Month: September 2020


AWM Chapter 37

Here’s Chapter 37 of AWM: PUBG!

So sorry that this is a little late. I got a little sidetracked by schoolwork. Hope that you guys enjoy this chapter (I did!) and tell me if you spot any mistakes~


AWM Chapter 36

Here’s Chapter 36 of AWM: PUBG!

I want to apologize in advance. I know I said my upload schedule will be twice a week, but my school’s starting tomorrow, and I’m going to have to reduce my upload schedule to one chapter a week, and it’ll be uploaded on Saturday/Sunday, depending on my schedule. So so sorry but I hope you guys enjoy this chapter! As usual, please tell me if you spot any mistakes!


AWM Chapter 34

Here’s Chapter 34 of AWM: PUBG!

Please tell me if you spot any mistakes! I’m so so sorry, I really don’t think I can get a new chapter up tomorrow due to my studies. I have an exam next week and I’m trying my best to study for it and couldn’t do much translation this week… Once again, I’m super duper sorry, but there won’t be a chapter coming tomorrow! ;;.