?” The president said meaningfully, especially emphasising that last sentence.

Hehe, actually I’m that malicious spy. But Lin Yuanle obviously was more interested in that last sentence, hence acquiesced to his fake assistant persona.

Then, Lin Yuanle really did spend the whole day doing an assistant’s work. Brewing tea, organizing files, and even cleaning the office.

“President, will I get an assistant’s salary?” Lin Yuanle asked while mopping the floor.

“Of course not, it’s pretend after all.” The President smiled gently.

Fuck, he should have known. Being stingy was this company’s motto.

After muddling through the morning unhappily, he remembered something when he reached his dorm at noon. Wasn’t there someone who said that he needed to sleep with a certain person this morning? …Lin Yuanle fell onto the bed with tears flowing, doing unpaid work and still needing to find a way to climb into that person’s bed, I’m really the No. 1 of the nation’s top ten employees! Model employee! A person to learn from! One of the …lunatic spies.

In the afternoon, as Lin Yuanle entered the office, he began to ponder on the issue of climbing into that person’s bed. Also, exactly which mole thought that the president fancied him; was the meaning of fancying him making him work without pay!

Yan Yuan wrote an email while looking at the kid who was furrowing his brows deeply and haplessly. He smirked; so stupid.

Until dinnertime did Lin Yuanle painfully figure out a solution

“Uh, President Yan, can I treat you to dinner?”

Yan Yuan looked up from his documents and said, “Why do you want to treat me.”

Would I say it was to lure you?

“To thank President Yan for the promotion, is this ok?” Lin Yuanle tried very hard to smile more enticingly.

Yan Yuan strove to suppress his smile at the kid whose eyelids keep twitching. “Of course, let’s go.”

Lin Yuanle followed behind Yan Yuan, breathing a sigh of relief, contemplating if he could get the other drunk straightaway.

Lin Yuanle did not get his target drunk; he got himself drunk instead.

Lin Yuanle laid out on the table, “Hehe, President Yan, you, you don’t know right! Actually I’ve been lying to you!”

Yan Yuan smirked, “En? What did you lie to me about?”

Lin Yuanle: “Hahahaha, you would never have thought, I! I amsh a spy!”

Yan Yuan held the unsteady him close, “En, I really wouldn’t have thought, our Yuanle is really great.”

Yan Yuan lifted the kid and carried him while still rambling on how Han Fei was very stingy, how the captains at the police force were perverts, that he was terror-stricken about being a spy. Yan Yuan replied from time to time, as long as he gave praises, the kid would giggle and cuddle closer.

Yan Yuan carried him into the car, “Le Le, come home with me, yes?”

Lin Yuanle dazedly asked, “For what?”

“Didn’t you want to find evidence, come home and I’ll give it to you.”

Once Lin Yuanle heard that, he happily said, “Go! Hahaha, like I said, no need to get, get onto your bed.”

Yan Yuan helped him to put on the seatbelt, pausing when he heard, “Bed?”

Lin Yuanle idiotically smiled, “Yup, the mole said that you fancied me, wanted me to bed you, hehe.”

Yan Yuan looked at that blushing face and asked, “The reason you treated me dinner was so you could sleep with me?”

After hearing that loud “En”, Yan Yuan couldn’t endure anymore. He pressed on the accelerator and drove home rapidly.

Yan Yuan carried the person in, then left a trail of clothes all the way to the bedroom.

The morning of the second day, as Lin Yuanle woke up, there wasn’t a spot where he didn’t ache. The most painful areas were his head, and his bottom?!! Lin Yuanle got up with extreme difficulty, pried off the covers with an indescribable expression. After looking around the room, his face became even more indescribable.

Who’s going to tell him if this situation meant that he successfully slept his way last night?

If not, it would mean that he had hemorrhoid surgery.

Before Lin Yuanle could get off the bed, the door opened.

“Awake already …what are you doing?” Yan Yuan leaned on the doorframe and looked at Lin Yuanle who had his two legs on the floor, and his upper body still lying on the bed, as if he were paralyzed. He didn’t know whether to laugh or not, how could there not be a peaceful moment with

“Hehehe, good morning president. I, I’m getting out of bed, hehe.” Extremely awkward, Lin Yuanle did his best to hug the blanket close to him so that it wouldn’t slide off, because just now he saw that he was not wearing a single thing! Lin Yuanle’s brain circuits were quite blocked because the police academy never taught what to do when a spy was mysteriously bedded and then met with the underworld boss the next morning. This would surely lead to death.

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