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Chapter 13 — If You Want to Act, You Best Devote Yourself to It

Originally, with Wen Muyan’s skills, there would not be a problem slipping in without alerting anyone. However, now there was a burden, and although the script did not care if extraneous things were happening, if Wen Muyan was to run away with Zhuo Fan, it would definitely change the plot!

Thinking about how Xiao Han might still be waiting for him, Wen Muyan’s heart was anxious, but on the surface he still had to pretend to be happily surprised and affectionate.

In the future, if he could get away from the script, he could definitely be a movie star, Wen Muyan thought bitterly.

No matter what, he had to first coax this little ancestor back to his room. “Zhuo Fan, I only came to take a look at you today…”

Zhuo Fan immediately interrupted him, “Muyan, you don’t have to say anymore, I understand!”

Understand? What do you understand? Wen Muyan looked at him blankly, only to see Zhuo Fan sigh and sadly speak, “Muyan, I know that you’ve always been very good to me since we were children, but I did not think that you’ll take such a risk for me and come rescue me. For Xiao Han such a possessive person to allow you to see me, you must have paid a heavy price. Muyan, tell me, why?”

Every sentence Zhuo Fan spoke, Wen Muyan felt his face turn greener. How was he supposed to answer that? He knew it, his infiltration today was an idiotic move, he was a complete and utter idiot!

On second thought, Xiao Han who had to live with Zhuo Fan probably heard this sort of words even more often. What sort of expression did he have hearing such things?

In this exact moment, Wen Muyan suddenly felt an empathy for Xiao Han that he never had before.

“Zhuo Fan, listen to me. Don’t think too much about this, I’m doing all these only for myself. I’ll definitely rescue you, but not today. Go back first, don’t rouse their suspicions.” Wen Muyan glanced around, no one seemed to have noticed them for the time being.

Zhuo Fan looked at him deeply and nodded, “I understand. Muyan, I know you said all this because you don’t want to cause any trouble for me.”

You understand my ass!

Wen Muyan struggled to control his expression so as not to give a forced laughter, after all, he had to first send Zhuo Fan back to his room.

Just as he finally sighed in relief, about to escape through the window, the door to the room suddenly opened. Coming in was the steward Xian Fu who came to deliver Zhuo Fan his dinner!

The two men in the room who were saying their farewells were shocked. Xian Fu was clearly astounded as well, he quickly shouted for some of the subordinates outside to inform their young master and the others to intercept Wen Muyan.

Thinking about how Xiao Han would soon appear, Wen Muyan swiftly composed himself. He was no longer going to risk escaping, and instead hung ff the windowsill waiting for Young Master Xiao to capture him. Although the process was a little more exciting than he had expected, it did not matter as long as the results were the same.

Unfortunately, someone did not let him do as he wished — Zhuo Fan rushed to the window and blocked it, hiding Wen Muyan behind him. There was no sharp weapon on hand, and he could only pick up a vase. Hitting and shattering it, he picked up a sharp piece and held it to his own throat.

When Xiao Han hurried over, he saw Zhuo Fan looking as though he was awaiting death. His brows creasing, and he listened as Xian Fu reported what was going on. However, as the window had been blocked by Zhuo Fan, he was unable to see if Wen Muyan was still outside. Just as he took two steps forward, Zhuo Fan instantly yelled, “If you take another step, I’ll kill myself right here!”

“…” The fuck?! Why didn’t I see such determination coming from you when you were trying to escape every day?

Xiao Han could only stop there, unable to approach. Helpless, he had no other choice. Although he did not believe that this idiot would really take that step, if he really got injured, would it not affect what was supposed to happen two days later?

Xiao Han was at a loss. He did not know that outside the window, Wen Muyan was ever more bitter. His hands were aching, and had wanted to climb back up. Who would have thought that Zhuo Fan would remain standing there like a guard dog, and even wave a hand behind him constantly, motioning him to leave?

For the nth time, Wen Muyan avoided the hand that nearly hit his face. Depressed, he felt that he was about to fall.

“Over there! Quick, catch him, don’t let him get away!” The guards in the villa soon surrounded the area. Wen Muyan thought that since he could not get back into the room, he could only let the guards catch him.

As expected, Xiao Han was also very cooperative. He did not let his staff injure him, and made them politely escort him to the study.

