Day: May 1, 2019


AWM Chapter 6

Yu Yang finally gets a reveal about that time Qi Zui helped “translate” a certain German fan’s questions. Oh, my!

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Welcome Green Dragon Totem!

Hi all,

We are really starting to become a Huaishang translation site. Let’s give a warm welcome to Green Dragon Totem!! There are currently 23 chapters translated with more to come! So please be sure to give it a try. Check out the summary below!


If only the Winged General of Han were around to fight the township of Longcheng, the barbarians and their horses would never have dared to cross the Yin Mountains.

Early-stage righteous restrained resolute monk late-stage true background announced left the monastic order and ascended the throne in the end gong x vicious and merciless action but personal style rather demonic shou.

POBE Chapter 25

Could this silly misunderstanding get any bigger?

It does kinda seem like Renzi’s trying to woo He Jun…

Here’s Chapter 25 of A President’s Out-of-Body Experience!