UCNS Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

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Cough, I’m fine now, it’s not good to keep you from work.” Lin Yuanle tried to be more euphemistic, it was just sex, hurry up and go to work so he can finish his mission faster! He was here to find evidence, not develop feelings for the boss…en…probably…right?

Finally, President Yan nodded, “Tell me if you still feel uncomfortable.” Then he really brought him to the office in the afternoon.

The employees actually didn’t have much of a reaction seeing the two people coming together. After all, it’s not a major event where the boss brought his bodyguard for inspection in the morning.

However, once they reached the top and walked out of the lift, faint yet constant staring could be felt.

Feng Xi walked by with a handful of folders. Seeing the two, he specially came over and patted Lin Yuanle’s shoulder, “It was hard on you, Yuanle.” As if completely overlooking the president.

Lin Yuanle nodded stiffly, hard? Probably meant that it was hard to accompany the president? Must be!!!!

Yan Yuan calmly looked at the expression on the person beside him. After he was satisfied with looking, he turned away and said, “Do your work.” Feng Xi, as before, pretended not to hear the president and winked at Lin Yuanle, only then did he leave.

Lin Yuanle could only laugh and pretend he didn’t understand with a face full of confusion.

Lin Yuanle continued to do an assistant’s workload in the president’s office; making a cup of coffee, occasionally invited out by the secretaries for a chat, sharing some company secrets, which in actuality were about the travels of a certain bald manager’s mistress.

And also, organising a stack of papers that he completely did not understand. Lin Yuanle’s nerves were wreaking havoc, if this continued on, how was he to complete his mission?!

However, Yan Yuan received a phone call. It was then that Lin Yuanle realised that the president’s face darkened.

Yan Yuan: “Pack up, come with me to the meeting room.”

Ding, a lightbulb lit inside Lin Yuanle’s head, an opportunity!

Yet when pushing the door into the meeting room, Lin Yuanle almost keeled over.

Han Fei, Feng Xi, An Yan and other extremely obvious people from top positions were all there. It looked like something big was going on, Lin Yuanle was getting a bit excited.

“Yuanle, come sit. There won’t be much going on in our internal meetings.” Feng Xi called out.

Lin Yuanle only sat down when he received Yan Yuan’s approval. Internal meeting, which means it probably will discuss a lot of confidential information? Lin Yuanle really wanted to take out a notebook.

However, Lin Yuanle felt a little melancholic when he saw Han Fei. He remembered about the few months that he stayed in the previous office, where everyone treated him well, even if Leader was stingy and pushed him to the front when collecting protection money.

Furthermore, he felt bitter when he heard that the canteen’s food wasn’t enough after he left.

Also, in addition to that, President Yan had always treated him well too; even if he was an underworld boss, he was a boss with a defective mentality.

“Pres-president Yan, I think that I’m not suitable to be here. It’s better if I stand outside.” Lin Yuanle ultimately still decided that he should slip away, as if he never came, never knew. He mentally kowtowed to his captain, turned around and prepared to leave. And then be caught and pulled back, back to where he was just now.

Yan Yuan pressed him back into his seat. Lin Yuanle was completely unprepared,he was almost thrown to the ground. “Don’t fuss now, obediently sit there.”


Lin Yuanle: “President Yan, I still feel that…”

Yan Yuan: “Be good.”

Lin Yuanle: “Oh…”

Surrounding people: “Tsk…”

So Lin Yuanle obediently sat there and listened for a long time, understanding a gist of what this meeting was for. Simply put, there was someone who wanted to disrupt the market and also seize their territory too!

Yan Yuan; “What’s the exact situation now?”

Han Fei: “Visibly snatched a few deals, also seemed to want to borrow the police’s name to do us in.”

Feng Xi: “The old coots were willing? Anyway, they won’t find any evidence.”

Some executive: “However, the police have always longed to reach out a hand and catch us. It’ll be good to prepare for unexpected circumstances.”

Yan Yuan: “En…Yuan Le, what do you think?”

Sudden subject change, no way to defend.

Can I say that I’m that police’s hand?

Lin Yuanle; “I’ll follow President Yan, en.”

Showing his compliance is the safest method.

Yan Yuan: “En…Then if, what would Yuanle do if he found the undercover cop?”

Lin Yuanle: “I’ll definitely inform President Yan!”

Feng Xi: “Pft, Little Yuanle’s IQ cannot be found anymore!” Then he was kicked by An Yan.