Although his instruction was given in front of everyone in the room, Zhuo Fan refused to believe him. He tried his best to make Xiao Han release Wen Muyan, and insisted on seeing Wen Muyan leave personally. If not, he would slice his own throat with the sharp piece of the broken glass in his hand!

Now, Xiao Han and Wen Muyan both really wanted to die. Holding himself back for the greater good, Xiao Han shot a dark look at Zhuo Fan, and had no choice but to command his subordinates to let Wen Muyan go. From the window, Zhuo Fan watched as Wen Muyan reluctantly leave, turning his head back every few steps. He thought that Wen Muyan was worried about him, and touched, he shouted, “Muyan, leave quickly! Don’t worry about me! We’ll be able to see each other soon!”

Suddenly hearing this, Wen Muyan’s feet nearly slipped under him. With great strength, he controlled his impulse to run back and rub the sole of his shoe all over Zhuo Fan’s face, and numbly walked out of the villa.

Over there, Xiao Han could not resist face-palming. Thinking about how Wen Muyan must be feeling, he was both annoyed and amused. When he saw Zhuo Fan looking at him, he could not help feeling powerless again. Too lazy to talk nonsense with him, he too numbly left the room.

Because of one casual line in the script, that Xiao Han would be staying at home for the next three days waiting for Wen Muyan, he was unable to leave the house. He could only camp in his study and secretly call Wen Muyan. The two of them grumbled to each other, talking shit about the script. Wen Muyan too did not give up trying to sneak into the villa, but unfortunately, each time he would be disrupted by Zhuo Fan, and resulted in nothing.

Such coincidences almost made the two people think that each time they tried to carry out a secret affair, the script was deliberately interfering and making things harder.

They soon discovered something different about the script — That was right, the script had changed!

Originally, it was agreed that Wen Muyan was supposed to come see Zhuo Fan three days later, and Wen Muyan would give him a pocket pistol. After all, Zhuo Fan was also once a mafia prince. Although he was “kind-hearted”, he still knew how to use a gun. That night, Zhuo Fan would use it to escape, and Wen Muyan would be waiting outside. In the midst of the escape, Xiao Han, chasing after them, would angrily shoot Zhuo Fan in the arm. Zhuo Fan would then suffer a blow to both his body and spirit, be sad and disappointed, and his heart would be dead like ashes towards Xiao Han. As for Xiao Han, with Zhuo Fan’s disappearance, and not knowing if he survived, would be in constant worry and fear. Seeing the error of his ways, he would repent, and finally realise that as he was taking revenge on Zhuo Fan, he had actually fallen in love with him!

From then on, the long process of repenting and chasing his wife would start. He would change from being a scum top bent on revenge, into a loyal and devoted man.

However, the night before that particular day, Xiao Han and Wen Muyan almost simultaneously discovered the change in the plot. Wen Muyan at first only needed to wait outside, but now, he needed to personally sneak into the villa and bring Zhuo Fan out. As for Xiao Han, he needed to do something even stranger.

Not only that, but the part where he was supposed to chase after Zhuo Fan and shoot him had also been changed… And what was supposed to happen now, they could not bear looking at it.

“You discovered that the script has changed too?”

In the quiet of the night, Xiao Han had a cigarette between his lips, sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed in his study. On the small table was a cup of black coffee, its thick fragrance permeating the air, with an unconcealed bitterness to it.

“… Mn.” On the other side of the phone conversation, Wen Muyan was silent for a moment before replying, “Don’t you feel that this script doesn’t really seem to like me?”

“Haven’t you heard this before? The protagonist is used to push the plot along, while the supporting character is to be cherished. If you’re not a bit more tragic, how would you be pitied and loved by others?” Xiao Han exhaled a cloud of smoke, rolling the cigarette between his fingers. His brows were knitted slightly, and although his words sounded casual, his tone was tense.

“Just let them be, all I want to do is to live in peace.” Wen Muyan said gloomily.

Thinking about certain things that would happen tomorrow, Xiao Han could not help feeling awkward. “… Then, how are your preparations for tomorrow?”

“I’ll take it step by step. Since the script can change one time, it can change a second time. Who knows what changes may occur tomorrow?”

“Oh, how optimistic.” Xiao Han relaxed his brows, laughing lightly. “Unless you’re actually really looking forward to it?”

“… W-w-who’s looking forward to it!”

Xiao Han could not hold his amusement back. “W-w-who’s the one stuttering!”

“… Screw you.”

“Say, Wen Muyan, have you noticed that the amount of time we can see ahead in the script is getting shorter and shorter?” Xiao Han changed to a serious expression.

