Month: February 2019

ISMM Chapter 12

New chapter for ISMM is here!

And also, the official art for Gu Yiliang and Wei Yanzi in their costumes are here!

Enjoy! Click here for the chap!


SW Chapter 5


I’m somehow alive. This chapter is edited by Tin. ;w; Thank you, Tin!

Thanks to Moe for helping me with this chapter too. (We’re trying to collab so we can see if we speed up lmao)

New chapter here.


TANW Chapter 80

We’re in the last stretch of The Antelope and Night Wolf!

Everything is coming to light, or will they?

Read on to Chapter 80 here!

Btw, if you haven’t checked out our discord, here’s the link! We’re brand new, so it’s pretty quiet now. We’ll love to discuss our translations and other novels with you guys!

TANW Chapter 79

… Saw anything new on our site?

That’s right, we now have a discord where you can discuss our novels and bug our translators to your heart’s content! (Discussion of other novels and stuff are welcome as well!)

Here’s Chapter 79 of The Antelope and Night Wolf! (I swear, if all of you don’t fall in love with a certain character by now, I guess you’ll never like him.)

TANW Chapter 78

Like wtf WeiShi? Once a WeiShit forever a WeiShit?

This boy really needs to consult someone on how to woo a person.

Anyway, here’s Chapter 78 of The Antelope and The Night Wolf!

TANW Chapter 77

Imma too tired to think of a lead in for this chapter!

But here’s some news, I’m done translating all 87 chapters of this novel! \o/ (It’s been nearly 3 months of work??)

Anyway, here’s Chapter 77 of The Antelope and Night Wolf!

TANW Chapter 75

Damn I know that WeiShi isn’t the most likeable character around… But for such a proud guy to declare that he could give up his dignity for Tang XiuWen to open up to him…

It redeems him a little in my eyes?

But he’s still WeiShit though (Please do let me know if you really see WeiShit I can’t stop making that error.)

Here’s Chapter 75 of The Antelope and Night Wolf!

SASAM Chapter 3

It’s BaiGou~~

How have you guys been?

I hope you’ve been enjoying the cute kitty as much as I have!

More cute kitty in Chapter 3!