Perfect Match


PM Chapter 2

So… the rape.

I understand that people are triggered by it, and it’s your right to refuse continue reading it.

However, (at least in my opinion), the author isn’t glorifying rape over here. It’s shown as something terrifying, traumatic, and there’s a reason for it (whether it’s acceptable or not).

The ML later works hard in trying to repair this damage as well, so the impact isn’t glossed over. (this comes in like wayyyyyy later.) Things will take time.

So, maybe, you’ll still like to give this novel a try? It’s really quite a good ABO novel, and there’s even a surprise pairing!


Here’s Chapter 2 of Perfect Match.


PM Chapter 1

Another addition to the monthly pit!

Of course it’s also a grovelling novel (I love the hell out of them).

Please be aware that this top starts off really really really scummy. Do take note of the warnings at the start of the chapter, and the author has also included a few warnings with you can read in the ToC.

Here’s Chapter 1 of Perfect Match!


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