“Mn. At first we knew things about two weeks in advance, but now it’s a maximum of a couple of days.”

Xiao Han paused, and thought about how he should word it. “Then, could it be possible that one day, we’ll be just like ordinary people, and don’t know what would happen next?”

Listening to his speculation, Wen Muyan seemed to become happy. “Does that mean that we’re soon about to be able to leave the cycles of this script?”

“Maybe, after all I’m only just speculating.” Xiao Han placed the cigarette back in his mouth and mumbled, “If that’s the case, have you thought of becoming an actor? You’ll definitely excel in it.”

“Ha, that’s a good idea. What about you? What plans do you have?” Wen Muyan asked enthusiastically.

Xiao Han stubbed the cigarette out in the ashtray. His eyes looked far off into the distance, and he replied solemnly, “I’m a person with very simple thoughts. I only want to marry a terminally ill rich woman and live calmly for the rest of my life.”

“… You’re thinking too much, you damn gay!”

No matter what speculations they had about the future, the delightful second day arrived.

Wen Muyan came as agreed, and requested to speak to Zhuo Fan alone. Xiao Han’s expression was dark, and brought them both to a dim basement. Other than a door, there was only a palm-sized vent, and there was no escape route for them.

Not only that, there was also a CCTV installed inside, and this was something Xiao Han had specially arranged for during the past three days.

Xiao Han did not know what they were talking about. Wen Muyan was very excited, and as though he could not hold himself back, he kissed Zhuo Fan forcibly. In a fit of anger, Xiao Han kicked the door open. The guards ran in and pulled them apart.

wen Muyan fought against them, but was hopelessly outnumbered. In the end, his limbs were tied up.

Don’t say that the script is lazy. This isn’t a wuxia novel anyway.

“Xiao Han, what are you doing? You promised to let us see each other alone, but you were actually watching us!” Zhuo Fan struggled fruitlessly, huffing and exclaiming angrily. When a kiss was forced on him, he had only rejected it symbolically, yet now he was on the same side as the person who kissed him.

“Wen Muyan, you’re really capable, even bringing something like this — Hah, what is this?” Xiao Han ignored him, searching across Wen Muyan’s body. Feeling something out of place in his clothes, Xiao Han thought that it was the pocket pistol, and as he spoke the line in the script, he pulled that object out.

As a result — these, these were actually lubricant and a box of condoms!

Hold on, where’s the weapon?! Did this fellow had to prepare so thoroughly?

Xiao Han blankly met Wen Muyan’s eyes, and the latter was so embarrassed he wished there was a hole he could bury himself in. Wen Muyan desperately signalled him to look in his other pocket.

Xiao Han coughed awkwardly and swiftly reached for the pistol.

“Zhuo Fan, do you think I’m an idiot? You actually dare to do something like this under my nose, now, I’ll let you know the consequences for pissing me off!” Xiao Han’s face darkened and he sneered, pulling Zhuo Fan’s chin up. His eyes narrowed, and he spoke harshly, “As expected, there’s really something between you and this Wen fellow. Since you’re using your life to threatening me not to kill him, fine, I won’t. But let me show you how I’m going to destroy him!”

“Xiao, Xiao Han, what do you want to do to him? Just direct your revenge at me! You—” Zhuo Fan finally revealed his panic, shaking his head helplessly and desperately.

Xiao Han motioned at his subordinates to drag him away, no longer looking at him. His eyes fell coldly upon Wen Muyan’s face.

A moment later, he then violently began to tear at his clothes—

Eh? Why can’t they be torn?

Xiao Han pulled at them for a long time before realising that the buttons were still fixed firmly. He suppressed his voice and murmured, “Couldn’t you have worn something that was easier to tear? In the books they’re always torn so easily… This is unscientific…”

Wen Muyan rolled his eyes — Forgive him for his debauched life as an idiot!

Zhuo Fan was at the back screaming away, as though the one about to be raped was him. Xiao Han fiddle out for a long time and finally managed to strip Wen Muyan naked, his forehead sweating profusely.

He used his body to hide their actions, lubricating him well, then picked himself up and drove straight into the enemy’s lair. After the initial pain, Wen Muyan gradually could not help calling out, his moans changing from pain to pleasure. Now it was Xiao Han’s turn to go crazy, “Bro, I’m raping you, can you don’t sound like you’re enjoying it that much?!”

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