Day: January 23, 2019


AWM Chapter 2

Hello! I’m really happy to be picking up AWM from where yudun left off (thank you!). The romance has an interesting premise that we’ll get to soon enough 🙂 The FPS backdrop also stood out from the usual MMORPGs. I can safely say the level grinding days won’t be missed.

Thanks Alex PT for pinch editing this chapter.

Enjoy Chapter 2 here!


SW Chapter 3


Welcome to Blackbox Translations, a site I shared with several other friends of mine! Once all the NU links are updated, I will be removing my old blog. Any future updates will be here instead!!!

This chapter is edited by Aconyte.

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TANW Chapter 40

Hello! It’s Procrastination Translations here.

Welcome to BlackBox TL, a new site (again)!

After seeing some of the sites get taken down… A few friends and I thought it’ll be safer if we just host our own translations, so this happened!

Please give us a bit of time to work out any kinks, and do let us know if there are any issues with the site. Also, check out some of the ongoing works from Cloud and Momoe (I s2g I Ship My Adversary X Me is one of the cutest novels around EVAAAAAA).

Alright, on to Chapter 40 of The Antelope and Night Wolf!