Leader Han Fei agreed and nodded expressionlessly.

Yan Yuan: “As you say. You’ll be fine as long as you obediently follow me.” Then he ruffled Lin Yuanle’s head.

Lin Yuanle: …haha…

Lin Yuanle was exhausted by the end of the meeting, collapsing once he reached the office. It was mostly mental exhaustion, as the group of foxy coots schemed here and there, never forgetting to say a few words to him and startled him every time. Sooner or later you all will go bankrupt!

Lin Yuanle was just mushing his face into his desk when someone ruffled his head again.

“Tired? Go inside and sleep.” President Yan’s voice was so gentle.

Lin Yuanle was tempted, but just a bit. “I’m not tired, you don’t need to worry, President Yan! I won’t sleep until the work’s finished.”

20 minutes later.

Yan Yuan sighed at the person who was sprawled on the table with his face smushed due to sleepiness. He didn’t know what he was thinking when he was just praising that his family’s kid became mature.

Thus, when Lin Yuanle woke up and found himself in bed, his first reaction was to check under the sheets. Thank goodness, he was still clothed. Then he realised that he probably fell asleep. And then probably was carried inside by President Yan.


As Lin Yuanle wildly thrashed around the bed, the door opened.

Yan Yuan: “…”

Lin Yuanle: “…President Yan, I can explain.”

Yan Yuan; “Did I wake you, be good, go back to sleep. I’ll wake you up after work.”

Lin Yuanle: “Whimper, President Yan, I was wrong. I fell asleep during work, you can take it out of my paycheck!”

Yan Yuan: “What are you saying, why would I cut your paycheck. Get more rest.”

Lin Yuanle: “President Yan, you’re sho good.” Was embarrassing to sell his cuteness, but it’s sho useful.

President Yan: “Your salary isn’t that high anyway since you’re still on probation.”

Lin Yuanle: “…”

Goodbye, no time to wave. I’ll go back to sleep, you can be on your way now.

President Yan snickered at the person who swaddled himself with the blanket. How stupid…

After work, Lin Yuanle steadfastly expressed that he would go back to the staff dormitory despite President Yan’s various implicit and explicit hints.

What a joke, if he were to be with the President during the days and nights, how could he send out the information he collected.

However, President Yan insisted on driving him back.

The two of them were now at the entrance of Lin Yuanle’s apartment.

Lin Yuanle: “President Yan, rest well.”

President Yan: “En.”

Lin Yuanle: “…” So what do you want to do if you’re not leaving?

President Yan: “Really don’t want to invite me up for tea?”

Lin Yuanle: “En… I don’t have tea.” So please leave.

President Yan, “What a coincidence, I have some in my car.”

In the end, Lin Yuanle had no choice but to invite Yan Yuan in. After all, he brought his own tea.

“En, the place is not bad.” President Yan evaluated, looking around.

Lin Yuanle nodded and went to the kitchen to find his tea set.

“It’s fine if you can’t find any. We’re not here to have tea anyway.” President Yan said while looking at the person burrowing into his cupboard.

Lin Yuanle: “…” I fucking knew it. You’re just here to get in my bed right!

Yes, that’s right.

Lin Yuanle’s apartment did not have any tea sets, but it did have fruits.

Lin Yuanle rinsed a few and forced himself to chat with President Yan. They proceeded to small talk for half an hour. President Yan still could go on but Lin Yuanle couldn’t take it anymore.

Lin Yuanle; “President Yan, it’s late, shouldn’t…”Shouldn’t you quickly leave

President Yan: “As you say, it’s not safe to drive in the dark. I’ll just sleep here.”

Wait a minute, this wasn’t what I meant, you shameless black boss who wants to sleep with his employee!!!!!

What can Lin Yuanle do, he was exasperated as well. He also could not force his boss out.

Lin Yuanle: “I haven’t cleaned up the guest room, so I’ll sleep on the sofa, you can sleep in the bedroom.” Lin Yuanle hid his pain with a poker face.

President Yan: “How can I let you sleep on the sofa.”

Haha, looks like you still have some conscience.

President Yan, “Or does Le Le not want to sleep with me?”

Yes, that’s right, not a bit, willing.

President Yan’s gaze was piercing, “En?”

Lin Yuanle: “Haha, it’s my honour to sleep with President Yan, very honoured. Haha.”

People could only bow their heads under the eaves1. Wait till I find the evidence, hmph!

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