Month: October 2020

YGMCT Chapter 88

IT’S YOUR NSFW WARNING please do not open the page in situations where you might be uncomfortable if people are looking at your screens.

Here’s Chapter 88 of You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Tale!

YGMCT Chapter 85

Here’s the unedited version of Chapter 85 of You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Tale!


I fucked up and forgot to send the chapter to the editor, so they’re currently working on it! Will post the edited chapter once it’s done in a couple of hours.

Edited version is up!


AWM Chapter 38

Here’s Chapter 38 of AWM: PUBG!

So sorry that this really really late… I might have to post chapters on Sundays instead of Saturdays sometimes due to my current schedule… Anyway, hope y’all enjoy this chapter!